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Leaving for 6 days to CHicago


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I'm going to be away for 6 days for the annual ASCO meetings- American Society of Clinical Oncology.

I will report any new findings and studies that come out and also will be manning the patient advocacy booth there on behalf of lungevity.

Hold the fort down while I'm going and popping in sporadically.

MODERATORS: Post like never before--chat, reply, respond, think of interesting topics and welcome all the new folks. THANK YOU so much for paying it forward and being here for those who are new, scared, and alone.

My communications assitant, Nikole (LCSC Info) will be online posting news and information and if there are any issues, don't hesitate to shoot her a message.

Be well and stay safe,




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Thanks friends! I'm still in Chicago, actually sitting at the airport for a flight in two hours home. Just popping in to try am catch up with everyone.

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