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Monday's (early morning) air


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Well, it's no longer Mother's Day, so I'll share my experience now that it won't ruin anyone else's, but I'll give you our date night the night before, first! :roll:

I decided that hubby and I needed a date night, and the boy had plans, so it was all going to work out. Poor kid, his friend blew him off, but he didn't want to come with us. Late start, we leave close to 8:00 p.m. Hey, on the bright side, it's "big people time" - right? Right??

LOL, yeah, right...

Our dinner was so bad, the manager comped the whole thing. Seriously. We tipped our waitress, though. Restaurant atmosphere? Loud (young) kids - not teens, tots - elementary age and younger. Couldn't hear my hubby across the table from me, couldn't sit next to him at the table because of the set-up...

Being the boring married folks we are, decided to go grocery shopping for ingredients for Mother's Day dinner. I wasn't ready to kick up my feet and camp out on the couch, headed for a local watering hole for some dancing... Saturday night, and the joint is DEAD. DJ sucked. Bad. Nothing to dance to, $10 spent on a Keno ticket, won $11. Hubby spent $6.50 on drinks, geez I'm a cheap date!

Home to a cheesy Sy-Fy movie...or two. ENOUGH, I'm going to bed. Cutting my losses, time to sleep...

...and then it's Mother's Day.

We were out and about at the crack of noon. The doggie went out before we left, she's not a puppy, she knows what it means when everyone has their shoes and jackets on and she's being tied out...so she pottied and came back in. Not a big deal, we don't crate her, she's a good girl...

So we visit, hubby's mommy first, then mine. Home so hubster can nap before dinner, he had to work but wanted to cook dinner. We had taken the truck so hubby could get his grill and move it over here. I head to unlock the door and let the dogger out, we've only been gone a few hours, but I figure she may need a quick wee-wee...then I see the ick on the rug by the door...and the smell of "oopsie poopsie" attacks my nasal passages. I have some groceries in my hand (moms are good at that) and want to get them in the refrigerator and grab some clean up stuff...and see that that is not the only spot! My 35-pound dog must have thought she was an elephant? YUCK!

Boy helps clean all that up. Windows are opened, Lysol is sprayed...eww! Happy Mother's Day, your furbaby loves you...

...and the grill is unloaded. Rolled through the loose sand by the boys, I supervised. Hubby stacked the charcoal and set it all up for a quick light when he gets up later, then he's off to bed.

Okay, side note. I was wondering why I was so tired if he was the one cooking dinner. Lessee...dishwasher has to be emptied and refilled - boy does it, turns it on. Then I chopped all the onions, all the mushrooms, packaged all for cooking on the grill. I pulled out the steaks and put them in a pan for easy handling. Washed the taters for baking. Toss out garbage - whoops, trash is now overflowing. Boy takes out trash. New trash bag (I forget that step sometimes, not good).

Dinner was excellent. This one's a keeper, he can COOK! Heck, he even cooks in the house, not just on the grill.

...and the Red Wings won! Still in the series, next game is home!

All-in-all, not a bad day, poor dog had a tummy ache. She felt soooo bad, spent the whole afternoon attached to me. I couldn't move without tripping over her. Can't yell at a dog that IS housebroken and has an accident. Heck, after Iressa, I TOTALLY get not having control, and she didn't have thumbs to open the door...

Loads of things to do today, better get some sleep. Later, kids. And remember, even crappy days can end good! Heck, just because someone leaves you sh*t, doesn't mean they don't love you! :wink:

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 73 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 94. What a change from last week when it was low 40's in the morning and I rode to work wearing most of my winter clothes. This morning it was shorts and sleevless jersey.

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day weekend. I went fishing on Saturday. I was surprised at how many crappie were still shallow and spawning at Aquilla. I had a blast. Besides a mess of crappie, I caught a 5 lb largemouth bass and a 4 lb channel catfish on the light weight crappie rod and reel I was using. It took forever to land both of those.

