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Morning All! Third try. Knew nothing good was going to come of today.

Got a message from the Cancer Center last evening saying I should call this morning to see if I should come in for my lab apptmt. Say what!!??!!! No labs, no chemo on Fri. Called my PCP on his cell but hung up when he didn't answer. Hate to bother him after hrs. He saw the missed call and called me back. What a dear. Looks like with his help (and input from Wendy) we could make this happen on schedule at the hospital. Time-consuming and a little messy, but if it works, I'll be a happy camper.

Bud, only you would take a longer round-about home after a long days work. But don't you dare give Becky permission to eat that chocolate cake lol. Becky, I read the Mickey mouse story to Stan. He says you should be a writer. I agree. Judy, I have to admit I had to smile at the picture of you trying to get that dog thru the doggie door. I think you should try Eric's method. Sound like it could work. And Eric, it sounds like you can wear that kilt as long as it's above the freeze line.

Whew, doing this post 3xs has worn me out. Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 51 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 80. It's clear skies today.

Eric, I rode 46 1/2 miles overall Tuesday. 12 of those miles were getting me to work, so I rode 34 miles after work.

Rose made a trip yesterday that she was really dreading. She took Petey, our 15 1/2 year old blind Chihuahua, to the vet. He had a rectal protrusion and bleeding. It was hard to be optimistic about the outcome for a dog that old with those symptoms.

Petey hadn't been to the vet since we moved to Crowley a year and a half ago, so this was his first visit with this vet. The vet later confided that he was dreading the appointment too, after hearing Petey's circumstances, certain that it would be bad news for us.

But Petey surprised everyone. It turned out to be just an infection, not serious. The vet said Petey's heart sounded perfect, with no hint of the murmur a vet would expect from a dog that age. He said Petey's teeth were perfect, and that he seemed to be in excellent health overall. He said he thought Petey would likely be with us a while yet.

I told Rose to tell the vet that Petey's heart may have checked out fine, but that I had a heart attack when I saw his bill.

Have a great day, all!

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Afternoon - where did the morning go - I very nearly stayed at home in bed today. I hope that Judy (KW) is having a good stomach day otherwise I'm feeling bad for nothing. I don't know what is wrong just feeling "yucky". Interestingly the AA here at work went to the doctor because she is feeling "yucky" and her red cell and white cell counts were both high - no fever. So my OCD self is thinking she gave me - well something. Actually I am looking forward to a relaxing relaxing relaxing weekend in the country this weekend. The last two days have been so stressful (nephew!!) that is what really explains my stomach.

I went over to my mom's and his room is to the left as you enter and I swear it smelled of smoke. He was sleeping on the couch (even though he could only have been home 15 minutes or so from his counseling). When I came in he stumbled toward my mom's room - and I thought what is going on. His eyes were VERY bloodshot and his pupils where as big as his gorgeous brown eyes. - Something is up - My mom had left her keys on the table and her purse on her bed and she was in the shower. GRR. I went back to my apartment and got Keith and I started questioning the kid (born yesterday I wasn't). 15 minutes later mom is still in shower (it takes her a while - big body - not much oxygen). So I give up and Keith and I go back home. He tells me there were cigarette butts in the kids trash can. Double Growl! I grab up the court paperwork and go over and sit him on a chair - go help my mom get dressed and out so i can attack the kid. "Have you or have you not violated your parole" (He is not to use drugs, alcohol or tobacco!) - well duhhh I'm a dumb teenager - duhhh. I asked him why I should not immediately call his parole officer and all I got was I'll never do it again - I'm sorry baloney. My mom said something snarky and I asked her why I shouldn't go and call the parole officer - she told me that I should go ahead and call if it made me happy. Which of course I didn't - sigh - he's gonna go down - but I swear it won't be at my hand. I am once again so thankful that I never caught my daughter being bad. (Not saying that she wasn't - she was just smarter at it!)

Eric made a funny - tiny bill - If you think about it - it really does make sense all the dog parts are harder to see in a tiny dog so the doctor has to use little instruments that cost more. I don't know I had a cat once that broke his leg and wow was that costly. But a house is not a home without a pet! Eric I have a cat - how do you feel about that - he is a pretty strange little thing - takes after Keith I'm afraid. (LOL!) (I don't think you will need the suit of armor here with me Eric, we will protect you! I don't know if I mentioned that Keith stopped by and picked up two copies of every brochure the welcome station had. We haven't really gone through them yet to start planning anything but I thought I should mail you a copy so you can tell us if anything stands out as something you would really like to do. So if you could send my your mailing address through pm I'll get the stuff mailed out as quick as I can.)

I was very busy yesterday and didn't get to join in the fun but I want a sense of humor like Becky - please. I'm a novice compared to her.

Hmm chocolate cake - for some reason that sounds a lot better than what I am snacking on today. I have cheerios and wheat thins. Not at all what I really want I haven't had chocolate in days. I am wasting away....

or getting back to work - - Annette

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Good Evening All,

Well it had to happen,sooner or later,went in to work today and it was raining,remained wet all day,some indication from the weather guys tomorrow to be dry and sunny again,well I hope the weekend is.

Well today I attended my first of two pre-retirement classes,I actually had to fill in a STD1 enrollment form,39 years of getting my students to fill this in at the start of term,and now for the first time I am filling one in for myself,really strange.Class of approx twenty retirees,it was really well organised,The MC I will call her,gave a good presentation on the first experiences likely to be felt on retiring,she made it sound like the best thing since they invented sliced bread.Next a expert from the Dept of Pensions,explaining all the ins and outs of all the pension availabilities we can claim,however attractive or not they are,they are out my reach until I make 65 in three years time.Afternoon a Financial advisor from his firm "Intelligent Investments" gave a talk for one hour about smart ways to invest lump sums,boy I really stuggled with droopy eyelids,I nearly fell asleep,but my fault everyone else thought he was just brill??.Finally for some light relief a guy from the council-Glasgow Parks and Recreation,gave a super talk on most of the public parks in Glasgow and their history,he gave out lots of brochures to take away,so new ideas for my camera.Class dismissed -Part two next Thursday,all in all a most enjoyable day.

Hi JudyKW,Think everything is going well for you now,treatments going ahead,fingers crossed,best wishes for a successful outcome also.

Hi Bud,Good news with Petey,particularly when you feared the worst,sorry about the Bill though.

Hi Annette,The saga continues with wayward,I suppose as expected,dont think I would have passed his "slip" to the PO either,why pour petrol onto a fire?.My elder brother and his wife are cat people,they had two cats Tammy and Sulie,Tammy just loved me,we played so many games to-gether,always left their home with both my hands scratched to ribbons and my wooly jerseys sleeves all pulled.I am more a dog person,had Sam a cocker spaniel until he was put down two years ago,may get another when I retire.

Well just a week to go,the guys have identified the venue for my leaving doo,Cafe Source in the Trongate,we have had many a great ceilidh in there.You are all invited Thursday 27th May-yes youve guessed it Friday is an other Public Holiday.Oh went out and voted today,Scottish Parliament,also voted in the referendum for the UK to change its voting system First past the Post to AV.I will probably be up half the night watching the results,bit of a political animal you know.Byee.

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