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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! It's hot in Orlando especially since our RV sits out in the sun with no shade at all. We want to get back to KW and our shaded screenroom with fans and a breeze off the canal lol.

Long day at the hospital yesterday. Got the copies of orders o.k. but then wait for labs, wait for lab results and more waits for MRI. Seems the "open" MRI broke down and I'm listed as claustraphobic but they finally asked if I wanted to do it with the old model. I did. It was awful but I waited long enough. It happened a couple of years ago that it came available and the wait had already been long so I did it then too. Not fun but remember, I don't wait well. Then to CT and the drink. Another hour wait after the drink. Oh what a day! Went to our favorite restaurant near our RV Park but forgot it was Monday and it was closed. Get the picture? Went to Outback and had a salad and a good appetizer meal. Was thrilled I was asleep by 7pm on the sofa. Got up and went to bed at 9, awake again at 3 and every hour til six but it was all good.

Off to get my scan results and my chemo. Then the Neulasta shot tomorrow. Feels like a long stay in Orlando. Came early Sunday because Wendy worked and Dom had plans. Dave and Kym are at Orlando on vaca so we won't see them until tomorrow. Stan offered to handle the 0 phone calls after I take a walking test again at Dr Tseng's office. I'll be in chemo and could do it but took him up on it. How it works out depends on how well he listens when I tell him what needs to be done. lol

Didn't take time to read the Air because I figured I'd run out of time to open, so will catch up on all your stuff later. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Orlando

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 70 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 100. I checked the 10 day forecast, and it's exactly the same forecast for all 10 days: low 0f 70, high of 100, no rain.

I hadn't even made it out of Crowley this morning when a car pulled up beside me and the driver said, "Your taillight isn't on and blinking like it usually is." I had forgotten to turn it on. I have lots of guardian angels these days.........LOL.

KW Judy, good luck with chemo and I hope Stan gets the oxygen thing handled for you.

I am afraid that when the rain finally does go away we will go straight to the 110s from the 60s and 50s.

Lillian, that's kind of what happened here. We had the coolest May I ever remember, then it instantly went to pushing 100 degrees every day.

Has anyone considered just handcuffing Annette's nephew and Sally together for a couple of months to see if they keep each other out of trouble?

Have a great day, all!

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Bud - you made my day - except I remembered how much it cost to send the tree to Eric. 4 or 5 pounds of brochures was $29 - I think Marco weighs about 100 pounds - let me think on that. Boy would that be a fine vacation though.

Judy - Judy - Judy - I hope your day goes well and that Stan gets the O2 straightened out.

I didn't get home last night until the Bachelorette was already on so I didn't even turn my computer on. After work we will stop by and see my mom then home to take it easy tonight. I have not heard from Marco's school about the disciplinary board but I have printed all the rules and regulations out and will be ready to argue as necessary - if he maintains until then. I spoke to his Probation Officer today and got permission for him to go on a canoe trip Saturday with the Boys2Men program - sounds like a nice break for me - although I'll have to take him down to the James River and then have to pick him up and somewhere in between that........

my mom is insisting that she is coming home on Saturday. She is exercised out and ready to come home. I told her just call when the doctor releases you and I'll come pick you up - I will not go shopping for anything that would not be on a diabetic grocery list. (She lives on Cheetoes and Recees Peanut Butter Cups).

Anyway - some of my stress is gone (see test results!) - not enough really but one day at a time.

Back to work - or the handcuff store - (still laughing Bud!).


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Oh - and I just reread Eric's post on Monday's air where he mentioned that Libby had sent him a pm - - like Eric I am so very relieved that she contacted him (or anyone) - I understand about having "stuff" going on that just makes you want to sigh, sit on the couch and watch stupid tv. But seriously, Libby, if you are reading our posts - there is plenty of room on the virtual couch to join all of us and we would love to have you join us.


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Bud isn't international, and you'd have to ship as "freight" because the kid is over 75 pounds (or just send him in pieces - win-win?). Might be able to get him on a plane from big city to big city for a sale price, especially going to someplace HOT in the summer...

