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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Not much too smile about in my life right now but I did get a chuckle out of Becky's Tuesday's Air post. Don't mean to benefit from your misery honey but I needed that humor. Hope you got a good night's sleep.

Woke up with what was dx'd years ago as a sinus migraine. Haven't had one in probably 15 years. Medicated with what I could think of and dozed in and off on the couch for almost four hours. It's still hanging there though not as intense. Medicated again and am hoping for the best. Of course, when I woke up with the searing pain, you know I thought brain mets!

Emailed the chemo nurse at the Center to ask her to check the computer to see if my insurance was approved. No one from that department in Miami returned my call from yesterday. Due for labs tomorrow. I know they won't do them or the chemo without the approval. Sigh.

And what do I do now about getting to NJ. It doesn't look like my bil is going to make it. If I have chemo on Fri, I should be o.k. til Sunday. That's how long it would take us to get there if we left after my chemo. Then I'd crash for five days. I really don't know what to do. Stan was gone when I got up. Am sure he went to the grocery story. Hope he'll be home soon.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 41 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 77.

I took the long way home yesterday afternoon (humming that old Supertramp song). So, rather than my usual commuting round trip distance of 24 1/2 miles, I ended up with 46 1/2 miles on the bike.

It was 69 degrees with light winds, a beautiful afternoon for riding. We won't have many more afternoons here that cool for a while. I'm thinking I need to get my miles wherever I can this month, since I already know I'll be getting 0 miles on one long weekend.

MI Judy, I'm surprised we haven't had a problem with ants in the house. It always seems to be worse during periods of drought, like we've been having. Of course, a bigger problem here is fire ants in the yard.

Eric, glad you weren't hurt in the crash. We get way too many of those here. The roads are filled with bad drivers driving way too many miles. They all call their crashes accidents, but mosts cyclists call them crashes, and point out that horrible drivers having horrific crashes are not accidents. There's my bit to stir the pot today........LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Morning all,

Judy, I have to agree with the humor in Becky's post late yesterday. Becky, your sense of humor is brilliant! Keep it coming.

Now what to do about the inept people handling your situation? Can you drive to where the mix up is and raise a little hell in person? It seems to be more effective when you are sitting at their desk and refusing to leave until they give you answers! Bringing a baseball bat along (for protection) makes an impression that usually provokes a sense of urgency.

Today's challenge: training the Labradoodle to go out the dog door. I have tested her everyway I can think of and she will not go to the flags of the electric fence. So she's ready to learn the dog door. She is not afraid of it. But she is strangely stupid about it. I just don't get it. She sees her brother bop through it in and out all day. She has not connected the dots. So I got her through the inside door this morning, but she wouldn't go through the door to the outside (have a dog run in the garage). So I left her in the run, hoping she'd put it together, and she just laid down in the run and took a nap. Grrr. We got her to go through it last night, but no go this morning. Maybe it's a two person job.

Bud, I've never had to deal with fire ants, but from what I've heard that is not a good experience! Travel safe. NO crashes!

Judy in MI

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Yep, Wednesday. One more day with no resolution. I'm about ready to drive down "in person", but I know better. I may end up arrested! The information I'm trying to get is for my husband, so LEGALLY, I can't really raise a stink about getting it, they don't have to give me anything - all I want is a damn phone number so he can call and get the information, the company he worked for years ago has that number, the jack-*ss that has it won't call either one of us back! (Obviously, he doesn't know me, or he would have picked up the phone when I called instead of sending it right to voicemail.)

