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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Not a great start to the day but hoping I will work my way through it. Had a great day yesterday! Visited my friend Maggie with the bunnies and guinea pig. The big bunny will come and lay beside you if you feed him pieces of wheat thins and rub his head and ears. He is beautiful and such a love!

I also had a long chat with Annette catching up on our family stuff. I just posted in General about recent cancer events with my family so won't repeat myself here.

Bud, you'll catch up on those miles. No doubt in my mind. In the meantime...lol, I'd like to email you a picture of Bruce's Stephanie, the calf. She is so beautiful I want everyone to see her. I don't know what's wrong with me. Ned taught me how to do it. I got so good, I even posted a slide show of my orchids. Now, my brain will just not focus in. I tried a number of times. Hate failure and dependency lol.

Oh, great news--Stan said I looked like I've lost some weight. I have, not a lot but it's a start. I plan on keeping to the 10 lbs my onc approved a year or more ago lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 44 degrees when I got up this morning. That ties the lowest temperature ever recorded here on this date. Forecast high is 53. It stormed all night and is pouring rain still, so I left my bike in the garage and drove to work.

MI Judy, I add weight every winter and spend every spring taking it back off. I'm not within a pound of my optimum weight, or even my target weight, I'm within a pound of where I was on this same date last year.

Annette, you are right. I did get in better mileage early this year than early last year, so in spite of having such a low mileage month in April, I'm only 30 miles behind last year, overall.

Yesterday was no help. I spent the entire day being a zombie in front of the television. Maybe I can get in a ride after work today.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning! I set my alarm today to get me up an hour earlier than normal. And I got up! I'm going to do this for a week, and then set it another hour earlier, until I'm getting up at a decent time. I must get more active, and not sleep so much.

I'm going to go to Cancergrace and ask this question: Is it possible to improve lung function with exercise? If any of you want to pipe in on this please do. My husband came home from fishing and didn't bring the topic up about the cancer. Finally, I said, do you want to talk about it? It was really bugging him that they couldn't just do something now. I explained their logic, and that there are benchmarks for when they will do surgery and that a PET scan lighting up was the first criteria. He still seemed troubled. Again I asked what was on his mind. He wondered if there was a way I could improve my lung function now so that the surgery would not be so traumatic.

So! I'm going to do some research and find out. If there is, I'm going to get busy. I do not want to be 56 years young and chained to oxygen if at all possible. I am willing to work my keister off to change that outcome.

It's beautiful here, but cold. Mid-50's. Bud your weather is very uncharacteristic!

I don't like to talk politics, but have to say the news about Bin Laden today was awesome. I just hope this President does not take the credit for it. 3 seasons of Presidents have been hunting this terrorist, and the ones who should get the credit are the special forces, the brave men that hunted him down.

Have a good day all! Judy, special hugs to you.

Judy in MI

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Good - afternoon - where did the morning go? It was beautiful when I came to work - who knows what's going on out there now - I have an office in the very back of the building far away from other people - in fact most know they should throw their hat in first to see if it comes back torn to shreds before they come in here. (I really really am a very nice person!) :)

Judy - I'm pretty sure you lost that weight because you mentioned that word - you know the one - it starts with an "ex" and ends with a "size" - the really bad word. It's no wonder you are feeling down - Bud had to drive to work today - we are just not getting enough support from our designated exerciser. And now Judy (MI) is talking about exercising too. Pretty soon we all will have to do our own exercising. What am I going to do with all of you.

Judy (MI) - I would bet a lot of money that (1) exercise before surgery would help you bounce back faster - look at Bud - he was in great shape and was back on his bike about one week after surgery. (2) make your lungs healthier - I vaguely remember someone telling me after my second surgery that I would need to exercise to get my lung function back. I can't remember who said it - so how am I supposed to know if I should believe them.

Really though it makes sense that it wouldn't hurt. Just remember before you go off and kill yourself sometimes slow and steady is a winner. Your cleaning your house - that is new and muscles are involved so that counts. Don't overdo and wind up with those pains again - please!!!

I won't mention politics either but Judy is right - we all need to remember the feet on the streets not just the butts in the chairs. LOL - I made a funny.


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MI Judy, we've all learned that the body can't replace lung tissue that's lost, but yes, aerobic exercise can definitely make the healthy lung tissue that's left work better.

I think being proactive in trying to improve lung function is a good idea. On another site, a woman who's lung surgery was still quite a few weeks away said her surgeon told her to train like she was training for a marathon from then until the day before surgery. I think that's the best advice a surgeon could give.

There are also breathing techniques that claim to be able to let you make better use of your lungs. And if you're someone who thinks supplements might help, here's one to google: beet root.

This week's scoreboard:

Obama - 1

Osama - 0

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Hey folks

Little chilly here today but at least all the snow is gone.

Judy MI, I started walking a couple month's before I had surgery and I really think it helped. I was out of the hospital and flying home 2 days after surgery. On the 3rd day I went into the office for an hour to visit.

I had a Pulmonary Function Test a few months after surgery. My lung capacity was at 111% compared to the average of someone my height, weight, etc. but with both lungs.

So I would certainly suggest you start pedaling along with Bud.

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Good day all,

I've been out all day helping mother in law get her fridge fixed. It's 5 p.m. Just read morning air. When I was in treatment, there was a physical therapist on staff who expressed the importance in preparing yourself. I used the stationary bike while she coached my breathing. She also kept adjusting the resistance until I needed a break. I'll never turn into Bud but He is so right. She also had me climbing stairs. At first 2 flights or so wore me out. After a week i could go all 6 floors without stopping. I forgot how important it is to practice breathing. you will be fine. Sometimes, I actually ran because the chemo made me. It took a while to dial in the plumbing. See you guys later . Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

Alan in Pa.

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