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Tuesday's Air


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Was at the hospital yesterday with my mother, father, brother and sister-in-law. Mom had a stress test a week or so ago and was sent for a catherization today. Nice way to spend the day after your birthday, huh?

Have to admit, we were ALL very, very worried, but she's fine. She's on a new medication from the testing, but no stents, no by-pass, just some help for her diabetic vessels...

Saw my radiation oncologist, posted in some other forum, but can't remember if it was LC Survivors or General. If I'm not a basket case, sheesh!

Didn't sleep much last night, between the boy and the dog, and after the emotional relief, am just whipped. Am heading to bed soon, really soon, having had an hour nap after getting home from the hospital and pharmacy. Yep, the counting sheep are (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) dragging my butt (38, 39, 40, 41) away. Hey, those flat teeth PINCH! (123, 124, 125) Gotta go, they just keep coming (267, 268, 269, 270 - crap, lost count, starting over..).

Send help, they're stepping on my Official Chicken Cult chickens! HELPPPPPP!!!!

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Hi Becky, had to look for this post! It's 3:00AM here. Just woke up and got a glass of water and wandered here. Hope all is well with you and counting sheep.

Hope all is well with everyone else too! Thankful for no snow. Will write more later.

Judy in MI

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Send help, they're stepping on my Official Chicken Cult chickens! HELPPPPPP!!!!

Geez Becky, hope that isn't some new hybrid I missed on FV. Have not been on it or FB since I left KW. Too much effort trying to hold myself together.

After that great day Sunday, the chemo kicked my butt, naseau and fatigue. Kept dozing back to sleep between 4 am and 7. Didn't want to wake up until I really had to lol.

Wendy has some kind of bag to collect my drainage so I'll find out about that later. She talked to a surgeon who made the recommendation. She won't see the oncologist until tomorrow but will check with him too. Thank goodness for Wendy!

Don't know if I'll be back in today or not but Stephanie, honey I'm right there with you.

Judy in Port St Lucie

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Lovely call in sick at work because life sucks kinda day. Went to group counseling with the kid and mom last night and my mom is wheezing like she is almost dead - I told her she had to go to the hospital - so now my mom is in the hospital, kid is in shower, I'm next and the Foster Care Prevention lady is going to be here at 9:15. So I gotta get moving.

I really wanted to pop on and check on everyone - and now I will hope that Judy (KW) feels better today.

And I'm very glad that the men in the white suits are watching someone else today - thanks for taking that off my shoulder Becky - Chicken Cult - Do ducks count because there are now two couples living in the apartment complex pool.

I hate allergy season - I gotta find something to give that kid.

I'll check in later.


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Good morning, everyone!

It's 73 degrees here this morning, with the wind howling like it has been every day lately. Forecast high is 96. We've hit 100 degrees before in April, and won't be far from it today.

I went to Lake Fork yesterday. I caught a few bass, but bed fishing wasn't great because it was so dark and windy, not what was forecast at all.

Yes, we missed the last storms, they passed just north of us. But it was the cold front behind them that blew down my fence on Friday. They're saying there were over 260 tornadoes across the country from that system. That's more than the entire country usually gets in April.

And the next system is headed our way tonight. We have a chance of storms, but it sounds like the worst will be north and east of us again.

I may just stay home and rest today. Rose and I are supposed to go crappie fishing at Cedar Creek Lake tomorrow, then have dinner with friends in that area.

I hope your chemo effects wear off soon, KW Judy. Hang in there, Annette. Have a great day, all!

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I decided to delay my next chemo a week - and will get to see my primary oncologist - who I have not seen since January. After 10, or was it 11 days down from the last infusion, I wanted more good days. This will also let me be "well" for the Race for GRACE on May 1. Chemo on May 2, assuming the blood work says so as well.

An old friend invited me to a light dinner (happy hour!) and a play tonight. It's a musical, Vanities, about women and the phases of life or some such. I hope it is more funny than poignant.

Yesterday I walked to the local grocery and back AND made dinner. That's a full day's work, right?

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Hi! I'm back. Smiling at Becky's humor, and feeling sad for those not feeling well. Judy I'm so sorry chemo is kicking your booty. Annette, so much stress in your life these days. Sending all of you a big bear hug!

Bud, I was thinking Texas got hit with bad storms, thanks for validating me! We've got tremendous winds here and pouring rain. About 35 out. Very nice. LOL

Steph, hope you enjoy that play. Because of the title, I'm betting it's going to be a blast! Have a vino for me! Glad you are taking a break from the chemo.

Very soon a couple girlfriends are coming over. We are making Goulash for 30 for Gilda's Club in Lowell. Our life group agreed to do this (which is 12 women) but only 3 of us are doing that. :( I can't complain. They are Mom's and have busy schedules and just can't swing it. So we have 10 lbs of burger to cook, tons of cans of tomatoes, tomatoe sauce, celery, onion and sausage to chop, and then mix it together to simmer. I have every single big pot I own out and they are bringing theirs too! It should be fun. We're cooking garlic bread too, and making cookies. Then off to the Club we'll go to serve the folks and enjoy dinner with them. Looking forward to all of this.

And to think, just 4 short months ago, I couldn't even begin to do something like this because of those horrid muscle spasms. Makes me very grateful to be alive and well.

Judy in MI

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It's a lovely day in central FL - as are most days. :roll:

Wish I could join Judy in MI for the goulash dinner. Sounds yummy. The last time I made goulash, I used way, way too much Hungarian HOT paprika and really couldn't eat it.

Judy in KW - or are you still in Orlando?- hope you are feeling better soon.

FYI: The chicken cult dates back to the days of Becky (Snowflake) and Ry in 2003 or 2004. Becky, please explain the cult (if it can be explained).

Hope everyone has a good day.


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The Chicken Cult came about during the early days of chat, and I made it to chat at the end of the Chicken Cult days. I think it was Bob MC, David A, Debi (f/k/a OKDebi), Fay A, RY?... I don't know what started the threat, but the threat was a crate of live chickens being delivered...

They used to rock the chat room, that's for sure.

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