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Hello! Is everyone outside having a holiday weekend??????

Hmmm....posted this and a paragraph disappeared. :-) The wedding was amazing. It was cold out but the rain held off for the ceremony. The reception was awesome, great food, music and friends. Nice.

The groom is a marine, and he got married in his full uniform. He was so handsome! The job he has is top secret, but so intriguing. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. LOL

Today is the graduation party. I feel so bad for the family. Both of these events are by the same family because so many of the family live out of town. They wanted to get it all in on one weekend so the travelers only had to travel once. It's cloudy, gloomy, windy and 65 degrees. She was hoping for a pool party. Oh well, I have a short sleeve shirt on being the optimist I am, hoping that sun will peek out, but I have a sweater too, because I'm thinking I'll be wearing that all day.

Let's remember our Veterans this weekend. Bud, thank you for serving. Let's remember those who are with us and those that have gone. They are the true hero's in America and I honor them.

On my flight back from Atlanta, there were several service men on the flight. They had their uniforms on, soooooo young. But as I came down the flight hall, tears sprang to my eyes, as families waited and the soldiers were seeing their babies for the first time, and everyone had flags and hugs were flying. It was so touching to see!

Well, I don't think many will stop by today here, but if you do? Hi and wishing you a happy long weekend.

Judy in MI

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Hi and thanks ! I served 4 years in submarine service so tomorrow is special and Deb was Air Force Logistics!! Mom and dad and lots of relatives served. Had 1 uncle never cam back from WWII in pacific and another who survived D Day as a Launch captain for landing crafts!! I do miss those guys much and their war stories!. My Claim to military fame was the bombing of Moammar Khadafis house in 1986 by the Late Great Ronald Reagan!!

Enjoy the weekend and I will be in and out also. Don't eat too much potato salad!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 73 degrees when I got up this morning. It's closing in on 100 degrees now.

I did the Burleson Honey Tour ride this morning. The wind was brutal for the first part of the ride, then the hills slowed me coming back. I finished the ride with a 17.3 mph average, not that great for me for this route, a reminder that I'm still dragging around an extra five pounds.

By the time I rode home it was almost noon. I was seriously hot and sweaty, so of course the air conditioner at home had died. It looks like I need a new compressor. If the compressor is still under warranty (iffy, it has to be close to five years old, the warranty length for a Carrier), it will be several days before I get that handled and get a new one. Maybe I'll go shop for a window unit this evening (at least the store would be air conditioned).

I hadn't done one of these charity rides since last summer. They're fun, but different. I'm slower than most of the friends I ride with, but these rides end up with lots of riders who don't really ride that much, so I'm always one of the stronger riders.

I did the 60 mile loop. The last 10 miles or so of that route is also the end of the 30 and 50 mile routes, so I was catching lots of the slower riders. There are always riders sitting under shade trees, and other riders walking their bikes up hills, especially on a hot day like this.

There always seems to be lots of riders who are surprised to see an old guy on a recumbent passing them while climbing a hill. If they only knew......

Have a great day, all!

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Don't understand why a handful of people say they can't get onto LCSC....I've tried my best to duplicate your issues but I"m getting onto LCSC just fine....Hmmmm..

Katie, I had a strange happening when I tried to log in, too. My normal bookmark, which was set for http://www.lungevity.org/l_community/index.php, only took me to the main LUNGevity page. After I navigated my way from the main page to the forum, I noticed that "www." was missing from that old link. I went ahead and made the change in my bookmark, but maybe it was just a temporary routing issue somewhere.

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