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Saturdays Air


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Good morning. I thought I would open the air this morning sense I was MIA yesterday. I just had to take time to read all of the posts from yesterday.

Annette it is good to see that you still have your sense of humor with all that you go through each day with your mom and nephew. It is always better to laugh than to cry. What good would crying do anyway?

Judy my heart goes out to your sister and to you. Any loss is heartbreaking but she has lost so much and to be ill herself makes it worse. I hope that she will cope enough that her health doesn't suffer. As for you, I am so sorry that you didn't lose the oxygen. I too can't believe you can't get a portable. I see portables now that don't even have to go in to be refilled. They have someway of renewing the oxygen at home. As for the chemo Johnny still went while on oxygen so I suppose it is alright, Then again his so called doctor did so many screwy things I can't say it was alright for sure.

Eric I have this picture in my mind of you standing in front of the mirror drawing your plastic gun. In my picture you are not wearing a cowboy outfit but your new kilt and your lungevity t shirt along with the cowboy boots and cowboy hat. So throughout the day when I look out and see the gloomy skies I will bring that picture to mind and I will laugh and chase the clouds away. :lol: Seriously I can only imagine the fun you are going to have and am jealous that I won't be able to join you in meeting so many of our friends across this country.

Bruce I think the problem is that somehow our weather got switched. It is cool and a light mist falling here this morning. We had two beautiful days or at least partial days but here we go again. This is the craziest weather for this time of year. More like it should be in late February or early March. In fact in March we had our highest average temperatures this year!!

MI Judy looks like you had some pretty rough weather yesterday. I hope you all got through it safely.

Bud hope all the test come out great. I had to lower my blood pressure medication. When I started walking everyday and being more careful with my eating habits my blood pressure dropped. Now it averages about 110 over 65 each morning. Of coarse if a doctor or nurse takes it it will go up. Even knowing that I have white coat syndrome I can't seem to shake it.

I just know that I am forgetting someone and am so sorry. I don't mean to slight anyone.

Looks like it is going to be one of those days somewhere between a light rain and mist.I am temped to go walk outside a little but not go far. I hate walking inside the stuffy buildings. I hate having the heaters on all of the time. When everyone else is freezing I have my windows open. When they have on coats I am in short sleeves, sometimes shorts. Anyway a walk awaits me be it outside or in. Hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day.

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Good afternoon!

Lily, do you have a mall nearby? Sometimes I enjoy just walking the mall, people watching. It's dry, cool and interesting! No matter, hope you enjoy your walk. Weather is just hot, humid and can you say P O L L E N???? It's just beginning to be a problem. I have the house closed up and the A/C on. Opened the windows last night and sneezed myself to sleep.

New Avatar picture! This was taken last weekend at a wedding. This woman wore this fabulous hat, and when she went out to the dance floor, and left it on the table, Randy grabbed it and started to have some fun with the camera. I had a white jacket on so it "went" perfectly! LOL.

Loved the description of Eric with the T shirt, kilt and guns! Makes me smile too!

Well, let's just hope that no one else here has come on because they are so busy outside enjoying the summer weather!

Judy in MI

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Judy I love the hat. I looks like it was made for you!

Allergies are a year round problem for me. When it Louisiana it was the mold spores and here it is the pollen. Allergy medication I take year round sometimes seems to make it worse. I think it is because anything that says non drowsy works backwards on me.

I think that many are out enjoying the weekend after so much bad weather everywhere. I really haven't looked at the weather channel today. Then too it is the weekend after Social Security Checks. Many are out shopping. I am glad I did mine yesterday I don't relish the idea of running in the rain, even a light one to get to the bus stop. Yes the mall is only about 1/2 mile from here but I seldom walk there. I enjoy the outside and don't feel like I am leaving home to walk if that makes sense. I would also have to take the bus to get there now and the bus doesn't run until 10am on Saturdays. By then I have had time to get some of my housework done and feel like reading instead of walking :oops:

Now I will try to post something I came across. I tend to save things that I like and revisit them again. Have a good day and stay cool and or dry whatever applies to where each of you are at this time.

