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A frog goes into a bank and asks to see the loan officer to apply for a loan. After waiting in the lobby a few minutes he is taken into the office of the loan officer, Mrs. Patricia Wack. Ms. Wack is surprised when she looks up from her desk and sees a frog sitting in a chair in her office. “May I help you?” Ms. Wack asks the frog. “Yes, I’d like to apply for a loan in the amount of $100,000.00.” Ms. Wack looked at the frog and said that there were papers that would need to be completed and collateral required for a loan of such a great amount of money. Ms. Wack asked the frogs income and he replied that he had none. Then she asked how he was going to secure the loan and he showed her a little ceramic cat. “Well” said Ms. Wack, “why are you showing me a ceramic cat, the bank requires something that is worth at least as much as what is borrowed for collateral and that little object is certainly not worth more than $2.50. How are you going to repay the bank its money?” The frog answered, “My father is good for the money, he’ll repay the loan in full.” “I see”, said Ms. Wack, “and just who is your father, may I ask?” “Mick Jagger” replied the frog. At this Ms. Wack told the frog that this was highly unusual and she would need to talk to her supervisor about the loan arrangements. Ms. Wack left her office carrying the ceramic cat and the loan documents, and no longer able to control her laughter, knocked on her supervisor’s door and told him the story. When she had finished she held up the ceramic cat to show her boss and said, “What is this?” Her boss answered,

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“It’s a knickknack Patty Wack, give the frog a loan, his old man’s a Rolling Stone.”

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