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Enenings Air

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Everyone's gone outside to play?well I did too,its been warm but overcast today.

A lot of running about today,put my car in for repair ,my brother-in law came along with his car to drive me to the car hire company to pick up my courtesy car-Fiat Punto,quite nice too.We both went into Glasgow together to pick up a Kilt hire for Pat,he and Irene are going to a black tie charity dinner tonight for "Help for the Heroes" for our troops serving in the Army.Talking of charities,Claire sent me my sponsor form for the Norren Davis Hikers and Bikers walk round Millport in June,along with the theme for my bus "Sumo" its cowboys and cowgirls,actually it should be cowboy singular,since I will be again the only male amongst approx 300 women,luvvely jubbily(cockney expression-from Del Boy-dont suppose you get the TV comedy prog Only Fools and Horses?

I was out last night at one of my colleagues retirement dinners,I cannot go to everyones since 31 of us took up the offer of voluntary severance-but I will go to mine,good night out with nice company what more can you ask?.At home tonight,but special day tomorrow its my Birthday hooray-another nail in the coffin-I am 62.Going to Guidis in Airdrie,originally six-but Sally has spent another workless week last week,I came home from work yesterday to find her drunk in the sitting room chair,when I came downstairs this morning her face has an overlarge blackened eye and bruising down one side of her face,she has no recollection of falling-well theres no way she is sharing a restaurant table with myself Jennifer and Chris and Irene and Pat.She has been reporting in each day to see her manager,but not being allowed to return,goodness knows what their reaction will be when they see her on Monday,its embarrassing for me too, with their thoughts and the neighbours, thinking Eric has beaten her?.Really got to think of my future.

Well I finally signed my voluntary severance contract at the solicitors office on Friday,so my final week at work next week.Iam not in on Monday,Iam sitting on an interview panel to select a National Support Services Manager from 11am-5.30pm,same next Monday this time for a National Outreach Co-Ordinator,apparenly both these persons will be my line managers,not often you get to pick your own bosses?

Annette loved the Lucky Charm Kid-I remember recently sitting with Max and Mia-Max is holding a toy phone having an imaginary phone call talking to his Mum when Mia manages to pull the phone from his hands-she gets a minute or two, to give the phone some baby talk, Max wrests the phone back from her,putting the phone back to his ear his says "Sorry about that".

Stephanie,thank you for the eating out courtesys,I was going to write in about tipping requirements,for various services,seems eating out in the UK is at least double than the USA,so I always tip 10%.What about taxis?,hotel staff? any others I havent included,anyone want to pitch in with their thoughts,much appreciated.Also thanks for the website food links,I will be delving after next week,since I will have more spare time on my hands.Think we should include JudyMI hubby Randy with the Grillingguys.Hi Judy got that dog using the dog door yet?

Annette,I know, still nothing from Libby yet,its such a concern,and yet she is probably just having a great time out.

JudyKW,I know you wont read this just now as you are with your sister and her family at present,still want you to know you are all in my thoughts.Good night everyone.

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Eric, when I read "Enenings Air" I thought for sure you were the one that had a wee bit too much of whatever it is you drink in Scotland!

Anyway, I am 1/2 way there with the dog. She will go in and out of it now, but only on command. Eerrrggh! The point is for her to go in and out at will. I think we're almost there now! I just don't want her to be out when I'm gone, on a hot summer day and not know how to get back in. She's an all black labradoodle, and the heat would not be kind to her. Thanks for asking!

I feel so sad about Sally. Life is too short to spend it in the manner she chooses to spend it in. I don't know what to advise you on that one Eric!

MI Judy

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Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for the Birthday Greeting,its just gone 8.00am here on Sunday,the UK is 5 hours in front of New York,I dont know your particular time is being on the west coast of America,probably to add one or two hours again?.Have a great day today,I know I will have.

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