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Survivors with malignant pleural effusion?

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My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a few days ago, with "malignant pleural effusion". She has no evidence of disease anywhere else in her body (PET scan, bone scan and brain MRI all came back clear). Does having this in addition to a tumor lower her chances of survival?

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Please go back and read your original post. We've offered you our best advice there, as to how to move forward with your Mom and her diagnosis. I don't know what else to add? So I feel helpless to give you any more advice.

I know you are struggling with her diagnosis, and struggling with your emotions and feelings right now. I know I felt the same way when my Mom was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. It's a helpless feeling. My heart goes out to you.

As someone advised, do go to the other forums here for stories of hope. Those can help you to feel more positive about her diagnosis. In addition, sharing those stories with Mom, can help her to feel hope as well.

Judy in MI

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