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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 58 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83.

It will indeed be a long weekend for me. Rose is working Monday, though, so it will probably just be fishing or riding for me on that day. She has five in-home patients now. She's going to have to stop cutting hair soon, I think.

Sorry about your pool expense, Paulette. Maybe I'll gripe about my HOA dues a little less now; they do pay for our community pool.

I'll bet your son will love doing that ride-along, Katie. I would have been thrilled to do it at that age.

Sorry to hear about all your unexpected expenses, Lillian. I will start to get used to living on less in July, when I begin contributing the maximum allowed to my 401K for the rest of my working days. Riding the bike will help. I put a lot fewer miles on my truck these days, and stop at fewer stores. But I still have spending habits that will need to shrink before I retire.

Bruce and Ginny, good to see you both in the Air. How many days a week do you golf, Ginny?

Annette, it's supposed to get hot here soon, too. I'll enjoy 58 degree mornings like this morning while I can.

Good luck at the doctor's office, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Sorry I didn't get in earlier. I slept in til 7:30 and then Stan needed me in the office. We talked about temp help the last time I was hospitalized but I'm not there yet. Income is decreasing anyway since Stan's plan to have his partner do more and more on his own is coming to be.

Bud, that shrinking expenses to go into retirement is the real reason Stan is still active in the business at age 70. I'd have little problem with it myself but he always seems to find stuff he needs to buy lol.

Have to get some rest now before I have to get ready for my dr's appointment. Have a good day all.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just passing,actually sat down at my desk to write my retirement speech for tonight,its gone 4.10pm,typical for me, everything at the last minute,I have managed to write the first line,I really have had two weeks to write this and I kept putting it off,just cannot settle myself to write it for some reason?.Must leave the house by 6.15pm, meeting Bill at the train station.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,Bye.

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Would have sworn I wrote something in the air - hmm - I may need a vacation.

It is a gorgeous day - if you like it in the 90s. (For the most part I do - except for it being too hot.)

Judy - I hope everything goes right at the doctor's appointment - and I am wishing you and everyone here a nice relaxing and/or fun filled long weekend. I am thinking about dragging the kid to the Pirates movie in 3D - expensive but a treat is a treat.

Eric - I hope you managed to get a few things down on paper before you had to leave for your party. Based on some of your stories I am betting that you are pretty good "off the cuff" so having it written down is just a piece of paper to hold on to.

I am having a very full day of work - then I get to take the kid to his counseling session. Then we will go and visit my mom at the Rehabilitation Facility - yep - she called and the doctor okayed the trip. I have no clue how long she will have to stay there - I hope long enough for them to find all her marbles since I think some are either missing or a little loose. (I made a funny!)

My daughter got a tree in her house during the storms yesterday and she texted me this morning and said she now has a tree in her house and stone in her kidney. I swear that kid must put calcium straight in her veins - she has got to find out what is causing these stones. (I could tell you a funny story about her 4th anniversary and winding up in the ER with a ruptured cyst they had been watching on her ovary but they may have a copyright on it at the ER because everyone was very entertained by her antics on pain medication - I will say that this was the first anniversary they had actually "been" together - he has been overseas somewhere in the military for the other three.)

Oh well - off to work again for me.

I'll check back in later.


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Good morning all! It's 81 here, expected to reach 92. I think North Carolina skipped spring. Katie - I know your son will really enjoy riding with the policeman. And he'll then have bragging rights too! JudyKW - hope your doctor appointment goes well. Bud - I'm so glad you're back to exercising for us.

Hubby has just about decided to install the pool liner ourselves (with help from the grandsons). It would save us about $1200 but it scares me to death because if "we" screw up badly we're screwed! lol Right now we're trying to measure the pool. It sounds easy but it's not, especially when it's over half full of water. You have to measure every slope and the square part in the deep end, etc etc. What fun! NOT!!

I hope everyone is have way more fun than I'm having today. :D


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Rain...rain....rain....rain.....55 degrees, windy, messy..........

No complaints, for just when I do, it will get sunny and hot and then I'll be gripping about that! LOL

There are two birds nests tucked into safe little corners on the outside of my house. One is some kind of finch, with four teeny tiny little ones that are now mature enough to snap insects out of the air. Momma still comes and feeds them but I think they are almost ready to take flight and claim their own lives. The other nest is Robins. From what I can tell, there are 3 hungry little beaks poking out of there. I am charmed by both of these little testaments to life and survival.

Today is my Gilda's day. I'm about to shower, and head out. I am joining the evening support group now, in addition to my volunteer shift. The group has become quite large, and I think my experiences can be helpful, but also their experiences can help me keep my stuff in check. Good all the way around.

