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Sometimes I really wonder

Nick C

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So Sophia and I put together her playhouse this weekend.

I grabbed my mothers toolbox. I have tools, but my mother's set is my "grab and go" set of tools. I took out a rubber mallet and Sophie asked, "Are those your tools daddy?"

"Actually Soph, these are Grammy's tools."

"Yeah, where is Grammy?"

"Grammy is in Heaven with God"

"We see her tomorrow"

"No. Not tomorrow"

So the playhouse comes with a little toy phone. And when I assebled that part of the house she went right to it and picked up the phone. I'm busy assembling but I hear her talking on the phone, and I said, "Who are you talking to Soph?"


Now, my mother's name is Randy. The mom of one of her friends is Randie...I've heard her "talk on the phone" (pretend) with the daughter before, but not Randie.

"What is she saying soph?"


"No what are you talking about?"


Guess I won't be 100% sure if it was Randie or Randy.

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