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Survivors meeting in D.C. May 20-21, 2010

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WOO-hoo! welcome to Hope Summit 2011


Jyoung20, Katieb, Jan G




Survivors and KatieB and Andrea Ferris, president of LUNGevity


Katieb & Cindy (Chloesmom)


Bud (uneasyrider1) and Katieb


Bud (Uneasyrider1), KatieB, Joppette (I am NOT that short, I was sitting on my knees for the picture since there was no chair! LOL


Robbie / Bud (Uneasyrider1) / Paulette / Heather


TS and Joppette


Alisa and KatieB


Jerrold Dash and Jyoung20


TS and Joppette


KatieB and TS


KatieB and Heather (she is 25 and a lung cancer survivor)



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Thanks for posting this Katie! Loved looking at the pictures and remembering the great meeting, exchange of ideas, and stories.

After this, all I can say is that every single person that has had lung cancer is my hero. The stories were amazing and humbled me to the core.


Judy back in MI!!!!!

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Hi KatieB,

Thanks for the pics here and facebook and attaching who is who,seems everyone had a good time and a productive one using the thinktank approach to identify current and future priorities for LC survivors.Thanks to all contributors,on our behalf.

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thanks for the great pictures. It's good to see you guys doing good work. (and partying at the bar) must have been alot of fun to get together like that. My sister lives in DC. I'm only 100 miles away. I spent today having a bronchoscopy..They biopsied a couple of nodes. Won't know for a little while. My throat and mouth have never been this parched.I also found out that they now plant the little radiation seeds right in lung tumors. Similar to the prostate treatment. Hmmmm. Thanks also to Judy for the info on "introduce yourself". I'll try to get better at this and include my picture too. I don't want to be a stranger.Plus , go phillies. Heather, you look great in the colors. so young, what an inspiration you are. Alan

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