On Sunday, Rose and I joined our daughters and one grandchild at a restaurant for dinner, then zombied out in front of the tv for the evening. It was a sports bar type of restaurant, and all the tv's there were showing the Mavericks finishing up their sweep of the Lakers. There were lots of excited fans there.

The door switch on the dishwasher seems to be acting up. I guess that's this evening's project.

Late Happy Birthday, Eric! Have a great day, all!

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Poor Becky - I know what you mean about the favorite watering hole being dead - when I go to Virginia Beach to visit my daughter I always try and stay over on a weekend cause I do love to shoot pool. Most the the people I played with are gone but there is always a couple - not the same though as when I was going every week. I couldn't do it anymore - they "skirted" the no smoking rule by making a 4x4 room no smoking - so after 2 years of not smoking it bugs me most days (some not so much).

I'm glad your day turned out good though. I called my mom to ensure that she and the nephew were coming over for dinner - she said yes that sounds good. So I know it was only hamburgers and all the trimmings but when I called and woke her up at 5 she said she better not. No mention of mothers day or anything - I said thanks for letting me know. I called her this morning to check on a feeling I had. (The kid went to school 1/2 a day last Monday, Wednesday - - - he has been out "sick" 1/2 day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and today. They both slept through his counseling session last Thursday - and since she is "sick" they will probably not go today either.) (He went to school every day he was at my house and now he's average less than 50% attendance.

But last night was good - we watched a little on the DVR and then a couple of Season 1 NCIS shows - just a relaxing evening. Very nice evening. Now back at work with tons to do and I have misplaced my motivation. So if you see it feel free to use it.

Bud - we are supposed to get nice and warm today here too I believe (I hope so I did not bring a jacket - just relied on the car heater). Sounds like you had the perfect weekend - fishing, dinner out and then relaxing on the sofa.

Katie - if you see this - I don't think any of us have heard from Libby.

Hope everyone checks in later - Judy KW - how are you feeling - missed you this weekend - hope you somehow had a moment that felt like a good day.

I'll check back in later,


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Your nephew does know that being "sick" with an "excused" absence is STILL an absence and that if he misses over a certain number of days (I think it's 17 here - and that's from ONE class, so missing a first class 17 times counts, even if attending the other six every single day) and he will not receive ANY credit for the term? Seriously.

Oh, the writing is so on the wall. If you turn him in, your mother is just going to be soooo p*ssed at you, after all, it will be all YOUR fault that you turned THEM in, not his fault for not following the rules set up by the court. I don't envy you the predicament you are in. Nice. Looks like your family puts the "fun" in dysfunctional - Not!

I somehow skipped over Eric's birthday, read it and then it was gone, no retention. Happy belated, Eric!

Too much time outside yesterday, migraine/sinus/allergy headache today. Not enough drugs in the world and I can't seem to sleep it off. Ugh. I have some grocery shopping to do for dinner. Opened my mouth and now need to cook a quiche - never done it before, but how hard can it be, right? :roll:

Off to real life, maybe the glow of the screen isn't helping my head much...later, taters!

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Good afternoon! Happy birthday Eric!

Worried about Libby. Her scans were good, so I just pray it's normal busy and happy life that is keeping her away!

Annette, reading about your nephew.....errrrgh! What an impossible situation you are in!

Bud, sounds like you had a amazing weekend of relaxing, fishing and family. How nice.

I got up early, and drove to church to use their internet. It's much faster than mine, and I had some upgrades to do, pay bills, etc. So I'm there, and everyone knows my car from when I used to be there 3 times a week. So what was meant to be getting stuff done, turned into visit time with Judy, by a bunch of people. It's so strange for me, living in a small town now. I lived in the City most of my life, and you just didn't run into folks all the time. Now, grocery shopping takes twice as long because of all the friends you run into! So weird. But kind of nice.

