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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Stan's outside cooling down from his walk on the porch. Think it may be a little warm for that but if I hadn't just settled in my chair, I would have joined him. But then I couldn't be here lol.

Welcome Sara. Good luck with that chemo. Just remember to drink plenty of water and rest when you get home. The anti-nausea meds are pretty good now but I find hearty bread toasted to be a good back-up remedy.

Napped for an hour yesterday, went to bed at 8:30 pm, up at almost 7 am. I'm not complaining. I'm glad. I do believe sleep is the best medicine. I'm just sad I was really nauseas last evening when someone stopped by. It was the male half of a couple who lives nearby that I've been wanting to get to know for ages. Stan talked to him on the porch and I saw a missed opportunity. Guess he didn't want to invite him in with his wife on the couch looking like Medusa with tubes running through the house. Also, my friend Sally called and I didn't really feel up to talking much. Sigh, I could really use company.

Want you all to know I've been coming in and reading all the posts on the Air since I was on. Even if I'm not responding to each of you, know I love you and am following your days. So glad to see a new arrival. Welcome Sara. I will get back to other forums and offering support when I am better but for now I just need the comfort of the Air. Only thing that feels normal. Can't wait til my Dr apptmt tomorrow. I love my PCP and he usually makes me feel better. Here's hoping.

Have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy,

Just dropped by,see whats on.Just home from Westerwood Hotel in Cumbernauld,did 4 miles on the treadmill,bit mindnumbing and boring,but today I plugged the headphones from my MP3 player (Jennifer got it for my birthday,still empty-dont know how to load music into it,I am such a techno-dummy)into the TV monitor attached to the treadmill,just slightly less boring than nothing Sky News and President Obama meeting David Camerron for talks,no big deal for five minutes viewing but 2 hours-ahhhh,I told you the gyming stuff is hard work,swam 20 lengths(intermittently)jacuzzi? showered/changed,some shopping in from Sally's list-(she is still currently suspended without pay).

I am really enjoying this retirement lark,did I tell you I have booked up for a four day folk festival on the 9th-12th of June,on the Isle of Arran,bought a four day festival pass,hotel booked and ferry accross to the Isle.Big mistake Judy,Irenes son Craig is marrying Lorna on the 11th of June (Mia's Mum and Dad)I just plumb forgot-I wasnt invited to the wedding just the reception on the evening,there will be so many people there I wouldnt be missed,what do you think,unfortunately Irene dosnt quite see it like that,and has gone in the huff with me.Beam me up Scottie.

2.25pm just now I have an eye appointment at 3.00pm,last one I was supposed to get drops in my eyes,but I had brought my car,so I excaped the ordeal,not so lucky this time,they have warned me not to pull that stunt again,so I have booked a taxi,Sally dosnt drive.Its so lond since I have had drops in my eyes I cannot remember how long it takes for the effects to wear off to allow me to read again.

I will have to go now,I will drop by later,enjoy the rest of your day.Bye.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 92.

We had lots of storms around yesterday evening. The storm sirens sounded in Crowley, but everything missed us to the north. It sounds like Oklahoma and Kansas got it worse than us. Did this round of storms miss you, Sara?

Eric, before I bought a bicycle, I bought a stationary bike. I really had a hard time putting in much time on it. Even in front of a tv, it was seriously boring to me.

Stephanie, glad you made it home ok. KW Judy, good luck with your doctor appointment tomorrow. Paulette, you probably kept me from being the oldest in DC.......LOL. But hey, considering the threat we've faced, I think we should brag about our age rather than be bothered by it.

Have a great day, all!

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A quick good morning - beautiful day - at least it was when I raced into work. I think if I could sit outside for a while and soak up some sun I'd get this cloud off my head. The kid and I might as well move into a boxing ring we are fighting so much. I have taken him to the hospital for the last two days and just walked him to my mothers room and said see you in 30 minutes. I am tired of her incessant nit-picking on me. The kid is yelling and screaming and hitting my walls and well no use going into all that crappie. I know it will be a while before my mom comes home because they are moving her up to a rehab room when one opens. I am over taking care of a 15 year old by myself. Yes, by myself - and I don't know if that's gonna work out either.

On a brighter note - my grandson lives in a tree house now. Wait a minute I meant a tree lives in my grandson's house now. Yesterdays' storms knocked a tree down into the kids house - thank goodness they rent and will be closing on their first house in a matter of days.

I guess I better get back to work - although I was up all night with a horrible stomach ache. I think I may have done it to myself - I'm pretty sure the only thing I had to eat yesterday was some dove chocolate. It sure was great going down - then it started swirling around and that was just not fun.

