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Ok, I'll start. If a moderator comes in would you put my post under yours?

Well, it's sad around here today. I was supposed to go to my Life Group of women today. However, one of the women in the group died last night. We were expecting this. She had that rare brain disease I mentioned in the past. But I was not ready to sit around crying, and tossing memories around. It's too soon. She was 47, with 11 and 15 year old boys. She was a neo-natal nurse, and just a wonderful woman. And now she is with Jesus, and we are here to mourn her. *sigh*

I'm okay though. I have nothing but good memories of her, and will cherish them.

So tonight I go through Mentor training. That is funny. I've been mentoring for years, when they realize I never went through the training! That's because when I began this type of work, there was no training program. I was the pilgrim. Now, they would like me to go through it. Funny.

We have rain predicted for the next 10 days. With the flooding around here, that's going to make it really tough for those that live along the rivers. But it is warm out, so I will enjoy that!

Not feeling chatty today. So I'll just get this started and maybe chime back in later today.

Hope you all are having a brilliant day!

Judy in MI

P.S. KW Judy is on my mind a lot. This place is not the same without her. I pray her journeys are safe, and time with family precious.

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Judy - I'm sorry about your group member - I could not do the volunteer work you do it is just so hard to think of anyone you care about suffering and waiting for the inevitable. I admire your strength.

Like you I miss Judy - I hope her family is taking care of each other up there in Yankee land. I am looking forward to seeing her back on here to brighten us up a little.

I am at work and have a ton of stuff to do - but whoever took my motivation neglected to return it - not that I'm complaining mind you.

Did you watch Dancing with the Stars last night. This is no reflection of my age or anything but my favorite is the Karate Kid himself. Wow did that make-up last night make him look dark. I thought he did very well for only practicing 8 hours compared to the usual 40. I'm just not made to move that way anymore (translated to never was or will be able to). But I am very good at sitting on the couch and rooting for him. I even voted for him 20 times (cell phone, house phone, Keiths cell, Keiths blackberry) If I wasn't avoiding a certain teenager and mom I would have gone over their and used their phones - hmmm I do pay that bill - maybe I should make them drop them off on voting nights. I am not a reality show junkie - there are only a couple that I watch - Dancing, Bachelorette, Bachelor, Idol, Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers (where is that one), Survivor, Rock of Love (why oh why did Bret Michaels have to get engaged!!) what am I missing see that is hardly any at all.

I better get busy - or I'll have two tons of work to do tomorrow - is it hot in here.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83. It's cloudy and windy.

Rose did her first home care work yesterday afternoon. It was at the home of a man we already knew, her sister's ex-landlord. Knee surgeries gone bad have taken his mobility.

I was reading about one of the Alabama tornadoes this morning. It was an F-5 that was on the ground for almost 90 miles. It reminded me of the 1999 F-5 tornado in Oklahoma that passed near my sister. That one destroyed over 300 houses, and was the strongest tornado ever recorded.

I visited my sister a couple of months after the storm and watched a video of it. It was incredible, some of the things it did. It picked up railroad cars and carried them a half mile. It's hard to imagine a storm with that much power. The weatherman was actually telling people to flee, that they could not ride this one out in their homes.

Annette, it doesn't sound very promising for your nephew. Some people seem to have to learn too many lessons the hard way.

I hope KW Judy is feeling well today, and enjoying her visiting. Have a great day, all!

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Annette, I did watch Dancing with Stars last night. I like him too! I hope his injury heals so he can continue on with this! Funny about your voting. LOL.

The only other reality show I watch is Idol. Now that one I DO vote on!

Thank you for your comment about my volunteering. I'm not strong. My faith makes me strong. The volunteering is to give back for all I've been blessed with. It truly gives me joy! So no admiration society here! I'm the one getting the joy.

Judy in MI

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Greetings from Yankee Land! Contrary to popular belief, we do not eat babies and use whale-oil lamps any more. Well, we don't do it any less, either! :lol:

Not looking forward to days and days of rain. No real grass for the dogger to potty on, so it will be days of muddy paws and towel-covered furniture.

Gotta head out to the grocery store, having just learned that gas prices have jumped again and knowing that I need to fill up before heading to the south to shop. Sheesh. I'm sure gas will cost more than a week of groceries. Might have to buy steak so I feel like I'm eating better than my car!

Have a list, but no coupons. Will have to work on that! Wonder if I can get coupons for gas?

I hope KW Judy is having a good time with her family. It's going to take her forever to catch up on what she's missing.

Really, Annette, "Rock of Love"? LOL - I liked the "Charm School" with all those strippers, er young ladies... Those VH-1 reality shows give you a day in the life of a Springer guest! I gave up on tuning in to Jerry, it was just "Tales from the Trailer Park" and I have a front-row seat to that, living in Smalltown, USA - in Yankee Land, no less! Flower planting in mud tires, faded pink flamingos, junk cars on blocks - yep, we got it all!

Gotta run, need to cook something for dinner tonight, something good. Anyone seen my darn keys??

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Good Afternoon, What a great thread of posts! I need to start coming here more. All is nice in the mountains of NC today, beautiful weather! Still at work right now but headed out a little early to pick up my new TV. The other just crashed on me and I moved the bedroom TV into the living room. Just too darn small and I had gotten so used to a TV in bedroom on those sleepless nights that I'm treating myself to a brand new one. Cassie is going with me and we are having dinner out tonight. Different for a school night but we have to treat ourselves occassionally :) Hope you all have a great rest of the day!

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...and it was a three-alarm dinner! STILL clearing the smoke out of the living room. No lie. Made mini-quiche and the darn things overflowed in the oven, burned and stunk up everything, set off THREE of the house's five smoke alarms. Not many people can cook up a three-alarm meal that's edible - the finished product was nicely golden brown and pretty tasty, per hubby and spawn.

Watching a hockey game, two minutes left in the second period, still tied at 0, which is far better than the Wings trailing by anything. Pulling for the RedWings to whip the Sharks. Hubby is a Wings fan, a die hard. Loves to see 'em in contention for the Cup.

The boy and I went grocery shopping, returned bottles, picked up water (ours isn't potable in my opinion, so hard I can almost walk on it) and talked. I like forcing him to ride along, it's one of the few times he actually TALKS and I can get a glimpse of what's going on in his world and brain.

Might try to beat the crap out of this insomnia and go to bed early tonight. If it seems the insomnia might be winning out, I may cheat and pop an Ambien. Nah-nah!

PS Anyone know of any jobs out there? I need one...

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I made asparagus and leek quiche tonight, but put a pan under the pie plate just in case there was any overflow (there wasn't) so no fire alarm. It was yummy - and we had a drop in guest to share it with. I really liked that, though she was a bit timid about stopping by just at the dinner hour.

I also went to visit my old job today and was greeted with lots of "You look great!"s. I still fumble with the "Thanks." My old projects are under construction, or about to start. Homes for people who don't have much money, earn much money, or were homeless. Kind of makes you miss working, but not the meetings, deadlines, project budgets, and city/county bureaucracies.

Full day today. And sunshine.

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My goodness - for a second there I thought I went to the Cooking With the Stars sight. I don't think my hamburger would win any prizes though. Sounds like I will have to be the volunteer here too - I will eat the food that is not good for you and you can eat all the healthy food. LOL Annette

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