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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! It's a new day and I've decided to feel better lol. Hope it works.

Diane and Judy, I swear that's exactly what I used to do when I was well. But I was a bit of a fanatic about having to put it all back together which left me exhausted sometime in the evening hours. That was mostly when Stan traveled. Distracting behavior I think lol. But I was busy lounging on the couch (loveseat remember) with Annette. Couldn't have her sacrificing that for me without keeping her company. Saw Eric popped in. Cannot believe all the activities available to him on a regular basis. We have a season here but not much going on now. Of course, if you live in or near a big city that would be different.

Hopefully, will go to Maggie's today to visit her and the bunny and guinea pig. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 59 degrees outside with light rain and a howling northwest wind. Forecast high is 69. A storm just passed through, and it looks like another one coming. I was hoping to get in a ride today, but it looks like storms all day.

I rode less than 500 miles in April. Looking at last year's log, that's over 200 miles less than I rode in April last year. I'm probably lucky that I'm only one pound further away from my summer weight than I was at this time last year. I need to bear down and get more miles this month.

Rose passed the last part of the state test yesterday, so is now a CNA. I'm excited to see how she likes the work.

I spent yesterday on Lake Whitney. I guess I'll call it an exploratory trip since I did more exploring than catching......LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Good Evening All,

Just indoors,spent the afternoon with only my shorts on,exposing my six pack torso to the sun (OK beer gut)building up a sun tan,no peely wally Eric arriving in the USof A.Cannot believe our weather over these last days,only just into May?.I did set off after church this morning with Sally,we were going to visit Culzean Castle on the Ayrshire coast,en route Sally was complaining about her back being sore sitting,well decided just to go home,well I made the best of it,relaxing in the sun reading the papers.

Two weeks ago,we had a stand in Minister replacing Ross,apparently he collasped at home on Saturday night and was rushed into hospital,we were told he had gone through some tests and was sent home on Sunday to await for the results to come through.Well last Sunday I didnt attend church,since I was at Yorkhill Hospital Easter Egg Run.Well arrived in my pew,noticed no Ross again,friends around me didnt know I was unaware of Ross's situation,his results show he had a brain tumour,and had major surgery Tuesday last,apparently they couldnt remove it all and there is a meeting of his medical team on Wednesday to decide what to do next.Ross is at home now and is doing well,I have been told he has written an account of his reaction to his dx,and being a strong believer of course his message to us is something extraordinary,its in the Airdrie Baptist Church website,I am looking forward to searching this out.

Ross is only in his twenties,married to Deborah,recently become a father to Katie,its so sad,.At my dx Ross would often pop down to see me along with others in the church,his support for me was really special.Facing serious illness and belonging to this church didnt cure me but it did help me in so many ways.I will do anything to help Ross see this through.

Sorry guys no funnies today,I will cheer up by tomorrow,taking Dot and Jim for a wee run,no idea where,Dot asked if she could choose and tell me tomorrow when I arrive.Enjoy the rest of Sunday,I will see you tomorrow evening.

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Hi all,

Gorgeous Sunday here! So enjoying the warmer weather.

Annette, I can totally attest that cleaning is exercising! I'm so freaking sore today, like I went to the gym. Every muscle hurts, I am moving like I'm 90 years old. So funny. Now this is an embarassement to me because it attests to how out of shape I am. I think I must get on a regular regime, and not wait until it's so dirty that I'm disgusted!

The trouble is it is a large home. The biggest trouble is a German Short Hair Pointer named Gibson. 3/4 of what I do is vacuum and dust those teeny tiny little bitty hairs out of every nook and cranny. I'm starting a niggling campaign to try to get Randy to sell him. I'll just niggle at him a little bit each week until he says "okay, let's sell him." I'm not kidding. He is a giant reason why I have to stay on top of this stuff.

Eric, so sad about your pastor. My little sister died at age 25 of brain cancer. They operated twice, but couldn't get it all. Prayers for him and his family.

Steph it is beautiful on this Grace day here too. But I'm with you on the fleece!

Bud, give Rose Congrats! That is awesome. What I wouldn't give to be one pound over my optimal weight. LOL! You are amazing.

Judy, glad you've decided to feel better! LOL for sure.

Well, I'm off to get groceries, and I begged Randy to help me with the other half of the house that still needs cleaning. I can not lug that vacuum around again. If he just vacuums, I'll do the rest of it!

Can't believe I'm going on and on about house work. What a dork!

Judy in MI

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Good morning - wait that clock says 2:39 in the afternoon. I must have slept a little late. What a slug I have been. Keith got up and went to the grocery store, I slept. Keith did laundry, I slept. Keith has gone to a study group and now here I am my favorite website reading about my friends.

Eric I saw the pictures of the castle on FB - wow - they are gorgeous. What beautiful sites - If I had that money tree in the backyard I think I would grab up my daughter and run off the Scotland to see the castles - she is a fanatic about everything Scottish. (I'm hoping she can come with us on one of our travels while you are here Eric but with two children she may be get to make it happen). Keith stopped by the Virginia Welcome Center and picked up two of every pamphlet they had - we are going to go thru them and pick out the best ones and make up a possible to do list for while you are here. We got two of them so I could send them to you. So if you could pm me your address I'll get them off to you some time next week - I'll have to stop at the post office but there is one right on the way to work.

I guess I better try and hit the pool and do some tanning - if Eric is gonna be all manly with "six-pack" abs - LOL - I will have to work on my - well "more than one case pack" - by July - hmmm - not a chance of it going away by then - so why suffer - why put my self thru some kind of exercise torture - problem solved.

Eric - that is such horrible news about your Minister. So very young and with a new family. I hope you can go by and offer him your support - I'm sure he will understand how much you meant to him.

Judy I'm still lounging about hoping it makes you feel better. I'm afraid that we may just have to go the opposite direction to fool yourself into thinking you are better. With a little bit of that scary "exercise" I know I can't imagine going through what you are because my stomach hurts most of the time. (Probably stress for me or so the docs say (IBS) - and I'm pretty easily stressed but it's all around where my ribs meet my gut).

Miles short Bud - well you have to admit there have been some stormy stormy days. Weren't you over in the early part of the year from last year - you will catch up I'm sure. Congratulations to Rose - I hope she gets a job where she loves the patients - no matter what we know she understands what it's like to be on the patient side so she has a leg up on everyone else that's for sure.

I'm gonna come up with some way to play on this computer in bed so I gotta rig up a table. Don't know why I'm such a lazy person today - but I am. I cannot believe it has taken me 2 hours to write this - I must be watching more tv than I thought - (DVD of NCIS Season 1).

Judy - cleaning = exercising - does it still = exercising if Keith is doing it? I know, I need to exercise - I won't even tell you how out of shape I am - we walked up 2 flights of stairs to the Grand Tier Friday at Beauty and the Beast and I was tired. Then leaving you feel like a cow being herded out so again I was winded. That may be why I'm resting up today - if I did any moving around it might remind me I need to start exercising.


I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday


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