I want to be Eric - off on adventures - I think he may have to take a vacation from his retirement at the rate he is going. I hope i can keep up with him long enough to show him some good sights when he gets to the states.

Did everyone get a chance to read Judy's (MI) post about F.E.A.R. wow you should - I think I may print it out and keep it with me around .. well that time of the 1/4 year, 1/2 year, etc.

How many of you have a long weekend? I may just have to have me a drink out by the pool!

I know, I know - get busy,


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I'd love to have a drink by our pool - except we opened it yesterday to find that the liner ripped over winter so now we have to have that replaced - to the tune of $2400. Yikes!!! I think it may be a few weeks before the pool will be swimable (is that a word?).

I hope all of you stay safe in all these storms that are all over the US, especially in the midwest. Here - right now - it's just plain HOT.

Annette - I don't envy you with the nephew. And on top of that your mom is still in the hospital and will be there for a while it sounds like. I did read Judy's F.E.A.R. It was so powerful and really makes you think.

Giving a shout out to JudyKW, Bud, Eric, KatieB, Sara, Lilly - sorry if I missed anyone - I have CRS!!


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Hey folks

Another sunny day here in northern Canada. Could really use some rain for the forest fires and the crops.

Good luck with your appointment Judy.

Eric I don't see you getting bored in retirement. LOL

Bud you are such an active person I can understand you getting bored on a stationary bike.

It was a long weekend here in Canada Annette and I already had commitments made which is why I couldn't go to D.C. The May long weekend is like the unofficial beginning of summer here. Most people go fishing, camping, etc.

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Hello everyone. I am glad to see that all of you are safe. I hate to see all of the destruction and loss that is taking place across our country. Praying that all are safe and for those who have lost so much.

I had planned to come and give myself a pity party but then I turned on the tv and realized how lucky I am. As most of you know I had to put out $120 to get back on line. Well yesterday I went for the smog test so I can get the license for my car and it failed. With the cost to just find out what the problem is and the license it is beyond my means. That is without even fixing whatever is wrong. On SS only $100 is like thousands.

Two years ago I was going shopping and not worried about how much I would spend for the first time after I retired. On the way home my brakes went out. It took me months to save to get it repaired and back on the road. Then of coarse my yearly trip to be with my family. I was going to get my first clear check in July last year after that. Well in June my dentures broke! June is when I will be caught up this year, last payment on dentures, that is until my internet modem died and now this with my car. Anyone see a pattern :?:

So I have decided to lay my car up again for a few months and during that time of riding the bus and walking decide if it is worth keeping my car at all. I don't drive it that often other than to the grocery and there are two within walking distance at least when it is not 104 or 110 degrees or more! One thing is that a lot of the jobs I do for my neighbors will have to go to someone else. I hate that is some ways but in others I am ready to spend more time on me. Sounds selfish I know but I have a lot of things I want to do. Maybe someone is trying to tell me it is my time now.

Bud I do admire you for keeping up with the rides. I do understand what you mean about that stationary bike too. I have done that for a while but did not like it, Very boring and they keep it too hot where it is. Same for walking in the mall. I hate that because there is nothing really to see and I want to be outside. I love to walk out in nature. Not too sure what I will do when the heat hits. Might just ride the bus to some stores and walk in them or go out at night with some other people.

Annette I am so sorry that you have so much to keep you stressed out. That kid sounds to me like he needs someone to take him out behind the barn with a good stiff switch :!: Not sure that stress will be good for your mom at all when she gets home. I know you can't use the switch any more and he knows that too. That is why he acts like a little &&&. Good luck with him. I think I would be in jail in no time if I had to deal with that.

Eric you my friend amaze me. I can't imagine all of the traveling you do but I feel that keeping active keeps us going. Enjoy your retirement. I am mine even if things don't always go right financially.

Judy Key West hope you get past all that sickness soon. I hate to see you have to go through that again. You and so many more will be in my prayers.

Bruce good to see you back here. We too are having cool but pleasant temperatures for this time of year. Paulette a pool sounds good when it gets hot even if I don't swim. Katie hope your birthday is going better than it was earlier and of coarse Judy MI always good to hear from you. I hope that I have not missed anyone.

Well I am off of here and as I watch the weather channel I am thankful that all I have to worry about is a car that needs work. Pray for all of you to be safe and well.

