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Tuesday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its just gone 6.00am,trying out Becky’s advice and typing this in Word-copy and paste,fingers crossed I manage.

Went into Glasgow early yesterday,needed to buy a new pair of blue trousers,on the interview panel at 11.30am,wanted to look really smart,I also found a really nice jacket ,so I deposited the old trousers and jacket into the Slaters carrier bag and left the shop wearing the new,hope I have removed all the labels.

Arrived at Roy Castle’s on time-5 candidates on the short leet-each candidate gets a hour time slot.The first candidate is a Medical Doctor,been in practice all over the world,mainly third world serving the poor and disadvantaged,more interested in medicine than making money,real genuine person,my type of hero modest and unassuming,really wants to change the appalling rates of Lung Cancer in the UK and survival stats.On being introduced to us- the panel,he says what a pleasure it is to meet me,he had read all my stories in the Roy Castle newsletters and website,found them inspiring etc,what a guy,he is getting my vote straight off.Well this guy came over really well,think the others can go home,cannot imagine any of the other candidates matching his performance.Thoughts confirmed with the next two candidates,then No 4,this lady works in a hospice,forget her title,spends a lot of time managing and supporting loads of volunteers,lots of great ideas for fundraising,she even applied to the national lottery for support for the hospice,and been awarded funding for the next five years,she is passionate about the LC cause,its been in her family,she answers every question brilliantly,actually she is living the job thats vacant with Roy Castle,well the Doctor will have a steep learning curve,if offered the job,all the lady will need is just a change of desk,no decision taken another candidate to see on Thursday.

Flying?,everyone’s talking about it,whats going on,have I missed something?Becky what are you up to?,Paulette you flying to meet up with Becky?Like Bud I haven’t flown since 9/11 either,well not really surprised firearms and explosives are now a distinct no-no,with the security guys,but whats this about liquids in an open container?does this mean my little tranquilizer,a Whyte and Mackays in a paper cup is banned?.Body scans?,being frisked?KatieB-regarded as a Ninja Warrior?oh that Bin Laden has got a lot to answer for.I did take my daughter to Glasgow Airport a couple of years ago,for her flight to America,I remember being held at the check in desk and being verbally grilled for quite some time,before being allowed to fly.

Hi Annette,its one thing after another with your family,isn’t it,hope your Mum is recovering and gets back on her feet,saga with wayward continues,well one thing,your life isn’t boring.

Bud,well done on your 200k cycle ride,I am back to thinking about buying one again and a bike rack for my car,my work Buddy and neighbour Bill,is chasing me up on this issue,his voluntary severance takes effect from 24th June,wants me to share some cycling adventures with him,better get some practice in,since he is one fit guy.

JudyMI,like you I so enjoy watching the birds at my feeding station,only difference is of course,is the your species compared to mine,yours sound so exotic and colourful,never heard of a Rose Breasted grosbeak before-must Google that one,well my station is host to three North American gray squirrels,they have marginalised our native Scottish red squirrels into the countryside and are rarely see by me now.Birds that visit the station,chaffinches,robins,blue and great tits,hedge sparrows bigger birds also,doves and wood pigeons,also the aggressive magpies common about here.Did have a visit of a woodpecker one day,rushed to get my camera,but by the time I got back he was gone.

Well here goes,Becky’s instructions next to me,lets see ctrl and button A.....Thank you Becky it works whoopee do,no more lost posts.Enjoy your day everyone,byee.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 50 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 81.

You will be taking everything except your clothes off. Shoes off, belt, phone, wallet, carry on bags, computer out of the bag, no liquids, etc.

They'll want me to take my sandals off? What would I hide in there, a butcher knife between my toes?

I shouldn't have any problem getting everything in one carry on bag. What do I need besides shorts, t-shirts, and sandals?

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all - feel like I have been on a drinking binge and I slept almost 8 hours. It was absolutely pouring this morning so I dropped the kid at school and will have to leave work early to take him to counseling tonight (4p.m. - 7p.m.).

GOOD(ISH) NEWS - Judy (KW) called me this morning - as always it is good to hear her smiling voice. She wanted me to let everyone know that she will be on-line when she can wander down to the common room. That's right - she has being held hostage in the hospital again - they are gonna give her some of the red juice - which will of course make her smiling voice even better. Once she gets things settled down she will try and get down to the common room and check in on us.

I went to work after dropping him then turned around and went to the hospital for the 10a.m. 1/2 hour visit. Not much change her breathing rate was rather low I thought at 11, and her O2 was only 96. The LPN said that it still drops to the low 80s when they take this contraption off her face and use regular oxygen tubes. So they will let her rest and try again later I suppose.

Eric I'm not flying - I'm driving.....

I just thought of a great plan - I can take the kid to school on Friday (Keith can be there in the afternoon and take him to Amelia) then I can go meet some folks for dinner in DC....etc. then I can head back to Richmond Saturday afternoon - go and see my mom and go to Amelia for the Birthday party and come back into Richmond on Sunday and start the stuff all over again. Assuming my mom is still in the hospital - this is a great great plan. Now I am excited - I got to write up a "to do" list that actually covers most of the bases I need covering. My only worry is that there are 2 cats in my mom's house and 1 cat in my house. I better add some stuff to my list.

Anyway - I better hit the work for a bit - one eye open and brain in pause mode. Did anyone see that train that hit me?


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Eric, it sounds like the interviews were inspiring! What amazing folks. You included. Glad you figured out the Word, and Ctrl A, Ctrl C, and wholah! Post! Not lost! Brilliant.

Annette, that sounds like a plan! Pray for Mom's breathing to improve and well,.....the kid? I just pray. So nice that you connected with Judy. I wondered what the delay was. Glad to hear they are taking good care of her.

Well, it's sunny right now, but clouds are moving in. It's 57 out and getting into the high 40's and low 50's at night. Love this time of year because I don't need the heat or the A/C. The sun warms the house just fine, and if it gets a little warm, just crack a window open!

So happy to see a hummingbird yesterday! Truly a sign of Spring. They are my absolute favorite bird. Did you know I live on a private road and I got to name it? It's Blue Hummingbird Way. Very long to write out, but perfect for where we live.

Last night we gave Olive her first bath (other than the groomer every 5 weeks). We dried her off, and she was so cute! All wriggly and hyper. She ran about the house like a crazy puppy, wriggling, shaking, etc., and we sat there laughing and laughing, having a great time. Then she bounded up on the couch and bashed into my extra large diet coke, and the pop splashed everywhere, and cuteness was immediately replaced with big towels, unplugging lamps, moving furniture, and trying to clean up a huge mess! LOL! The stuff we do with our kids.

Ok, off to get some stuff done.

Judy in MI

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Judy - bathing the kids...cleaning up messes.

We have one Orange/White cat. But if you picked up all the hair he walks around leaving like pigpen I could probably make several cats. Poor Keith - He bathes and brushes Kashew (the cat). Vacuums and vacuums and vacuums - then he leaves me alone with the cat for one night and I let the cat sleep on the bed. Drives him bonkers. I'm off shortly to pick up the kid and drop him at counseling. Don't know what I'll do til 5 when I go visit my mom again - hmm - didn't I see a bookstore on the way to counseling.


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