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Neds First Post!


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This was Neds firs posting with LCSC! I know how much he is missed by family and friends here and everywhere.

know he is probably rubbing is beloved Golden Retrievers Tummy now!!

Had an exploratory surgery 8/31 and got home 9/4 with NSCLC adenocarcinoma diagnosis, tentative Stage IIIB or IV. Will see oncologist on 9/12. Healing well, feeling much better than expected, wife and I are experienced in caregiving due to parents, we're both fine emotionally. Assembling questions for oncologist, suggestions welcome.

I need exercise, but wife wants me to be very cautious, as expected. I've done an exercise routine every day for 50 years and the unused muscles are bothering me more than the incision. Any suggestions on how far I should go on the exercise? Stationary bike? Arm and leg exercises lying flat on back? Other? Thanks and Aloha!


Ned is just my nickname, though it would be nice to merge it with the other meaning eventually...

Aloha means "Hello, goodbye, love, compassion, welcome, good wishes." It means belonging to others with a common humanity. It's defined better as a feeling in the heart than by words.

Dx NSCLC adenocarcinoma IIIb Sep 2006, now stage IV. Taxol+Carboplatin+Avastin 4 mo., Avastin 8 mo., Tarceva 16 mo., Alimta 12 mo. (sometimes combined with Cisplatin or Carboplatin), Navelbine since Feb 2010, 10 sessions of WBR in March 2011. See My Cancer Journey: viewtopic.php?p=351369#p351369 — UPDATED 03/05/2011.

Above left: Our golden retriever Rosie, who joined the family on 3/5/08 at the playful age of 2.

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Randy, thanks for posting that. I actually remember that first post..he was so handsome with his former golden retriever by his side...that was 5 years ago and I know he was so thankful for given all that time...but not long enough...


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