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When it rains, it snows...


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First off, I truly am sick of snow. As far as I'm concerned, it's the ultimate four-letter word.

A few of you know that I've been dieting. First week on the diet, all I lost was seven days. By the end of week three, I had lost five pounds, but it held on like a tantrum-throwing two-year-old... I'm working through a diet center, and in the same time frame should have lost nine pounds as a minimum while following their diet plan. Yeah, well....

I knew it wasn't going to be a good day- as is the norm for me, I took a shower and allowed my hair to air dry prior to my afternoon appointment. About four miles down the road, I looked in the rear-view and noticed that my hair still looked soaked. I ran my fingers through it, to separate the curls, and realized that I had forgotten to rinse the conditioner out before getting out of the shower. This is AFTER I spilled my perfume...I also forgot that I needed to fill my gas tank and hadn't brought my first born or a crutch for the walking after leaving an arm and a leg at the gas station...

Today was my annual physical, blood work shows that my thyroid isn't working. Hmmm - that could also explain my lagging memory, tiredness, stubborn cellulite, itchy skin, etc. It does not, however, explain why my resting pulse is so fast. Down to the lab for another blood draw, and paperwork for a mammogram (now scheduled for Thursday). I may or may not be heading in for an MRI, but I am pretty sure I will be on Levothyroxin for my thyroid.

...and to top it off, in the time I spent with the doctor AND the lab, the weather dropped 10 degrees and it started to snow and sleet. It aided me in remembering that I really need new wiper blades on the car. ARGH.

Really, I think I'm just going to head back to bed. I don't need dinner, I need to find a beach and just bury my head in the sand for a month or so...

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I spit my pop out when I read about the conditioner left in your hair. That is so NOT a good feeling. HA HA HA HA HA

If your thyroid is not working properly that could be why the weight is not coming off Beck! I've been on Levothyroxin for most of my life. But if your thyroid is off, it can affect weight. So console yourself with that. :-)

That medication has treated me very well, and whatever my thyroid was not doing to make me go on....well, it's doing very well now. :-) again!

"...I also forgot that I needed to fill my gas tank and hadn't brought my first born or a crutch for the walking after leaving an arm and a leg at the gas station..."

That is classic Becky! I so agree. Had to fill up yesterday and it was like $65.00!!!!! What the ................. I can pay my mortgage, but the cost of gas is killing us!

As for the weather? Bah! The mitten has been abused enough. I have driving rain pushed by hurrican strength winds, and it's 35 out. Seriously? Seriously!!!!!!! I've tried to be nice all winter long, not complaining, trying to woman up to the fact that I chose to live here. Didn't even whine when we got over 30 inches of snow in February. But this? It's almost freaking MAY!!!! Who's going to tell the weather that.


Judy in the Mitten

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I am sorry I laughed out loud at some of your problems - I love the way you deal with things - I think that you and I could cause a lot of trouble around here if we worked together.

That said, Judy is right - I was thankful as soon as you said your thyroid is not working - that is so very fixable. I can't wait to see how the diet works once you get it regulated.

Like everyone to follow I think we will all laugh out loud about the cream rinse - I'll just say - I may have done that once myself - I have also gone a half a day at work and no one told me that I hadn't combed my straight and stringy hair - when I went to the bathroom - well - it wasn't pretty.

First born, crutch, arm, leg - - I was so tired yesterday - I turned around and looked at the spinning numbers and stopped at $20 - of course that only gave me a little over a quarter of a tank from the low fuel light - but I was tired.

I hope that sharing made you feel a little better, I know it calmed me down.


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I love that I'm not alone out there!! I haven't (yet) made the conditioner mistake - but I did spray deodorant all over my hair instead of hairspray! By the way, it doesn't work. Hairspray doesn't work as deodorant either - have tried that as well!

As for gas - I think it would take my first born and several grandchildren, plus my dogs -- my diesel cost $125 last time I filled it! It's gathering cobwebs in the driveway as we speak.

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I've been on the thyroid medication before. Lost weight, started exercising, and the levels were much closer to normal without the medication. It's a pain to take, since I was told to take it on an empty stomach - one hour before eating and two hours after eating.

I'm still running on the first thing she said when she walked in the room, "You don't look like you're any older than your 20's."

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