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New members chime in too...


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Good morning!

Welcome to Just for Fun...sometimes you just need a laugh or something OTHER than lung cancer to talk about....what's on your mind today?

Anything random is A-OK in this forum and I promise you I read every word and I am a member who will reply to your posts too.

I'll start....

We've been having lots of storms lately here in my part of Texas. Not the flooding that you're seeing in Memphis and Mississippi parts- not even close. But the storms can get scary.

I have an 8 year old chi who is nearly toothless. This was the meanest little rat-like dog in his hey day but now it seems age has caught up with him. ANYWAY, every time there's thunder the little bugger FREAKS out and runs and hides behind my back no matter where I am..if you try to move him, he will bite you...(gum at you!) that is how afraid of storms he is...

I think we are having another storm today....and the scary toothless wonder, his name is Spike....chew on that.


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mornin! I have been reading for a little while and just registered a few days ago. I will post in the caregivers area once i get my story wrote up. thanks for doing this. i will look for some jokes or post something here to one day. id like to see a picture of your old toothless dog. what us is a Chi?


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Good morning Katie and Billy, Just a slow starting day - couldn't sleep for some reason last night. (The nephew is staying at my house during the week - that could be part of it). I am trying to clear my desk off so I can enjoy the next couple of weekends (well this one not so much because I'm staying in town - but Sunday I will get to see my grandbabies....My daughter is going up for her sister-in-laws graduation and will stop here for lunch and I will meet them. Really looking forward to that. Next weekend is another jam packed weekend - with Washington DC and then Keith's granddaughter is having her first birthday party on Sunday - Poor thing over 20 adult family members she will be swallowed up with the spoiling going on.

In the meantime - I have to get busy at work. I was hoping someone would open the air - we sure do miss our Judy (KW)- I may just call and check on her tonight.


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Hi Annette! sounds like some great grandbaby(ies) spoiling time for you coming up!! They are so lucky!! I would give anything for grandparents- or heck even parents for that matter!! I hope they know how lucky they are! :)

Looking forward to meeting you next weekend!

Billy, I am looking for a picture of Senior Spike for you. lol

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Hello Billy and welcome! Katie your Spike looks like he is still full of vinegar even if he is toothless. I understand what you mean about your parents. My mom has been gone for 10 years and my dad 20 years and altho the pain has eased over the years,it seems the older I get the more I miss them. Im going to try to post a photo. Hope it comes out ok and not to large.


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