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When Annette and I visited recently, she made an off-hand comment that Keith must have hated this site in the beginning. She spent all her free time after work reading the boards. I recalled how Stan seemed not too thrilled with my time on here. He thought it would make me morbid. Well, I think both men have come to see the huge benefit of us having this family here at LCSC.

When Ned passed, I thought about his dedication to Grace still never abandoning us here. I want to tell all the caretakers of survivor members how much we appreciate the time they allow for us to be here. It does not in anyway diminish their support but adds to it in a huge way with people who walk in our shoes. Thank you!

Judy in KW

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So well said Judy,most of my friends have urged me to stop posting here.They really dont get it,they say this is preventing me from getting on with my life,lung cancer is behind you and this site only serves to remind you,telling my friends about Ned,only reinforced their opinion.

Like Judy MI,I consider my presence here,special to myself,that in my darker moments in the past,this site shone some light in my direction,if by some small way I can reciprocate by posting in to give some support new arrivals then for that reason alone,I am staying put.

Needless to say,this site is not all about cancer,and the joy of sharing with my buddies here every day,just cannot be measured,goodnight Ned,sleep tight,I will never forget you.

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Good points, y'all. I had planned on being one of those who moves on and never thinks about cancer again, but it's harder to do after you sit with other cancer patients in waiting rooms and chemo rooms, lose online friends to this disease, and realize how much more lung cancer survivor advocates are needed.

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So very well said Judy. It does come as a blow when we lose someone - but isn't that what you feel when you lose a friend. It does give you a shot of happiness when someone posts good test results. It even gives you a shot of happiness when someone posts pictures of horses and zebras at their work site. It gives you a shot of happiness when you get to talk about meeting friends (Judy and soon Eric).

I read through every post here - I spent many many hours (at home and at work!) reading every post when I first stumbled and cried following my diagnosis. Because this was the first glimpse of hope I found. We all know how horrible the statistics are out there if you just do a search. Here we find people that have been through it and survived, been through it again and survived, and here we find those that come every day, those that stop be every couple of years, those who have lost someone and know how much they can offer to our caregivers and to us.

Judy (MI) - I second Randy's thoughts - how do you do it. Since I became a member here almost 2 years ago - you have done so much volunteering you amaze me. I wish I was 1/2 the "caregiver" you are as a survivor - I think it something for everyone here to strive for.

Eric - my goodness - what would we do here without you. Just so you know you have become our professor - so no retirement for you - I know I want to learn more about the castles and Scottish history so you will just have to stay part of this family.

Family goes for Bud too - I know after my second surgery I went away for a short while. Then one of those anxious waiting games brought me back and the same people were here offering a supportive shoulder. Like you - if I can - now it's time to offer mine to support anyone else that comes along.

Randy - Like some of the other caregivers that stay here in what I hope you consider our odd little family - I hope we give you the comfort you need from time to time - just like you help us.

What a wonderful family we have here!


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