Scorcher here today. Ventured out this morning and won't be doing any more venturing out of this cool cave that's longer than chaining the dog out! WOW! And tomorrow is supposed to be worse...gotta love hot and humid - NOT!

After a night of just four hours of sleep, I think I may be headed for a nap. A/C is blowing, sounds like a plan...

Stay cool!

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Good morning everyone. Bright sunshine here for the first time in days. Yes Bud you are probably right. I heard someone say that they saw on the news that we should be 103 one day next week. Oh well I guess I will start walking at daylight.

I did have a fairly long walk this morning. Maybe a mile round trip. I had planned on doing a lot of walking today. I was going to take the bus to get my meds then on the way home get off and walk to WinCo for a few groceries. It is in a different direction and on another bus route though not too far away. I would have to take my little cart and that can be tricky pushing it when it is empty. Would have been alright on the way home.

The problem with doing it that way is that I woke up with what appears to be the start of a head cold or maybe a sinus infection. I have been spending a lot of time in doors because of the rain and everyone has to have the heat on and I tend to plug up when it comes on. So not sure if I picked up germs on the bus or in the what to me is overheated rooms or if my sinus is protesting strongly to the cotton wood fuzz that is flying through the air. Good news is my neighbor offered to take me to the pharmacy and grocery. No extra walking today but maybe I will feel better tomorrow.

Annette I think Becky has a good idea. Could solve yours and Eric's headaches for a while. Heck if you have the handcuffs just lock to the beds and pretend then are locked together :lol:

I am shocked at saddened to read of Patti passing. I had no idea that she was so near the end. I have been going only to facebook and here to this forum most of the time. I guess I miss a lot that way. Sometimes it is all I can handle. Selfish I know but that is just the way it is. My heart goes out to her family.

Judy saying lots of prayers for you to not only get rid of the O but for tests to show major improvement.

Well Kim called ready to leave so guess I had better run. Hope I didn't forget anyone.

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Good afternoon everyone. Can't believe it is already the afternoon. Went to the cancer center this morning to meet with a doctor who specializes in pain management, so switching up some meds to hopefully get my back pain and nausea under better control. Hair started falling out pretty good yesterday, so wondering how long until I will finally need to just shave it all off-probably by the weekend. I told my husband he could do it, I always cut his hair and there is really no way for him to screw it up, so have fun with it!

It is hot and humid here again today, looks like it will be that way for awhile. So, back home to the air conditioning and I agree that a nap might be in order. I got about 4 hours as well, so will give it a try at least-thanks for the suggestion Snowflake! Judy KW, just reading about your day yesterday exhausted me, hoping today will be better. Annette, sounds like you will be busy in preparing for your mother coming home and keeping your nephew out of hot water.

Good job on the walk Lilyjohn and I am always so impressed with the amount of bike riding that you do, Bud! Hoping to get out tonight for a short walk, will have to be after about 7 or 8 when it has cooled down a bit. Hope I didn't miss anyone. 8) Hope you all have a good day!


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Hi all,

Nice to "see" you all!!!!!!!!

It's 90 and nasty. Storms coming Friday, yes! It always cools down then.

We've been learning Quick Books all day, trying to learn the program, for my husband's radio show business. Geez. We got invited to go for a boat ride, but this process is very slow and is taking hours to learn.

Sara, you sound great considering what you are going through. Do insist on good pain control. They were great with me, and were not stingy on pain medication.

Lily, I hope you are feeling better. Sinus headaches are not fun in the heat, well, then again, they are never fun!

Bud, hilarious comment about handcuffing the nephew with the wife! Then the freight cost comments cracked me up too! YOu guys are so funny.

Annette, I take it that Mom is coming home to your house? Oy! LOL

Judy, I hope the day went went as well as possible for you!

Judy in MI

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Oh such a good idea - ship the nephew to Scotland to keep an eye on Sally while Eric is in America! Oh wait, who looks after the two of them?

Sara - I buzzed M's head a week ago. He just wanted a clean head for the summer (or the future?) I never lost my hair, so it wasn't out of solidarity. I've never cut hair before (except a doll's when I was a little girl.) It was kind of scary, but I did not hurt him. Used his beard trim kit, maybe not the best tool for the job.