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Lily, I guess it's the Lily and Judy show today. It's just too hot to be out. The humidty and pollen are not my cup of tea.

So, I've written how Randy and I have been eating this diabetic diet. Well, I've lost enough weight to have to wear a size smaller clothes. The size I used to wear just looks ridiculous when it comes to capri pants.

The good news is that when I gained this weight, I moved all my smaller clothes to the lower closet, hoping one day to get back to that size. And I am!

To my delight, I have a lot of clothing in the smaller size. Today I rotated my "fat" clothes to the downstairs closet, and the other clothes upstairs. I feel like I just went major shopping. All these "new" clothes that I totally forgot about.

It's been two years since I saw these clothes, so it really feels like all new stuff. It rocks!

Judy in MI

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I have let the day slip by - thinking that I would not even post today.

I was happy to hear from Judy (KW to Orlando) as she was traveling up to Orlando. Hard to believe she is still on the oxygen as good as it was to hear her voice. I was on the way to see my mom - who is still in rehab but doing so very much better. Her O2 stats dropped a little yesterday but she has been exercising several times a day and says that she is still a little wobbly but for the most part better. I am thinking they will keep her another week at least.

So at least I had one good day. Or was it only 1/2 a day. After having such a good evening with the kid, such good conversations following a trip to his school Thursday to talk to his administrator about the in school suspension he got for "sneezing on a student" - I defended the twerp for 30 minutes and even told the man about the kid that I thought he should watch because he was the one that supplied my nephew with drugs. So the administrator was to call me Friday - after investigating the sneezing incident. When he called me Friday afternoon - and said - I really hate to tell you this - but the kid is being arrested for drinking on school grounds - I said you are kidding - no and I have to ask you to come and get him. The same kid gave him vodka and mountain dew - and he blew a .08 on the breathalyzer - and the other kid did not of course. So crying all the way there - I was shocked that the police officer was writing up a citation for court and they were releasing the kid to me. I said why can't you take him - this is a violation of his probation.

I had spent the morning finding a program that costs $450 for a male mentor to go with him to NA meetings for a year. I called his substance abuse counselor and she said he still has to graduate Monday and we need to discuss the fact that insurance really only authorized 20 meetings and he has gone to 30. I called his probation officer thinking she would be sending an officer to pick his little behind up for violating probation - nope - see you at our meeting on June 14th and we will see what a judge says at the hearing in July.

Can someone stop this ride I have obviously overstayed my welcome. And I only read 3 or 4 articles on stress causing cancer. Yep I am looking forward to the xray results on Monday - (which is at the same time I have to have the kid at counseling). Oh - and the probation officer said the kid has to be under my supervision at all times. (In order for my mom to watch him she has to go in and sign something for the probation officer, sigh).

And he has been so happy and hyper today - I let him go next door to get his guitar. He came in my room and said he was going to take a shower (? - aliens invaded his body?) - so 20 minutes later I went out - shower still going - his bedroom door locked, I pick the lock and there he sits - on the computer for which I have the power cord in my room - and the water is running in the bathtub. Sigh - at least his drug of choice was youtube instead of smoking something.

I apologize for writing so much - I talked to my friend in Texas for 5 hours last night on the phone - about nothing - I finally fell asleep as the sun came up - but I needed to not think about anything for a while.

I hope everyone is having a much better weekend than I am.


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Annette - all I can say is WTF? Seriously.

What is wrong with our system that this can continue, and there is no support for you? The system is failing you and your nephew. It just gets worse and worse. How low can he go before you get some help?

I'm actually frightened for his immediate future. He seems to be hell bent on self destruction, and as hard as you are trying, you may not be able to stop him.

I'm glad you wrote.

My heart is breaking for you.

Judy in MI

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