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Good afternoon friends! Thanks for the comments on the FEAR article. It is easy to forget that some of us are moderators here, and that we need to find things to write about that will interest others, especially those new to this site. I talked to Katie about in WDC, and she said she often goes to Google to get ideas. That is what I did, and found this great blog on scanxiety. What I wrote are my words, but I got the idea there.

I got up and just started cleaning. I was working so hard that Randy felt bad sitting in his office - not pitching in. He saw me running around, sweating and working, and he finally asked if I needed help. Yeah! He helped finish the hard stuff, and I finished the detail stuff and now it's all done! Yeah. Good productive Wednesday.

I hear you about the storms. We had one after another. Not like Oklaholma, or Missouri, but pretty intense! Thankful we have not lost power or trees yet.

Katie, that is so awesome about your son! He will be so psyched the day he gets to ride around with a police man! That's great. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY.

Bruce, nice to see you back. Wished we could have met in WDC. We too have the long weekend, not that it means that much to my unemployed husband! We do have a graduation and wedding, and tonight he is going to the grooms bach party. So there's lots going on.

Paulette, don't you hate it when the unexpected happens. That's an expensive liner! If the weather does not start warming up that pool may not be ready until September!

Annette, you are so busy, I don't want to take your time on the phone. But I'd love to talk to you about your nephew situation. There has got to be a solution other than him driving you nuts!

Hi Bud!

Eric, you are having just WAY too much fun! Good for you. You deserve it.

Judy, just praying for healing for you. Praying that you get freed from the tether, and feel good enough to get outside and enjoy friends and family!

That's it!

Judy in MI

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Haven't posted for forever, feeling mighty guilty. But then again isn't an Irish Catholic Mother supposed to feel guilty all the time.

Judy, the FEAR post was awesome. With your permission I would like to print it out to give to my friends with lc that do not come here.

Southern Judy, I hope you get untangled ASAP, that can not be fun and must be very constricting and frustrating.

Annette, Annette, Annette, what can I say. Is there no one else that you can off load the nephew from hell with for a couple of days a week. Hope your Mother's rehab is swift and successful.

Me, it is just golf, golf and more golf. My tee time tomorrow is 11:15 and the temp is supposed to be 86, so I will be sweating with the oldies by the second hole. Going out to dinner with one of my lc buddies on Friday night, actually it is with my goosepooper group of which she is a member. The name comes from a short, executive course we play early on Sunday mornings which used to be covered with Canadian geese (who should be considered illegal aliens) and the appropriate stuff that geese leave behind (haha behind). We adopted the name and then also said that not only did it help our golf game but our dancing with all the crazy stepping we had to do.

I am off to have dinner with my step-daughter. We have really reconnected lately and I am loving it.

I do read everyday and feel very connected to you all.

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Oh my gosh! Ginny, have your ears been burning? We've all been fretting about you, you know how us lc survivors are! I remembered your last post was in March, and you had a good scan, so was hoping your long absence was due to you having just way too much fun golfing. Glad to hear it is!!!!

Of course you may use what I wrote. Share away!

Judy in MI

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Judy in MI - I think you are confusing Ginny with Libby. We need a program to keep everyone straight.

Ginny - no storms interrupting you golf games?

Katie - what's wrong with a gardening program? Make flowers not fights! Hopefully he will see the police as peace officers.

Judy in KW - sounds like you need us to all come have a stupid tv night with you. What's on this evening? Top Chef Masters! I was just at Trader Joe's and bought crunchy snacks for M, and sweet ones for me, so I have plenty to share.

Lily - I know the feeling - the microwave door latch is broken and the big element on the stove doesn't work right. Time for the car tabs, but I need to get an emissions inspection first. Health insurance increases start in July. Little things are adding up around here and I am feeling paralyzed by what to spend money on first. Repairs seem to cost as much as replacement.

Bruce - could you take a couple of days of our rain? This is festival weekend and the forecast is not so sunny.

Paulette - your own pool?

Annette - just a hug for you - you've got the sharp end of a stick right now.

Bud - thanks - really glad we weren't leaving out of Baltimore - looks like some folks had quite the delay getting home (not from our group.)

Eric - get everything tuned before your trip - you'll want to avoid the healthcare system here if you can!

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Good Evening All,

On my way to bed,couldnt resist a wee peek at what you have all being get up to today.Had my eye test today,optician pleased,no change from last year,keep taking the pills,see you next year.

Hi Bud,Static bike boredom? yeah I know,with the weather outside just now,I am kinda stuck for choice, so gym it is.Mind you, I saw the on the news the weather some parts of the States,Joplin for example,we really have nothing to complain about here.

