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Tore up my back today...


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Years ago, a group of us at work dressed like hippies for Halloween. I went to a trendy store at the mall and bought some extreme bell bottoms, tie-dyed shirt and a big belt with lots of rivets in it. I also bought a long wing of straight blond hair that I wrapped with a headband and an old pair of platforms to complete the look. Total cost of costume? About $30.

Flash forward to this afternoon, and I'm in the utility room putting the bottle returns into bags when I feel a horrendous pop in my lower back and suddenly feel "different". Oh no, my BACK, I don't need to be laid up with a pulled something-or-other....

I slowly stand up, and realize I can breathe deeper...and that my pants are traveling down my rear. Yep, that cheap belt gave way, ripping like a fruit roll-up! Sheesh...

I'm okay! Made it to the grocery store and fixed an alarming dinner, as posted earlier.

Oh yeah, and the Wings WON! On to game seven!

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Oh no - so glad it was that pop instead of the pop you thought it was at first. I know when you hurt your back you can be pretty much useless. My lower back aches thinking about the poping noise. Glad you had a successful shopping trip and good dinner - sounds like a good day.


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