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The results are in as of the first of May results. Sorry for the belated reports

The results are all the same, and the next set of scans are in July and if they are still good in July they are going to kick them out to every 6 months now that I have passed the 3 years since dx mark.

Now if the same could be said of my head and these durned ole migraines would go away I would be a happy camper and not ask for anything more.

Sorry I haven't been here in a while, but I catch most of you on face book and I am always available on FB and yahoo messenger and via e-mail.

Katie, sorry I did not get to meet up with you on the 12th of May, (I was recovering from a rather severe migraine and still am). Maybe we can schedule a get together at some later date, when you get a little down time.

After my scans in July, depending on how they go, I will probably add to the My Story another chapter, just to keep it fresh and updated.

Anyway, if any of you need an ear, cyber shoulder, or just want to chat, you know where to find me.

Love you all


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Hi Dawn,

Congratulations on 3 years since dx,will be 3 years also for me in Oct.Good scans results too,sorry about the headaches,hope they vacate soon as.

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