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Saturday's Air


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Good afternoon - It is a beautiful day here in Amelia County. Keith is on his way to Lowe's (home repair store) to get a new pressure washer because he wants the house to look nice when we have his grandaughter's first birthday party here in a couple of weeks. His daughter and the baby visited last night and she is gorgeous. Already talking a little - everything is baby - if you tickle her and she laughs and says baby. But she also know kitty cat and Kashew (my cat) was perfect with her. He laid down in front of her and let her pet him - he runs from my nephew - - hmmmm - might be a good judge of character. LOL

Where is everyone today - I hope you are enjoying yourself as I am - just doing nothing. Relaxing - I truly needed that - I think next week I may have to raise a flag with my mom and nephew as he stayed home 2 1/2 days from school. I woke him up yesterday at about 5p.m and asked him if he had got to school today (Friday) - he said ummm no wait yes wait I don't know.... Red Flag Flying High. My mom was asleep and I woke her and asked her if he had gone to school - she said well he was supposed to I guess he did. Sigh - not how this is supposed to be working. Enough of that - I am relaxing today - will start worrying about that tomorrow....

After all tomorrow is another day.

Judy (KW) - if you check in - I hope yesterday went well - including the beginning of your journey up north again. I hope you are feeling okay (healthwise) - and here is a virtual hug for everything else - just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you.

I think I will play some facebook - I am missing it since I am so busy at work and unable to play anymore - busy is a good thing though - I'm glad we finally got some work in - I'm hoping the economy is changing.

I will check back in later to see how everyone is,


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Hi Annette! This joint is sleepy today for sure! I got up, got laundry going, posted a pic of my puppies on a Chaise lounge on Facebook, and now just hanging out. Hubby had his radio show this morning. That ended 3 hours ago, so I have no idea where he is. But that's okay. I like my alone time.

Weather is spectacular. About 63 degrees. I have one window open, and that is enough, but it's nice to get the fresh air.

So a while back we got into an argument about getting a new bedspread for the bed. The one we have is old, faded and nasty. He didn't want to spend the money. Well, today I threw the old one away, and put on this really heavy, wool old one that is too small for the bed. He hates this bed spread.

Is that mean? We seriously need a new bedspread, and I am not putting that tattered old one on there again! LOL

Having friends over tonight. The guys went trout fishing last week, and we're frying them up tonight. Yum!

Hope everyone is just so busy lovin' life that they are too busy to be here!

Judy in MI

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Beautiful day in the neighborhood and I'm not going to complain about the sun making such a showing. I am, however, going to seek out the shade, that darn sun-induced rash is back with a vengeance, thank you, Iressa!

Last year, I bought three pairs of sunglasses at Kohl's when they had a big sale. Hubby thought that was crazy and excessive - I told him that I seem to have bad luck with the darn things. That said, I've now blown through two of the new pairs and an older pair that was in my glove box. Summer isn't even here and I'm down to the last pair, urgh!

Working on laundry. Cleaned out all the garbage that has accumulated in my car over the cold months, can see the floor in some places - shook out the floor mats, but there's still a lot of gravel in the floor boards so I'll have to get the vacuum out there somehow. Yee-haw. I may just flip up the rear seat (third row) to keep the world from piling so much crap in the cargo area, tired of cleaning it all out! Easy enough to fold down when I'm hauling stuff, but tired of hauling "stuff" that needs to hit the trash.

Used the shedding blade on the dog, pulled off about a guinea pig in hair....she didn't LOOK like she was shedding, may be time to get her butt into the shower and scrub her down... Nah, that means I have to clean out the bathroom (before) and clean up the bathroom (after). Not really all THAT ambitious today!

...and got a call asking that hubby go over and start his weed whacker for his parents tomorrow. Nice - since after all, it's MY weed whacker, I just bought it last year and was told I could store it in their barn. I guess there's a storage fee? Gas is supposed to be mixed with oil to a formula, but the father-in-law "eyeballs" his, so I'll be lucky to have a weed whacker when I can finally use it! Dammitall! The landlord better get his butt moving on the shed out front, they've been working on it all week and are still just to half the roof, no doors yet. By the time he's finished, I'll just have junk to store in it because nothing will be working... Why did I leave the weed whacker at the in-laws' and not my parents', you might ask... Well, with ANY tools at my parents', my brother will take them to use without asking and he ALWAYS breaks what he borrows and doesn't replace it. Thought it might be a better choice. Sheesh...

What's everyone's plans for Mother's Day? Looks like hubby will be doing yard work at his parents' (which means I will be there, too, nice). After all, we have no kids so there's no reason to spend the day with me.... Fun. Doesn't matter what I may have had planned, the die is cast, it's yard work. I'll have to check DNA and scarring, but I'm pretty sure I'm a mom, too, and I don't WANT to have green sneakers on Mother's Day, I prefer to plant flowers! (But have learned it's far too early to plant flower beds in MI in mid-May.) Anyone up for kidnapping me from the yard?? I'll give you the keys to the bus...it just needs a jump start, the battery has sat for a bit too long for it to just start with the key.

Help! Please? LOL

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...and Annette, turn his *ss in! He's on his umpteenth "one more last chance" and has it made in the shade with his granny. He is NOT going to shape up. Time for the real wake-up call...

Judy (MI), enjoy your free time. I've had a bit of that today, hubby is sleeping after another 12-hour shift, the boy is asleep because he played online until the wee hours of the morning and the dog with snooze with anyone at any time...been left to my own devices and have only managed to get into the laundry? Geez, I'm slacking...it was just SOOOO quiet, I was enjoying the peace...

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Well, Becky, no plans for Mother's Day. I'm a Mom of two spoiled dogs, but don't think Hubs thinks that counts.

Both of our parents are gone. Both Mom's died of lung cancer, mine in 96, his in 97. Grrrrrr.........

I changed my picture on FB to one of my parents on the day they got married, in honor of Mom for Mother's Day.

I love reading your posts! I agree about Annette's nephew. Annette, don't be mad at us. That boy is just not learning!

Judy in MI

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Becky - you sound like my daughter - she says if it was her I would have booted her ... out. How many last chances would I give her. And you are right it's not looking good. I need to call the Foster Care Prevention lady and make sure that I won't get in trouble if he is not staying with me on school nights. There was a court order but I think that is over now that he is off "outreach" and on "probation" - who knows.

I am pooped - for some reason my mouth volunteered me to mow the yard while Keith pressure washed his house. My first adventure on a riding lawnmower. It turned out fun and just a little hard on my arms and back and the bouncing is like crazy but I may do it again. Does that count as exercise?

We will have to come up with a menu and go to the grocery store tomorrow and have my mom and the kid over for mother's day. Playstation network is still down this is getting ridiculous - I want to play Black Ops!!

I can smell the steaks cooking so I better go check the potatoes.

Talk to you later.

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