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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Came in here forty-five minutes ago and just got caught up catching up. Was also looking for Stephanie's post and finally found her cryptic message. What the hay Steph, you'd better check in today. Your week is up lol.

Got home yesterday but Stan rolled out of PSL before I could even get on. When we got home we were busy unloading (Stan) and getting me set up so I could move around with the oxygen. In case you missed it, no portable, just big tanks and a home unit. You'd laugh if you saw our house with a huge extension cord and comical lengths of oxygen tubing. I do not do well being tethered.

I've enjoyed reading about all the activities of the past week and will try to keep up now. Lots of things to do but have to take it slow. Best bet on the breathing problem now is side-effect of pneumonia. Even tho the xray when I went in the hospital was clear, at least two pulmonologists are guessing pneumonia. I had symptoms that suggest they are right. Here's hoping. One said I should be off oxygen in a month--say what!!!??!! OMG

Want a funny? I just read the age range at the DC event. I wasn't even eligible LOL. I'd like to think Katie would have given me a dispensation for my 67 yrs.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW at last

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Good morning Judy and everyone else. Judy I hope that you will be off of the oxygen even sooner. I remember having that tubing running all through the house. Johnny would take it and flip it aside while walking. I can still picture him doing that. Hope those doctors were right and you can get on with your recovery. Take care and rest.

Bud you little dog is a cutie. They get so spoiled. My granddaughter's little dog thinks he is human and doesn't like dogs. He is actually afraid of them :lol:

Well I guess I will get busy and try to go for a walk and do a little of my fitness class today. Sciatica is still bothering me but I need to walk, if I let this stop me it will take me forever to get started again. I really feel better after I walk if my leg and foot would just not hurt so much and my foot go numb.

I really enjoyed our neighbors from Little Country Church yesterday. They really provided us all a very nice day.I have gone there a few times but often don't feel what I expect from a church. It is called Little Country Church but there is nothing little about it. There is room for over 500 people and they have 3 services on Sunday and one on Wednesday night. I guess I just got spoiled to our church in French Gulch when I lived there. There were only about 15 of us who went every week. It was like family and very personal. Nothing like that sense I moved down here to Redding.

Well got to go. Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 75 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 92. We still have a chance of storms today, then the rain is supposed to be over for a while.

KW Judy, I think Stephanie spent the week in DC, ahead of the survivor event. I'm not sure if she's home yet or not. There weren't any age requirements for the event. We just didn't end up with any really old far...........err, I mean, elderly survivors.

Lillian, yes, little dogs do have a tendency to get spoiled, and Pixie is no exception. I told Rose we should have named her Polly, the way she likes to sit on my shoulder like a parrot.

Katie, I think Pixie would really look cute in a LUNGevity t-shirt. We should probably take her to this year's walk.

It's too quiet in here. Where is everyone? It's really time we had some new posters in the Air to keep us regulars in line. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning everyone! Judy - it's good to come here and see you opening the air. I hope you're able to get off the oxygen sooner than the doctors expect. I wish you could have been in DC - I would have loved to meet you - and then I wouldn't have been the oldest there (yep - I'm 64 - how did that happen?) Lily - I'm like you. I much prefer a smaller church than the big ones. Katie - how are you this morning? And how did your meeting go last night? Did you end up having to eat that cheesecake by yourself? Bud - Pixie is so cute! She would look good in any t-shirt! lol

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.


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Hey, the facts re the DC age requirement was informative but not necessary. It was a joke folks! I know Katie would never bar anyone for any reason let alone age.

Lily, hope your walk goes well. I've had sciatica and it is no joke.

Bud the dog is so cute and the Lungevity tee shirt is a great idea. Bet you could order one online.

Paulette, I am definitely making DC next year a goal. If I threaten to fly, Stan will probably even take me in the coach.

Katie, I cannot imagine that you had to eat cheesecake alone. What kind of people came to the meeting or was that the problem. The veggie tray today is great.

Judy in KW

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Gorgeous - warm - beautiful - that's outside.

Inside, well - it is a four letter words.....work, kid and mom. (Stop counting some bad words only have three letters in them this week.)

They moved her out of ICU - yeah - I am just so very down that I can't think of a darn thing to say that would not involve a pity party today.

Judy - I don't see those tubes laying around for long - now that you have gotten to home grounds - you will get your groove back on. (I think that had you been in DC no one would have known you were the oldest more like the life of the party. I so wish I could have gone - now that mom is doing better I'm regretting not sticking to my guns and going.

I saw the picture of Bud and the dog - adorable. We animal people are something else. My cat even though it drives me crazy will still drape himself over my shoulder (truthfully I think it's so the cat hairs get on the front and back of my shirt).

Well - that's it - I just smiled I better get off here before I ruin my day with good thoughts -


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Okay, I'm doing it! Never posted here, so first time for everything, right??!! Judy, glad to hear you are back at home, that always make life a lot easier. I just returned from the hospital last week after having surgery, I was only there 4 days this time, but still could not wait to get back to my own bed!

It is dark and cloudy here in Kansas, waiting for the storms to hit. We had hail damage from storms and tornadoes on Saturday, may end up with a new roof from it though. I am leaving to start my new chemo treatment here in about an hour. I can't say I am excited about it, but am ready to get it started in hopes that it will kick this cancer right in the teeth and get me to feeling better soon.

Hope everyone has a great day!


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Annette, glad your mother is better. Don't feel bad about the weekend. It was a no-win situation for you. If you had gone and your mother got worse, you would feel even lousier right now.

We love your humor on your cheery days, but still want to hear from you in the Air on your tough days, too. I'm sending long distance hugs.