This is a family-run business, so although I am tempted to send the president/CEO a scathing letter about his HR "professional", it won't really matter in the long run. Not quite like when I wasn't getting the attention I need with a house sale and ended up speaking to the bank president while he was on the golf course. THAT issue was dealt with by close of business. His loan officer had gouged us for extra fees, ignored calls for two months, and not completed paperwork that had to go to the State for review and approval, totally stalling out my loan AND making it so I couldn't pay my contractors - not good when it's family and local business people that were hired... I called his boss, but had heard that the officer and his boss were buddies, so made one more call, was told the prez was out of the office, so I just left him a voice mail (and no, I did NOT cuss). When he called back, he was golfing (I'm not complaining he had the day off, everyone deserves 'em) and was not pleased... Eventually, the loan officer was fired, he had the gall to send me a "Hey, I've MOVED, call me here for a loan" letter! Had I been more together mentally at the time, I would have sent a note to his NEW employer about treatment by him, personally, at his last job! Jerk!

Anyhow...hubby's sleeping, landlord is working in the yard and keeping the dog barking, so I'm trying to hush her and tie up these loose ends. I DID sleep last night, and...

Woke up to kitchen drawers full of mouse crap! ARGH!! Everything has been washed, the drawers pulled out and sanitized, hubby was working on that when he got home from work this morning, having opened the drawer and seeing the poop party remains... Yuck!

The traps have been re-baited with fresh peanut butter, and I'm feeling rather mercenary - OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

Fire ants? Hate 'em. I remember them from my summer in Georgia, nasty things! Bites are very painful - and I'm allergic to 'em, it appears. Also allergic to skeeter bites, fly bites... All swell up massively (thank goodness not so far as anaphylaxia!) and turn red and hot. Southern bugs are nasty little critters!

Time for some comfort food, have the boy making me some blue box mac n chz, none of that store-brand stuff for me! lol Maybe with a full belly I won't feel so mean...I hope...and a dose or two of caffeine...

KW Judy - have you tried a nettie pot for those sinus migraines? I know, for me, I need a quiet, dark room that isn't too hot or cold, Excedrin migraine medication, and a cup of Coke - followed by a nap. I don't think I have the sinus variety, but maybe - after all, at times it feels like my face is going to blow off (and that I'd feel better if it did!). Could be in the sinus cavity...

Bud, ride and extra five miles or so today, to cover for my carb binge, please!

Back to the time out chair. Play nice, or you'll be joining me...

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KW Judy, becky brings up a good point with the migraine. I used to get them and spent years trying to figure out what caused them. Doctor's never did. I experimented and found out mine were sinus related. I don't know if this medication is around anymore, but it was called Sinutab. I couldn't beleive the relieve as I felt the sinus area drain and the pain went away!

becky, your stories are great. Loved the bank pres story. Now put the gun away and play nice.

MI Judy

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Good Evening All,

Another hot sunny day,boy this is getting boring,next it will be hose pipe bans from watering your garden.Think next week back to normal,rain predicted.

Only in at work this morning,Stobhill LC support group meeting this afternoon,a pallitive nurse was the invited speaker,sadly her performance lacked the 5 Ps,you know the good teachers motto,repeat after me-Proper,Planning, Prevents Poor Performance.Actually since Penny left to have her baby (she had a boy)her stand in chairperson Maureen is so disapointing,she obviously lacks any experience as a chairperson,not my place to interfere.David the new manager of the Glasgow office,for Roy Castle LC Foundation turned up as an observer (Roy Castle funds the group),he was absolutely livid,about such a poor return in their investment,of our group with the lack of management and structure to the meeting,I tried to re-assure him that this was a one off,its only Maureens second time in the chair,dont think I made much of an impression on him,he will return to our next meeting on June 1st as an invited speaker,hopes to change things for the better(Penny dosnt return until next year).

JudyMI,the insurance saga continues?sorry,hope approval comes through and does not disrupt your bloods and chemo.

Bud thanks for your concern about me being hurt in my little mishap with the car yesterday,I am fine,car goes in for repair on Saturday and I pick up a courtesy car to drive until mine is repaired.Did I read you right-you cycled 46 miles AFTER work,Bud I doubt I could cycle 46 miles instead of work.Blooming Heck.

