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Happy Mothers Day to all the lost Moms


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If flowers grow in heaven Lord, then pick a bunch for me ▬▬▬ place them in my Mother's arms and tell her they're from me. ▬▬▬ Tell her that I love and miss her, and when she turns to smile, ( ◕‿◕。) ღ ❤ place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while ~ LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MOM. !¸¸.•*"Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ"*•.¸¸


To my Mommy Linda

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Hi Nik,

Thanks for doing this! I wouldn't have thought of it. People at church asked me what my special plans were for today. I said "nothing". Both our Mom's died, mine in 1996, Randy's in 1997. Both of lung cancer.

i appreciate the pretty thoughts, and am so glad you expressed them!

MI Judy

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My eldest daughter phoned me in tears yesterday. Missing her mom so much. Bought some flowers in memory and put them in her house.

The pain is still unbearable for us all.


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Mine died in 1983, lung cancer.

M's passed this year - his first as a motherless child. She had only one lung, but lived most of her life that way! Not lung cancer. She lived to 91 years of age.

We visited my Dad, went out for dinner and saw a movie. But the day seemed particular quiet.

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