Sara, welcome to the Air! I'm in north Texas and the weather radar I watch only shows as far north as south Kansas, but I have indeed seen lots of storms there lately. Sorry to hear about your storm damage. At least we're not having anything like Joplin, MO. It's hard to believe how bad this year's storms have been. We had a fierce thunderstorm here at noon yesterday, with lots of hail, but not a drop of rain fell at my house, just 12 miles to the south.

Good luck with your chemo. I hope you have great success with it.

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Hi Ya'll!

Judy, I think you'll be kicking that oxygen tank right out of the house right soon! I'm curious why they have you tethered. You'd think they'd give you a smaller one to carry around. That must feel strange. But you have a good attitude and I'm proud of you for that. It has to have been very tough to go through all that you have in the last few months.

Sara, welcome to the Air! We have a newbie! Yeah! We love new folks who become regular attendees in the Air. I read your signature again, and what a tough time you've had with all of this. I hope the chemo kicks C's butt! I had the carbo/taxol cocktail too!

I think it's cloudy and stormy everywhere these days! Yesterday we got occasional glimpses of the sun, but the wind! The trees were bending and groaning under 60 MPH winds! Today it's warm, 72ish. But more storms coming again.

Kinda like life huh?

Bud, Pixie is so adorable! You big old softie. I can just see you sitting there with her on your shoulder. Your Avatar picture makes you look like this fit and tough dude. But we know you now, and you love to talk and are just such a nice guy!

Katie, does eating the cheesecake alone mean that no one came to the meeting? That makes me feel sad for you. You work so hard and relentlessly, and I don't like thinking of people disappointing you. God bless you, your heart is bigger than the state of Texas!!!!!

Bud, the picture of the dog made Annette smile! Yeah! Annette, I agree with Bud. We love your humor, but we love you more. When you have bad days we want to share in that to try to encourage you. You are earning jewels in your crown with every act of kindness (that is not being returned) that you do for Mom and Neph.

Paulette, good to see you here! Hope your Tuesday is going great too!

As for Stephanie? I know she came down with Michael, and perhaps they stayed on for an extended vacation. I hope so! Washington DC is such an amazing place to explore.

Does anyone here order online from Drs Foster & Smith for their pets? Had such a frustrating time with them today. I went on line to order Heartgard pills. It wouldn't take my password, so I request a new one, and they sent it to an old email I haven't had for years. I tried to place the order on line without signing in, but when I gave it the email address, it wouldn't take the order because it said I had an account with them, and to log in before placing the order.

So..........................After 45 minutes of frustration trying to get that to work, I call their 800#. I tell them the problem. They tell me I have an account with them, and that they will email me a new password. Instead I get an email telling me that I don't have an account with them and to go online and register as a new guest.

So..............................I try to do that. It says that I already have an account with them, and to just log in.

So............................I call the 800# again, and explain, and they tell me they don't understand, maybe clear my cookies and history and try again.

I do. It says that I already have an account with them.


I hit reply to the customer service email and explained all of this again, and said that I enjoyed doing business with them, but if they could not solve this problem, they will lose me as a customer. sigh

Judy in MI

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We arrived home, just a little late, last night. Made for a long day. DC was such a nice change of scenery and I got to meet some of my LUNGevity pals, and fearless leaders. And hope that we did some good for next year's Summit.

After our day of discussion, I retired to my room until 8 pm, crawled out for dinner, and called it a night at 9:30. Good thing I did not try to go to the concert!

Still in my pj's and it is 1 p.m. here in the other Washington. Cats appear to have forgiven our absence.

As Katie said, Sara, we will be thinking of you as you start chemo. May it do its duty and leave the rest of you alone.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Weather blustery and changable all day,that was some storm yesterday,we had one building in Airdrie town centre had its entire roof blown off,the building is left unstable so the roads around it are still cordoned off,thought we were having things rough until I seen the devestation the Tornado that struck an American town, cannot remember its name,I feel so bad for the people whose homes have been totally wrecked.There is always someone worse off than yourself,no matter how bad things are in your life.

Wont mention my Am activities,I know how I would have felt, up to my neck at work and some smarty boasting about,gyms,swimming pools,steam rooms and saunas,despite the fact its really hard work, you know.Ahem where was I?,my retirement night out is on Thursday at Cafe Source in St Andrews Square in Glasgow,you are all invited,starts 7.30pm.Went into meet with the proprietor to discuss arrangements,traditional for the retiree to set some bottles of wine on each table and pay for the first round of drinks.My Buddy Bill is retiring on the 24th of June,so thats another night out.Good my post is still here,one hour break there folks,Bill and his wife May, just dropped by,he wanted to discuss my speech on Thursday,we have to collaborate,since we share in common so many little anecdotes,we dont want to cross lines.

My 300mm telephoto lens arrived by post today,really pleased with it,my last bit of hardware to get for my hols is a notepad?,Jennifer thinks my laptop is better left at home and buy something more portable? best leave it to her and Chris to sort out.

Hi Sara,welcome,hope the storms and the tornados leave your roof alone.my thoughts are with you for your chemo,may you derive maximum benefits with the minimum of discomfort.

Hi Bud,Thanks for the Jerrold Dash links,what a remarkable story and man,what a fighter,dosnt take to fools gladly either,these are the guys that can improve the support that LC survivors need,when tackling indifferent medical professionals and services.Be nice to see a pic of you and Pixie sporting matching T shirts.

Hi JudyKW,So glad you have arrived home at last,seems like your house is now looking like a TV set of some hospital drama,hopefully this will all be gone soon.Good news that your X-ray showed clear.Like you I must try to get to WDC next May,I would love to meet up with you.

Goodnight All.

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