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6 cycles completed and stable


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I finished my 6 cycles of carbo/alimta/avastin on May 2 (without carbo on the last round) and celebrated at the Hope Summit in DC (thanks Katie!) Came home to a scheduled scan.

March 2011, after 3 cycles - 72% reduction of the liver met

May 2011, after 6 cycles - no further reduction, but:

"No evidence of mediastinal or hilar adenopathy.

No recurrent lung mass.

Essentially stable liver lesions. No new abnormality identified."

I'll see the doc next week to discuss whether to stay on Avastin or just watch and see what happens. For now, we are very happy.

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Stephanie, sound very very good to me. So good it makes me want to get back on my taxotere--well almost lol. I had to skip one because I'd been so sick and my onc thought I should wait. It was scheduled too close to my release from the hospital and I'm due for a scan next week so she said wait til after that. Here's hoping I'm as lucky as you. I'd be thrilled with stable also. Am so happy for you. I've been worried. I know those triplets are very tough.

Judy in KW

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Shoot - Judy in KW and Janet - I sure wish we'd met in DC. Next year, okay? Randy - you too.

Janet - how was graduation?! Congrats to the boy.

Thanks all. I'll update after the doctor's appointment.

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Hi Stephanie,

Sorry for being at the coo's tail with my congratulations on your results,well done you.Maybe get to meet up with you in Seattle in August,are you doing the Breathe Easy walk?.I have a friend who visits Seattle,tells me its a most beautiful place and countryside,highest rainfall in the USA?will I need pack a brolly?.

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Sure looks like I will be here for the Seattle Breathe Deep Walk. That's often the social weekend of the whole summer. My birthday celebration included. Lots of weddings, outdoor parties, etc. Just after the long SeaFair Festivities end and life gets back to normal. The pirates disappear along with street parades and other intrusions into our quiet lives.

Seattle is far from the rainiest city in the US (especially this year!) We just tend to get it slowly over much of the year. "The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle" (so goes the song.) A brolly will mark you as a tourist. You know the locals as they walk upright and unconcerned by the sprinkles. Current forecast is drier than usual and cooler temperatures. Let's see if break 90 this year. We've barely hit 70 so far.

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