I'm at Gilda's Club now for the next six hours! Just had a lovely conversation with one of the members. Everyone is smiling and happy! The flowers are bursting forth, it's 72 degrees, with a fresh and gorgeous breeze! It always amazes me this time of year about the flowering trees. It seems like we go from dark and stark winter, and something happens and overnight the trees are bursting with flowers! So wonderful!

See ya later!

Judy in MI

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Katie - your day with the kids sounds like my dream day - sun & fun and then books! Then you did laundry - that's not fun - and as we all know neither is cleaning - they just ought to call cleaning exercise and get it over with.

Becky - you are right about the nephew but the school has given up on him already - I think he's missed 40+ days - and 18 or so of those days he was in juvenile detention - where he better learned the art of being a juvenile I believe. So we know he does not stand a chance of passing any classes - he has all F's through every semester, although he was carrying an A in art at the start of the last marking period - oh yeah that was when he was staying with me. I am in a no win situation - I hate drugs almost as much as cancer - my sister died of Hepatitis C in 5005 and the nephew has been "grandmothered" since then. I don't know how to spell it but that old Doris Day song comes to mind "K Sa Ra - Sa Ra - whatever will be will be..." This in no way implies that I am over 29 just because I have celebrated it 21 times - means nothing.

LOl Becky - Dysfunctional family - there may be a dictionary out there with our picture next to this - LOL - more than a chuckle!!

I hope that everyone is smiling today - and having a nice sunny day.


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Good Evening Everyone,

I want to thank you all for your birthday greetings,they left me feeling so warm inside.62? where did the years go?.

Well kinda missed here on Sunday,its catch up time folks,at ABC in the morning update on our Minister Ross,feedback to Ross by his medical team was sadly not good-they couldnt remove his tumour completely and it is very "aggessive",upshot he has to have chemo for a year-I was astounded by that bit of news,Ross is taking all this in his stride,but poor Deborah is finding it really tough,hopefully Ross can visit us next week as a member of the congregation,we have all been asked not to swamp him with kindness and keep a respectful distance.I know that will be a hard act to keep the right balance for most of us.

I had a lovely night out last night at Guidis,the restaurant played Happy Birthday for me ,over their sound system , and to my further embarrassment, one of the waitress's brought out a candle lit birthday cake,wasnt big enough for a candle for each year though,might have set fire to the entire restaurant LOL.

Not at work today-I sat on the interview panel at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation-I really enjoyed the occassion,so hard to separate three candidates,they put up quite a presentation,all degree candidates-one of the candidates had three separate degrees.No decision taken ultimately,chairman going to sleep on it tonight before coming to a conclusion to-morrow.Process to be repeated next Monday for another post.

Hi Becky,Sorry even when you have a down day you still make me laugh,Noisy Restaurant? Boring Local?Dog Poo?well I am not surprised your steak dinner was a treat since bad things only come in threes,and obviously you had used them all up.

Hi Bud you have really impressed me with your weekend catch, crappies by the score,huge catfish and bass and on a lightweight rod and line,I doff my cap to you sir,you are the best and a mean cyclist to boot.Bud does make you feel a little crestfallen dosnt he? LOL,however with retirement starting Friday its gonnabe,gym,swimming,dieting,bowling from then on,followed shortly afterwards with me sending in pics of my six pack torso- a new kid on the block methinks?.

Hi Annette,Still up to your eyeballs with wayward,not familar with Becky's comment on his school attendance patterns affecting his term results?Thought if he meets the academic requirements of his curriculum "soft indicators" such as behavior and attendance were kept separate?

Hi JudyMI At last- the warmth of Spring arrives in Michigan,I just love the passing of the cold,dark days of Winter and witnessing the new life all around that Spring brings,the singing of the birds outside my window first thing in the morning,simple things are the best and they are all for free.

Missing JudyKW,hope she is restored to us as soon as,be nice if Libby could drop by also,I was so looking forward to meeting her in Chicago this summer?

Goodnight everyone,enjoy the rest of the day.

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