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Friday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am openly sitting at my workdesk,on my last working day,I was going to reply to posts,I have just read,when the screen was blocked with a panel-Access Denied this website cannot be accessed due to being "Offensive and Tasteless" Becky et al,how dare they this -is rediculous?.I spoke with the techies,they said the screening system is not very sophisticated,it may have picked up a word it misconscrued its meaning,however,although I cannot answer any posts,directly,but it is letting me post in.I have forgot to write down a crib of your posts,silly me,so I cannot remember what my replies were.

Enjoyed yesterdays pre-retirement course,lots of good quality infro,on making a will,oh lordy,tax and how to minimise your liabilities,we then had a wonderful speaker,a retired Royal Navy Captain,who spent 40 years in the forces-main theme volunteering keeps your brain young and active-but with so many other anecdotes and tips,he kept us laughing the whole one hour delivery.

The Principal collered me coming out of this class at the end to meet with the Senior Management Team,to offer me best wishes and present me with a wee prezzie, appropriately,for me,a box of crystal cut Whiskey glasses,well my second year students previously in the day presented me with a litre bottle of Whyte and MacKays,(which I did have a wee sample of last night-well I did have to test out one of the glasses)

Been receiving and visiting all my colleagues this morning,been warned by everyone,I have not to do any college work today,regardless of urgency,well I dont want to cross the picket line on that issue so here I am.I have another event at 3.30pm to face,my own department has organised a presentation for me also.

My last duty commences from 7.15 am Saturday Morning,I have to welcome each of the arriving Colleges lecturers and student competitors and see them settled in,make sure they all get their cooked breakfasts.Competition starts at 9.00am,thanks to the support from all my colleagues,everything is well organised and hopefully everything is covered.Principal will be here to give a welcome speech,I have to describe the rules of the competition to all competitors and wish them every success.Presentation of prizes probably around 6pm,so hopefully the end of a busy but successful last day of work.

Hopefully post back in tonight,have a great day everyone,bye.

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Good morning - a beautiful morning here but we are expecting thundershowers later I believe. I have a report that I have to get out this morning - so I am procrastinating as much as I can. I have done all the calculations now I just have to write up descriptions for all the different costs. It won't take that long if I can find some old report to use as a basis.

I hope Eric is having some fun on his last working day. I don't know how I would act - like him I probably would be doing everything I wasn't supposed to do.

The nephew has been back at my house for 2 days now. Yes, that's right - the social worker say a downward trend over the last two weeks with my mom and made me jerk him back in. He had missed 5 out of 10 school days and three of his substance abuse counseling sessions. (My mom claims they were both sick. I told them that sleeping all day and playing computer games all night does not county as being sick.) As the kid says - what difference does it make - if he truly wanted to go back on drugs he has easy access at school he could buy anything he wanted.

I will stay in town this weekend with him - especially since my daughter and the grandbabies are stopping in for lunch on Sunday. Then next weekend I don't know what I'll do since I'm going to Washington DC on Friday & Saturday. Then all the way back to Keith's for his granddaughter's first birthday. (She is such a cutie - well so are my two boys.) So I have a couple of pretty full weeks ahead of me.

I have got to figure out how to email myself a picture from my phone. A mosquito eater got in the other night and the cat was going crazy trying to jump up to the ceiling and catch him. So Keith gets up and holds the cat up to the bug. Such a funny site - especially since it took me a year to talk him into getting a kitten.

I'm out of things to talk about and I really should get this report done right quick - the client needs the figures for their July budget. Sometimes numbers are so very boring. But tonight I'm thinking I will torture my nephew with a bit of Algebra - yep - that should make today fun fun fun.

I will check in later - what is everyone planning for the weekend?


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 55 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 78. We had a cool front come in this morning, and it's supposed to stay cooler, with lows in the 50's and highs in the 70's, for the next few days. We'll be longing for days like this next month when it's 95 degrees in the shade.

I rode to work all five days this week. Tomorrow, I'm going to Lake Aquilla to see if the crappie are still shallow. The spawn is likely to be over any time now, and the fish will be moving deeper.

On Sunday, I'm joining a couple of friends for a 200k ride. I've been concentrating on my commuting riding, and haven't ridden a 200k since last fall, so it should be interesting.

Eric, enjoy your last day of work tomorrow. I wish it was me. Annette, enjoy your algebra. Have a great day, all!

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If you text people, you put their phone number in the "To:" box. To send yourself the picture at an email address, put your email address in the box: mouseketeer_annette@mousehouse.com

Enjoy your day, Eric, and hid your hooch so you don't end up sharing!

Ride on, Bud, you're inspiring, but not enough to get me off the couch today. Lovin' the central air and it's not hot here compared to your part of the world.

My plans for the day? Figuring out how to roast a tenderloin and not heat up the whole house...and laundry, and cleaning the floors, doing mouse-poop/mousetrap patrols, maybe finding some art to hang on the walls in my assorted areas of storage. Would

The weekend? Hubby's working all weekend, no break...but maybe while he's out, I'll have the boy help me re-arrange the bedroom so it flows better while washing the sheets.

Back to "Kitchen Nightmares" - what an inspiration for a dinner menu! lol "Iron Chef," on the other hand, never leaves me wanting to copy a recipe...blech. Squid ink ice cream? Are you kidding me??

Play nice!

