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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Haven't been around much. The soreness in the bottom of my stomach makes it difficult to sit for very long at a stretch. This morning though, I got up and looked around my house at all the piles accumulating with the mail and packages and unloading of the coach and said--yeah, let's go online awhile lol.

Sounds like you are all goind to #ell in a handbasket for goodness sake. Bud with his hand, Annette with her back, Becky with something I feel like I missed so more info girl, and Judy with her crisis yesterday that we're waiting to hear. Randy and Bruce are just raising #ell so that all good lol.

Actually got home and went to dinner at neighbors last night. Was feeling better when I accepted the invite than I did when it was time to go. It was nice. This morning when I get moving, I'm going in town to the lab and get bloodwork done I was supposed to do last Thursday. Unpacking will get done in all good time.

I went to Light a Candle for Ned and will email Lani later today. I also want to do a special thread for caregivers.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all, I haven't been outside yet - but I will have to leave in a few short minutes for my nephews court date but I wanted to check in. Judy (MI) don't you know by now we can very easily worry about many things as needed. We need to help you so please share if you want.

I'm hoping Buds hand is better enough that he rode to work today because I am helping him keep his calories up by eating a Dove chocolate right now.....yumm..... sorry had to have something for breakfast and I didn't want to stray far from here. LOL

Besides I think that most doctors prescribe chocolate for back aches right. I should be feeling better any time now - and since I have to go to work after court I better take an extra dose with me.

Anyway - time to run - I'll check back in after,


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Back to the grind. Forecast high is 88. The last of last night's storms had just moved through when I left home this morning. The streets were still pretty wet. They're calling for storms again this evening. Hopefully, I'll make it home before they hit.

My employer had always gotten pretty lucky when I was on vacation in the past, with not many machines breaking down while I was gone, but their luck ran out this time. The factory service people they brought in for three machines still haven't managed to get any of them running, and our own maintenance people scattered a machine that really didn't need to be scattered to be fixed. It's a preview of coming attractions for the company, a reminder of what will happen when I retire. Meanwhile, I better get back to work.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi Everyone!

Well, here's what happened. Randy was in his garage working on his paddle boat. He needed to replace the carpet on the seats because little animals made it their home this winter and it was moldy and trashed.I was doing laundry and housework, and not paying attention to him as he was outside working in the garage.

It got to 6:00 and I realized how late it was getting and that I needed to get dinner going. I looked outside and saw the tractor down at the water’s edge. I thought that was odd since he was working on the project in the garage. I began to look around the yard, the lake, the garage, and I couldn’t find Randy. I opened the windows and hollered out his name with no response. I went outside and did the same, with no answer. With a sinking heart, I grabbed my cell phone, and began the long walk down to the water. I was terrified. I could not find him. As I approached the tractor, I could hear it running! I dialed 9-1-1 to tell them that I think my husband drowned. Why would he be at the dock working with the tractor running?

I tried to remain calm as they asked me his formal name, date of birth, etc. I am now at the dock and cannot see him anywhere. A million thoughts were going through my mind all at once, and begged the dispatcher to send help immediately. I went on the dock to see if I could find him in the water. I was as terrified as I’ve ever been in my life. Still on the phone with 9-1-1, Randy comes around the bend IN THE PADDLE BOAT. I physically fell to the ground, as I told the dispatcher that I found him and everything was ok. Being on the lake, he could not hear my frantic screams for him.

He never thought to tell me that he was taking the paddle boat and putting it in the water. I never expected him to, in light on the cold weather, and the fact that our dock was under water with the huge rains we’ve had lately.

I seriously thought my husband died. I wanted to kill him when I saw him on that boat. (Just kidding). I was overwhelmed with all the thoughts that went through my brain.

So anyway, make sure the ones you love know you love them! I'll be back later!

Judy in MI

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Judy - I can't resist....

so he went up the "creek" with a paddle - but returned to find himself up the "creek" without one.....LOL

I am back at work after court - gotta love that juvenile system - our nine oclock court date took place a little after 10:30 then he had to go to the probation office and then he had to go get his "monitor" off. That's right folks - he is on supervised probation. (Well not much better than house arrest except he can "go" anywhere with an adult.)

Obviously not what he was expecting - he was expecting to be running the streets. So he will have to continue his substance abuse program, an in-home program for communication between grandmother and nephew ordered by social services and when his substance abuse program is done he will still have to do the 24 hours of community service. So the puppy is still on a very very tight leash - gotta love it - maybe he can get my mom up and moving.

Judy (KW) - I hope that you are not overdoing and I hope that stomach gets to feeling better. And when you do feel better - give me a call I would love to hear your voice and chat.

Anyway, much to do at work....sigh....work at work - I may just have to hunt me down a new job.


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Hello All

Had a hectic weekend with the two daughters here. Had a few outings which included a trip to the top of the soccer staduim in a sort of cable car.

The view of Durban was fantastic.

Alone again as the ladies had to go back to Johannesburg to work tomorrow..

Bye for now


NB a few photos of the weekend




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I'm sitting in my chair at the computer even though my stomach is uncomfortable doing it. I am so tired of lying on the couch!!! Took myself to town and did labs this morning and after a rest, got in the computer to do some MEI work. I was in the office twice as long as I should have been. Working on the road and trying to manage Quickbooks between XP Pro and Windows 7 is giving me a fit. Will have to try a way around it again tomorrow. Just time I could be sitting up and playing here.

Annette, what would we do without your humor. I loved the "up the creek" thing. Also, you know your glee is showing that they're not letting the kid off easy lol. Judy, what a horrible event! I can't even imagine and I would want to kill the man I was afraid was dead too. Bud, sounds like your hand is better, at least enough better for you to ride to work. Don't you just love it that your company got to see how things fell apart when you were gone. Ronnie, sounds like a fun if hectic weekend. Loved the pics!

Gotta go call Wendy back and stretch out the gut.

Judy in KW

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