Hi JudyMI,I take it dog door means similar to cat flap?well another old teaching formula S = R2, Stimulus = Response squared (Pavlovs Dog).Put the dog outside you inside with nice meaty bone,down on hunkers,open dog flap extend arm holding nice big juicy bone,withdraw it as dog tries for it,back into house -dog comes though flap gets bone repeat as required,job done and dusted.

I am certainly getting an education myself here, all the American animal kingdom seems to reside in your houses,we've had racoons,ants,possums and now fire ants-what do they breath out flames at you? then there is cayotes,rattlesnakes and grizzly bears outdoors-anything else you want to warn me about,come in my Kilt? no way- I am coming wearing a suit of Armour nicked out of Kelvingrove museum.Byee

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Fire ants are wee little monsters. Check the photo of the leg of someone unlucky enough to have a mass of bites from this wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_ant

I believe they stay in the states below the "frost" line, not sure how far north they have migrated, but I know they're in Florida and Georgia because that's where I've been attacked. In fact, while living in Georgia, we rented a furnished trailer that had other tenants - fire ants had found their way into the mattress. Nice...stimulating in a very un-nice way...

All states but Alaska have snakes, just different kinds depending on the climate. Lessee...bears (black, brown and polar), cougars/catamounts/pumas/mountain lions, wolverines, bobcats, lynx, wolves, coyotes, feral hogs, wild hogs, alligators, crocodiles, moose, elk, deer (white tail, mule, etc.), antelope, bison (some call them "buffalo") <----these are critters that have killed people, lots of other critters over here, though. It's not quite the wilds that greeted the Plymouth Rock bunch, but some areas are wildlife magnets.

Bugs/crawlers: spiders (including tarantulas), scorpions, fire ants, wasps...

Sure you want to come, in a dress, no less? :lol:

Seriously, though, I think the odds of being shot are far higher than being attacked by a wild animal, unless you plan on going mountain climbing...

I think it's nap time. Feeling sleepy, watching this ol' dog napping on the other end of the couch.

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Hi Becky,

Thank you for the link to fire ants,I did look it up ,thanks for the re-assurance,you've made me feel so much better,do you know of any stores in the USof A that stock Kevlar suits,preferrably the ones that cover head to toe?.I am allergic to bullet wounds also.

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Hi Becky,

Thank you for the link to fire ants,I did look it up ,thanks for the re-assurance,you've made me feel so much better,do you know of any stores in the USof A that stock Kevlar suits,preferrably the ones that cover head to toe?.I am allergic to bullet wounds also.

Army surplus, maybe, for the Kevlar?

Now, the allergy to bullet wounds, yeah, me too...

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Now Becky, cut it out! You're scaring our favorite Scotsman to death! Eric, as long as you don't leave the paved roads, you will be fine. Oh, wait, car crashes!


Obviously millions of us thrive in the USA, so come and enjoy. We have a lot of land that is not populated, hence, we have lots of animals and critters. Alaska more so because it has a lot of land where no people live.

Judy in MI

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Um, Judy, as far as I know, Detroit and Flint are all paved...Lived in Alaska for three years, have avoided Detroit and Flint the entire time I've lived in Michigan...take my chances with the wildlife, they'll kill me to eat me, at least. I'll be USEFUL to them dead, not just another tattoo... ;)

Speaking of senseless violence (segue!):

My mighty hunter has taken out Mickey! Squished the little guy so bad, his eyes bugged out, like a cartoon character. No kidding! I'm betting there's more than one, though. I'm sure the silverware drawer is a gang initiation. The trap may have been, too. The mouse got caught down the sternum, sideways in the trap. I don't think he was feasting on the peanut butter, I think he was playing chicken (or "stupid Darwin moves")...

Dang, Wings lost tonight in OT, they're behind by 3 in the series.

Boy, a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk would be good right about now. Bud, if I can find the cake, you need to ride to the coast tomorrow! lol

Later, kids, it's almost tomorrow!

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