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Hi eric, congrats on retirement, you probably won't read this til saturday because of celibrating. maybe not even then if you finish that bottle of scotch. You'll love retirement after you get used to it. Wake up when you want. stuff like that . Every day is saturday. have fun. Alan

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Good Evening Everyone,

I type looking at the keyboard,then look at the screen,I had to laugh when I looked up at the word everyone,it was so rediculous.Anyway,weather today bit showery but has cleared up and it is a fine sunny evening.

What a day,wandered around the college at my leisure,dropping in on all my colleagues to say goodbye,well with over 200 staff it does take a bit of time,not claiming to know everyone really well,just seeing the ones I do.Enjoying all the kisses and cuddles and best wishes from the girls,and handshakes from the guys.Funny I always thought of this occassion for years,when it comes I would be an emotional wreck,but no,it was all in my stride and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.My HOD yes him,offered to take Bill and I out for lunch,think he is trying hard to make ammends for his treatment of me two years ago,well we agreed-life's too short,we had a very pleasant lunch.Back to college,3.30pm,quite formal departmental presentation,well not quite,seems people ignored my preferrence and turned up anyway,well my Buddy Bill described this person apparently me-in glowing terms,I promise you I did not bribe him and handed me over some gifts from my buddies,one was silver quaich -a gaelic word-a semi-circular,two handled drinking vessel,I was to leave it as it has yet to be inscribed,really beautiful object,with traditional Scottish engravings on it,I will photograph it later to let you all see it.my daughter arrived later,she was teaching until 4.30pm to join in the fun,plenty of eats,strawberry tarts and other cakes to be had.Well its over,just the competition tomorrow.One lecturer Stephen came over,to wish me all the best,asked me how long I had know him? before I could guess he said 31 years,he was in my class as a student when he was seventeen,and thanked me for the encouragement I had given him as a young person,that it was due to me he came into teaching,I smiled, didnt recall a single moment he was referring to,another anedote he shared with me,one day all these years ago when we actually used blackboards and chalk,his class got the duster and tapped all the chalk dust onto my chair,they waited with patience for me to sit down,apparently this took some time,I was talking to them walking about the classroom floor,then it happened Eric sat down on his chair not noticing the chalk,Stephen said the class was sweating over what my reaction would be when I stood up and spotted the chalk all over my bottom,well I was just waiting myself to hear what my reaction was from Stephen,since I didnt recall it,well he tells me I burst out laughing,I had thought it a brilliant joke to play,much to everyones relief.Stephen I have to add is a mountain climber of some repute,was doing three European mountain peaks this year,Mount Blanc,Eiger and Matterhorn and was dedicating the climbs to me,passing on his sponsor money to Lung Cancer Research,but has suffered a shoulder muscle injury recently and is unable to do the climb this year.

Hi Bud best wishes for your 200k event on Sunday,gosh its so easy to type 200k,what must it be like to cycle it?Whew!.

Hi Annette,I wish wayward could keep to the programme of his given responsibilites,its really not difficult,seems to lack an appreciation of the effect his behavior is having on those who love him and wish him the best.We have in Scotland, Army,Navy and Air Force Cadets organisations that young people of waywards age, attend,some of those kids are having problems growing up,and actually benefit from the tough training and adventures on offer .Worth a try?.I have two work buddies who are volunteers in these groups one is Navy the other Air Force and both agree troublesome kids often do well in their groups.

Annette I did think to pm you with this next bit then thought,no,I think I should share with all here,I got this great big heavy post today from Annette and Keith,must have cost an arm and a leg,but inside it was just crammed with interesting places to visit in Virginia-seven weeks vacation? its going to take seven weeks just to read the brochures-just as well I retired today.Annette I dont have any time restrictions really,want to be at Seattle for the LUNGevity charity walk/crawl in August,there are no hotel or train deadlines to meet,your patience with me will be a more accurate measure to follow,thank you so much for the effort you have put in for me,I promise to make you feel it was worthwhile,roll on July the third.Bye all enjoy the rest of the day.

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Hi,yes its me again,

Just had to get back,seems I was on the other line,when Allan and Becky sneaked one in past me.Well,Allen, thanks for your summation on the joys of retirement,just one thing, it wasnt just one bottle of Whyte and MacKays I received today,fancy coming over to Bonnie Scotland and sharing the emptying with me?.Now remember you are only just over one and a half inches on my map from Philly,so shake a leg and meet up with me when I arrive.

Hi Becky you are not kidding about hiding my liquid prezzies when I have a Sally sniffing around.Thud,seriously, that was Sally falling again on the bedroom floor(she is still-depite my best efforts visiting planet Pluto)I give in.

Kitchen Nightmares-do you get these? I just love them,Gordon Ramsey one of my favourite Glaswegians(another is me, LOL)I still enjoy watching the repeats,now for me that is something.Good night all-again-youll be hoping for the last time?.

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Congratulations, Eric, on your successful career. May you have a wonderful retirement. Hope you remain more retired than my hubby. He retired from the federal government and became a college department chair. When he retired from that, he remained as an adjunct professor teaching one course a year. Retirement has been soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. :roll:


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Hi all, it's 5:00AM, and I'm just getting in here.

Thinking my day with the funeral was not that fun. It was a beautiful send off for a beautiful friend.

I enjoyed all the posts today. Eric, you are so interesting!

Becky, we headed out tonight for a dinner at a restaurant that had outdoor seating. When we got there, it was 85 degrees, in a matter of an hour, it dropped 20 degrees! Wow. Big transition. Supposed to get to 60 today and 50 tomorrow. So much for Summer.

Quiet day today. Hubs has his radio show, and a remote with a beer tasting. I'm laying low. It's all okay.

MI Judy

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