Hi Annette,Thank you for the treehouse,I just about choked reading this and drinking at the same time,remind me not to do that again.Still reading through your literature of the highlights of Virginia and Richmond,gosh how do you whittle this down when I want to visit EVERYTHING ?.

Hi Paulette,You have just confirmed to me the reasons for not having a swimming pool,weather?,lack of space? no- at $2400 for maintenance-think I will just stick to paying to visit one.

Hi Bruce,Always good to hear from you,hows the calves doing?,Gosh didnt take you long to move from sub-zero temps to forest fires with the heat LOL.

Hi KatieB,Please pass on to your son,I am so jealous of him getting to team up with the Police dept,and actually a getting a ride in a patrol car,he will also be the envy of all his friends and school buddies.

Hi Lily, You are so right-count your blessings,there are always others worse off than yourself.Sorry to hear you are laying up the car for a while,hope the impact on your mobility is minor.Are the public transport systems good in your area?I have heard this is not well developed in the States as in the UK,since everyone prefers to use cars to get about.Our whole Nation is trying to get people out of their cars to reduce road congestion and make better use of the available public buses and trains,has a knock on effect in being more environmentally friendly.All our railway stations have park and ride deals to encouage us not to take our cars into the cities.

Hi JudyMI, Thanks for your Scanxiety feature,so well written and informative,I did enjoy reading it.Well done with the teamwork,many hands make light work.Sorry about Randy's quite spell from working at this moment in time,does the Grillinguys not keep him busy?.Love to chat with him,can you not encourage him if he is at a loose end to come on-line here? I am sure we would all enjoy his company.

Hi Ginny,glad to see you dropping by,love the name of your golfing buddies group-goosepoopers,has a certain charm,to be sure.I have a new home since I retired last week,the Westerwood,it has its own private golf course,absolutely beautiful,I can play it off-peak (office hours Mon-Fri) for £15.Weather here its really not playable,what a poor May we are having,hopefully wont be long until I retreive the clubs from the garage,and wipe off the cobwebs,think its about three years since I have played,no excuses now.

Well its now tomorrow,must go, Gym by 9.00am.Goodnight All.

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Yikes - I am glad I live in an apartment - they have to maintain the pool and it is always clean. That's a costly liner.

Bruce - haven't seen you around for a bit - hope all the calves are okay - did Judy ever get the pictures posted? I think I need to take lessons to post some pictures. This weekend is going to be in the 90's and next Thursday the high will be 97 - and I wanted winter over - okay - that period of time where you can open the windows and air things out was about a day long.

Katie - that is so great for your son - my new favorite reality show is Police Women of Broward County (I think that's in Florida). I would like to serve on a jury too and have never gotten called up - I would guess that I am too "black and white" for the defense - I pretty much think wrong is wrong. I guess I could also say that my nephew has ridden in a police car too - of course the music "Bad Boys Bad Boys" was playing in the background. (I made a funny - at last I am smiling about something.)

Lillian - I was almost in tears reading your "history" - after all your hard charity work you think someone would give you a break for a second.

Judy - your offer to talk touched me so very much. I am hoping we have a restful weekend. I intend to loosen up just a little bit and hopefully give us both a break. I think I may try and take him to a movie and let his little girlfriend come over for 4 minutes with the understanding that I can see all four feet on the floor at all times. (Teenagers).

Stephanie - a stupid TV night with Judy in KW sounds perfect - I really enjoy stupid TV - lots and lots of it - but I'm thinking we have to put a limit on us -we would have to be careful because of all the laughing and fun we would have - of course they do say that laughter is the best medicine - so this is a great idea!

Eric - I was hoping you could whittle the list down a little - there are a lot of things that really look like and could be fun. We can always pick a couple of things that really interest you and then play it by ear because if you plan too much things just take longer than you thought they would and I don't want you to wind up disappointed we missed something you really wanted to do.

I guess I was would a little tight earlier. The kids in-home counselor came by at 5:30. He called me at 5:00 and I said - you said 5:30 you better not be there (we were at the hospital). He said no I was just checking on you. Then I locked myself in my room while they talked (supposed to be working - and you see where I am right). They called me out there and I let go again - telling the guy that I thought he was fleecing the Medicaid system because they "require" 3 hours and he's only been here 1 hour. I might have said more but I'm blocking it - then we started laughing about something - I felt better - I can just hope that the guy doesn't report my "rant" to the DSS - it's all about the system as far as they go.

I'm still ranting aren't I - - - sorry about that my fingers got carried away - and they did not want to work on the work I brought home.

I think I may go play a game - haven't been on facebook in a couple of days.


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