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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Desktop temp says 79 but feels like 82. The predicted high is 88 but Stan will say the 90s lol.

I did a lot yesterday and ended up walking around quite a bit without my O. At the end of the day, I asked myself why I couldn't just wait three more days. Sigh.

Bud the winds are up in KW too. It's been blowing for a couple of days. Likes like winter but doesn't feel like it.

Am conserving my energy this morning. Stan wants me to follow him to Stock Island (just before KW proper) so he can drop off his truck for repairs. Weird to feel a little apprehensive about driving but I do.

Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 73 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 91.

My commuting miles won't be very good this week. Yesterday was a holiday and I have doctor appointments both Thursday and Friday, so I'll only be riding to work today and tomorrow.

Eric, if you're going to be tracking your weight, you can expect to see some fluctuations up and down. I weigh at the same time every day (it's part of my morning ritual when I first get up), then I average it for each week. That gives you a number that's more meaningful than just watching it jump up and down each day.

There are lots of online places where you can record and track your weight. Some of them even have graphic tickers you can use in your signature in forums like this and such. The tickers show your starting weight, where you are now, and what your goal is. Stuff like that does help some people to stay motivated when they're trying to lose weight. I just record mine in the online cycling mileage log I use.

Have a great day, all!

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Sounds like things are really improving Judy. Now you just have to not push it.

Another bright sunny day here. I cannot remember the last time we had rain. Someone said that we have only had 2 brief shower's this spring. Alot of farmers in the area are afraid of losing their crops. My next door neighbor decided to get back in to farming this year. He told me yesterday that he expect's to lose over $100,000. Bad timing. Only 180 miles south they are getting too much rain.

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Good morning all! It's suppose to get to the middle 90s here today and even hotter later this week.

Bruce - it's a shame that y'all can't get some rain. It always seems like either a place gets too much rain or none. We were in a bad drought a couple of years ago. There is a local lake nearby and you couldn't even launch boats because the lake level was so low.

Bud - you still amaze me the way you ride your bike. I am in awe of you.

Judy - so good to see you opening the air again. You were missed so much while you were gone. I hope you get untethered soon and do very well breathing without your oxygen.

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We just hung around the house - too hot to be outside.


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Good morning all! I have not been on the computer since last week so trying to catch up on all the air! After my bad reaction to the pain patch, the nausea from the chemo kicked in, so I had quite a long week. Feeling better today and hoping that stays the plan for a bit.

Judy, glad you are able to do more without the oxygen, I am sure that makes things so much easier!

Our wind doesn't seem to be near as strong as it was yesterday. My family was here to get the house painted and it looks great. I did paint even one one stroke, mainly stayed in the air conditioning with my head in a bucket unfortunately. At least the weather cooperated. One night it started raining about 1:30am and I just knew I was going to go look and see all of the new paint running down the street! No worries though, it all stayed put!

At least those of you that are working can enjoy a shortened work week this week. It is kind of strange to not go back to work after the holiday weekend. Annette, I hope things get worked out with your mother soon, I am sure that is so frustrating and weighs a lot on your mind.

I have to go practice for my big pitch tonight at some point. I am sure the nerves will hit me soon.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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Good morning everyone. What crazy weather everyone is having. It is hot and dry in places that are usually wet. It is wet and cool here where we are normally having some days in the 100s and starting our long dry summer. Bruce we could probably ship you some rain.

I went for a short walk this morning because I felt a few drops of rain. Usually that wouldn't bother me but the temperature felt like it was December :!: I like the cool weather but this is beyond cool.

Bud good that you can keep riding but be watchful of that heat and humidity. It can be a killer. Don't know if you saw the post where I mentioned my son's fishing trip. He lives in Southeast Louisiana. They haven't had any real rain in months but thought the flood waters would spoil all of the fresh water fishing. Not so. He and a neighbor went Sunday evening and caught 150 perch the size of his hand or bigger. Needless to say I hope there are a lot left in his freezer in December :!:

Judy so nice to see that you are getting around so well. Just don't push it. You want off of the oxygen and over doing could make you have to have it longer.

Annette my heart goes out to you. It is hard enough taking care of someone you love who is physically ill but when their mind is messed up and they take it out on you it is so much harder. I am sure it would be a lot easier if the kid wasn't there. Shame there is no other family member to take him for a while and give you a break. As for your mom remember the old saying " you always hurt the one you love".

Bruce you can have some of our rain if you can find a way to get it there :lol:

Sara it is good to see you here. I just wish you had no reason to be here. We try to lend support as much as we can and hope that you will find that we do. Hope you are 100% soon and the chemo kicks the cancer's butt.

Oh well my book is waiting so have a good day everyone.

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Good evening!

Well, it was hot and humid again. 90 degrees. And now I know why. The storms are coming through, tornado watches, warnings, thunderstorms too. The trees are swaying in the wind. Bruce, I wish I could find a way to send you water. It's flooded here big time.

The rivers are flowing so fast due to this that they are dangerous. We had a few folks killed in the rivers in the last few days. Guys in waders fishing, canoe folks, even a two year old baby that I have not heard what happened that she was in a river at all! Tragic.

Went to my Tuesday ladies group gathering this morning. We celebrated the end of the study with everyone bringing breakfast food. We just ate and chatted. I will miss that group.

Then I went to lunch. LOL. Friends from Gilda's club are just back from the South for the winter. I love them so much and couldn't wait to see each other not at the club. We gabbed and gabbed. Tom finally said he had errands, and Wendy and I gave him our blessing to leave. We gabbed and gabbed again. LOL. We were there for 4 hours!

Tomorrow night will be fun too. Gilda's Club of Lowell is having their spring gathering. It's going to be at a local person's home who is very wealthy and basically lives in what looks like a mansion! I can't wait. I hope they will do tours because i'm fascinated by big homes.

Lily, that is a lot of perch! Yum. Can I come down when they cook it up? I love perch.

Paulette, you can keep the hot (though we have it too.) I do not like to go outside when it's this warm.

Sara, hope the nausea eases up. Can't wait to hear the pitching story!!!!!

Hi Bud!

Judy, that's so good that you got to do some stuff without O. Soon, you will be free of that for sure.


Judy in MI

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