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A tribute--to the men I think of as the LCSC Lions


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Ernie, Don and Ned.

These were the men I thought of as the LCSC lions. They were always here. They were all very proactive and informed in fighting their disease. They NEVER hesititated to share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of us.

There are so many who I have come to love on this board, but these three men seemed to me like an anchor. They were steady and unmoving. They never seemed to let a setback throw them. Each of their timelines contained volumes of useful information; what they learned they shared with all of us.

Now they have each left us. Ernie in the spring of 2009, Don in the winter of 2009 and Ned just last Friday. The roar of our lions has ceased, but their spirits live on.

Thank you Ernie, thank you Don, and thank you Ned.



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I agree Susan!! What a wonderful tribute to three amazing, incredible men.

I loved them...

When I started LCSC, our Lions were Mr. RY, BobMC, David A, Dadstimeon, Frank Lamb,

We have amazing people who lead and love and encourage and educate and take the time to BE what LCSC is about.....theyve walked the walk and come back and held our hands as we walked ours...

I will never forget them.. our LCSC Legacy members....


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Judy, I'm adding Rich to my list above. If it weren't for him and Heather (Hebbie) LCSC would not be a part of LUNGevity like it is today. Rich came a little bit after the men I listed but he was very much an original Lion around her... His Boston walk was the first I went to and I sat with him the entire day. He refused to organize a walk for LF unless LCSC got 20% of proceeds which promted a phone call and a meeting between myself and LUNGevity. I didn't get 20%, I got something better....to be a part of a great organization and security that LCSC will always be here for everyone who needs it....

They shaped LCSC and touched us all so much...

My god I miss them all.

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