Windy here - woke me a few times in the night. Nothing much rain-wise yet. Predicted high of 60. So much for yesterday's shorts and lemonade.

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Don't have time to read--maybe tomorrow. Just caught ts cause she popped up ahead of my post so I have to read later, sounds like some fun.

I feel like it's a new day with a new attitude! Had my follow-up with the onc today. She says stable to somewhat improved. My cancer is hard to measure but she's going with somewhat improved. There is still fluid so I have to watch that better this time lol. So I stay on the taxotere, not fun but I have a good feeling about it kicking this back again. Had to let you know before we go off to dinner. I'll probably be asleep on the couch shortly after. It's been an exhausting day.

Judy in Orlando

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Good Evening Everyone,

Cloudy bright today not much of the sun,but at least warm and dry,Flaming June as we call it here has been anything but so far,guess I am going to leave my sun tanning until I arrive in America.

Busy schedule for me today,into Glasgow to return my Cowboy Outfit,en route to drop into the offices of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.org,they had requested me to complete a registration form,to be a Steward for the Glasgow Ladies Star Trekk Night Walk on Fri 17th of June, 700 women anticipated,are’nt I the lucky one again?.New manager David is delighted to see me,we fill in said form,he notices my bags containing the Cowboy Outfit,is really surprised when I tell him about my walk around Millport on Saturday with 300+ women,more amazed when I tell him we usually raise approx £30,000.

David tells me he is organising a Independance party at his home,it is to be Fancy Dress-American themed of course,is disappointed after inviting me,that I will be in Richmond that day.Well he accompanies me to the fancy dress shop,we had some fun with him trying on various costumes,finally and appropriately with him being the Boss,he settles on Uncle Sam,a super choice.

We shared a lunch in a nearby Indian Restaurant,there goes my diet again after doing so well yesterday,it was one of these buffet meals,eat all you want for £8,we had double helping starters then a main course,to my credit though,I forego the chocolate gateau and hot toffee sticky pudding etc.

Off now to Costco,groceries and some new tops and shorts for my hols,trainers sox and knickers too,boy I am going to be smart when I arrive.Too late for gym,so drop in on sis Dot spend a couple of pleasant hours with her.Briefly home then out to Irenes in Cumbernauld,I have to drop off Craig and Lorna’s wedding prezzie and card,(they are getting married on Saturday,Eric forgot the date and booked 4 days on the Isle of Arran for the folk festival starting this Thurs)think Irene softening up a bit over my stupidity,I was really trying to get a break from Sally for a wee while.

What a creative lot of buddies you all are when you put your heads to-gether,so wayward is shipped to Scotland to stay with Sally for the duration of my 7 week hols in the USA?I love it,but do you think it fair on Scotland for the mayhem that would ensue,and my poor home wont be fit to return to.Sally and wayward in Monklands hospital de-toxing.Annette canoe trip on Saturday?shame its only for one day.Gosh Mum home on Saturday also,one thing, your life is never boring.

JudyKW,You’ve just got to hang in there,it wont be long until you will be returning to your shady nook called home in KW.Best Wishes for all going well.

Sara,I do hope the changes in your medication eliminates the nausea and pain you have been putting up with.Thanks for the laugh with hubby cutting your hair and not having to worry about the outcome,will you still give him a gratuity?

Well I did manage editing the hikers and bikers pics down from approx 300 down to 40,thanks to my ruthless Sis Irene,I will try get them into facebook and here to-morrow.Got do a wee bit of packing for Arran also.

Goodnight All,Here seems I have lost all track of time- its to-morrow 1.08am,too late to readjust to Wed Air,bye.

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Hope it's ok just to run through real quick. I love reading all of you, but sometimes can't keep up.. :) I did, however, have my eye on Judy KW and I'm so glad I checked back in tonight and read your scan results. Sounds like positive news, Judy. Taxotere can be a rough one for sure, but it has been known to be pretty rough on cancer too. Sorry, you have to go through all the rough to get results, though. You take care and get some rest. I'll keep the prayers coming.

Luv ya,


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