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Long overdue update


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So today is 4 yrs since I got the call that they knew Kelly had lung cancer. She's my hero! :)

She's doing great. Last scan showed no activity in the lung again, but a little activity on a rib. When her Dr heard of a horrible spill she had taken at work, falling with her arm out and on the side where the activity was, with pain in that general area, he felt perfectly fine that she had broken it and recommended no change.

Now she's feeling the need for a Tarceva break but also a little worried about a nagging cough (though she had a nasty cold last month). So I'm trying to get her to go to the oncologist and give him all that info, to which I think he'll want to move the scan up from July to now, just to play it safe. Then, when that scan comes back just like all the others, he'll more than support her in a Tarceva holiday. Though I say regardless of the scan results, she's still amazing! But I'm being the optimist here, because there are plenty of reasons for the cough. Heck, if I get a cold, the cough will linger for months unless I go in with 21 days of prednisone. She seems to need to wrap her mind around changing the schedule of the scan and what that might mean. I can understand that, so I'm not pushing. Yet. I get that she needs to be ready to hear the news if it is bad, so I have to let her make the call. But doesn't mean I don't nudge. :) I don't want to hear bad news either, that's for sure. My signature below notes that at Christmas we buried our 26 yr old nephew, who was killed in a car accident. Feeling like I"m at my 'bad news' limit for now. Something I know all of you can totally relate to!

At any rate, I am definitely still believing that this tumor was flat out killed by the cyberknife.

On a side note, I got an email at work that the ASCO abstracts are on line now so figured, well that's as good a way to spend a lunchtime, right? So I put erlotinib in the search terms and it came back with 420 hits. :shock: I"m going to need a longer lunch break.

Just wanted to check in and always in hopes that Kelly's story can help inspire or bolster others just starting down the path.

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I agree she is absolutely a hero - what a long road some of us have to travel. If you get the scan moved up or if you keep it in July please keep us updated - Just to be safe I'm guessing everyone here will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

I am so sorry to hear about your nephew - so very young. Sometimes I think that we must have a pretty darn full basket to carry on our shoulders. A test of strength - so very hard to cope sometimes I understand. I'm sure you are as glad as I am to count on everyone here to keep you, your sister and families in our thoughts and prayers.


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