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hello everyone,

i introduced myself a number of months back, but didn't ever post much. i do lurk very frequently, though, and feel as though i know all of you from reading your posts.

now, however, i have a NEW reason to dedicate myself to this board. when i was growing up in springfield, illinois, i never had grandparents close by. what i WAS blessed to have, though, were adopted grandparents (grandma birdie and grandpa bob) who lived next door. they were (and continue to be) a constant support to my family, especially when my father had kidney transplant surgery in 1982.

i recently found out that my "grandfather" was diagnosed with lung cancer. he was diagnosed in late summer 2003, after a period of feeling "not right." i don't know what type or what stage, and i am trying to get that info without prying. i am assuming it is fairly late stage, as he is not a candidate for surgery. however, he is receiving chemotherapy. his wife, my grandma, said that the side effects are fairly severe. i saw him last week, though, and he is still mobile and able to eat a LOT! :) so i am assuming that these are all good signs.

they don't have a computer, but are talking about getting one. i plan to refer his wife to this site, as i know she will be able to get invaluable support and information. he's not much of a "talker," and never has been much for new-fangled technology :) , so i'm not sure he'd be up for it. but please know that i will pass you all along as a valuable resource.

i will update as i have more information. know that all survivors and caregivers are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hi Katie,

Glad to see you back. Just wanted to tell you that your "grandfather's" cancer may not be to severe for just because they can't operate doesn't mean no hope or stage 4. It normally means that because of where it is located they cannot take it out. It might be near the heart or the middle of the chest. Just be there for them during these times and they will forever be grateful.....

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Hi Katie,

Sorry your Grandpa is ill. The fact that he is eating and is able to get around well is a plus. As Norme said there are many reasons one cannot have surgery, so don't think of that as a negative. I will add you and your Grandparents to my prayer list. Keep the faith and remember, we are all "Survivors" and this disease is beatable. Wishing your Grandpa continued strength and health...

God Bless


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