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This morning at 2:45 AM, my son, who lives next door, calls to inform his mother than Laura was ready to go the hospital. Barb gets up, gets dressed, and heads over to the house, getting there at about 3:00 AM. They leave house at 3:15 AM for the hospital, which is about 8 miles away. At 3:45 AM, the phone rings. It is my son and he informs me that I am a grandpa, again (#3). IT'S A BOY.

Now for the good part. Laura had a history of very quick deliveries, with the first two. This one set the record. My grandson, took making a baby in the back seat, to the max, as that's exactly where he was delivered, in the back seat of the car, at the front door of the hospital.

The only other stat that I have is 10 pounds one ounce (sounds like a future Green Bay Packer to me).

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Congratulations!!!!! My boys and I have a little competative bantering about which of us will be "lucky" enough to get our Stork pin first - sure wish I lived near you maybe I could have WON! We are all Fire Fighters and/or EMTs on our volunteer fire department. (thats Hugh (FF) and I (EMT), our sons (FFs/EMTs) and their wives (EMTs) and my youngest son especially wants to deliver a baby in the worst way - thus the "stork" pin which you get if you deliver one. I might add that we live in a very small town (human populatin 1,500 and chicken population 15,000 - THAT IS TRUE!) and I don't know that anyone has every had to deliver a baby in our ambulance. We have been riding for about 2 years now and it hasn't happened in those 2 years.

So, you will be having the time of your life with that new grandson - especially given that they live next door to you! Gosh, ya gotta love babies!

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