Annette, I'd rather have 55 and rain than 90's. For sure. I just do not enjoy that kind of heat, and really don't enjoy the A/C kicking my electric bill to disproportionate rates!

Eric, on your speech? Write from your heart. Dig deep, and find those things that touched you to your core, and your speech will flow beautifully because it comes from your heart.

Judy, I pray the day is good for you. You said you love your PCP, so I hope he/she gives you whatever it is you need at this point.

Hi Bud! Happy fishing, and riding this weekend.

Paulette, that chore does not sound fun at all! Especially when it's so hot there. Wishing you have some fun at it all!

Judy in MI

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Judy (MI) your bird story reminds me of what happened when my mom was living in Texas. I was visiting many years ago and you had to go out side on the patio to .... sit out there and read .... She had hanging plants everywhere and was even growing catnip for her cats. So I'm going outside to read every hour and this little bird (finch I think) is steady trying to build a nest in the catnip plant. I take the started nest out and go back inside - just to repeat it when I go back out an hour later. Then I left the patio for a good night's sleep - only to discover that little bird completed the job and had already laid 3 eggs. - - I couldn't take that out. -- So every year for the next 3 or 4 years some bird would nest in the catnip plant.

I remembered this story last night after marco filled one of the cat toys with catnip. My cat is a good toy player but boy did we have fun watching him with the fresh catnip.


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Another hot, sunny day on the farm. Judy MI, we could really use some of your rain here. The 7 day forecast has only a 10% chance of precipitation on 1 day. Not good for crops. Really smoky here today as well from all the forest fires so I'm trying to stay inside as much as possible.

Annette, Eric, calves are doing great but still waiting on 2 more cow's to calve. They are in no hurry. Beginning to wonder if they are bred even though they show all the signs. A neighbor that I gave 5 Llama's to last fall just had his first baby llama yesterday. His kids are pretty excited.

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Good afternoon everyone! Finally made it to the computer today. My doctor gave me a Fentanyl pain patch for back pain to start on Tuesday with my new chemo. That was not a very good plan. I spent the day in bed yesterday unable to even keep water down. No more pain patch for me, which has helped me to feel quite a bit better.

Luckily the storms missed us here, but they were all around. Such destruction, it's terrible. My brothers and sister and parents are all coming this weekend to help us paint the outside of our house. I will mainly just be supervising!!! Looking forward to visiting with everyone. I get to throw out the first pitch at the Royals game this coming Tuesday, my husband is having them mention it in honor of Lungevity, trying to spread the word! We will see how well I can throw a ball, have not had much practice since my thoracotomy or since my surgery a couple weeks ago. This could be interesting...

I unfortunately am still a bit dizzy and cannot read on the computer here for more than a minute. We have sunny weather in the mid 60s right now though, so might go sit outside, the cool air is always refreshing. Happy Thursday everyone!


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Sara - Just glad to see you check in. I hope you not only supervise the activities but let your family take care of you a little. Getting to throw that ball out should be fun - please take care and don't over do though. Hopefully you will be rested up and ready to party by then.

I sure do hope that you find some relief for not only any pain but the lovely nausea that goes with the chemo. Vicious circle - but all we want are good results!


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It has been a long day so I will try to keep this short. Thank all of you for your well wishes and support. I was really upset at first but then I said what the heck just one more bump in the road. It could be a lot worse as we have seen from the weather. Got the no op tag today so my car is officially off the road for a while. I am not a person to be out and about a lot. Most of what I do is at home and all of the stores or most that I shop are within a mile of where I live. Buses are pretty good here too. So I will make do. With the price of gas and insurance and now trying to find the problem and fix it is just a luxury I can't afford right now. Heck I want to walk so now I will be walking more.

I bought a new adjustable cane. I have found that I can walk a lot more and better when I use it. That sciatica causes my leg to feel like it will give out on me sometimes so it takes some of the pressure off and reassures me. I walked about a mile and a half this morning. No rain today and still cool so that was great.

So tomorrow I will try to catch up with everyone. Now I am planning to watch Jeopardy then Swamp People(I know all of the area where it is filmed) and in between try to finish the book I am reading. I should be able to read more now because without a car I am forced to turn over some of the jobs I do to someone else. I think that could be a good thing for me for awhile. So good night.

Sara nice to "meet" you though I wish you had no reason to be here just as I do for all of us.

Oh before I forget we did make the news at least Chico did with a very rare tornado, in fact there were several but two touched down and caused some damage and they were listed today as F1s. Several thousand almond trees were destroyed and a barn and s few other out buildings. That is about 80 miles from me and as close as I want it to get.

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