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Wednesday's air


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Where is everyone this morning? I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up during the night with a cough and my head feeling awful. Turns out that my sinus problem was the beginning of a head cold. I don't get colds too often so when I do they hit me hard.

I don't guess there will be any walking this morning. I would try but I know that the coughing would be worse trying to walk. Cough is not really a congested cough. It is the tickle kind caused by sinus drainage. Anyway guess I will stick close to the house and see how I feel later.

Judy and Sara I hope that you are both feeling a lot better this morning. Judy I know that your good news will help you to feel better faster.

Eric you must be marking the days off on the calendar now. I know that I am getting excited about my daughter and granddaughter coming here next month. This year is really flying by. You will have been here and be back home before you have time to even think about it. I just hope that you can relax and not be worried about Sally and what she is doing the whole time you are gone. She will just have to take responsibility for herself. It is hard when someone seems so hell bent on self destruction. but you can't stop it even when there. Having you gone may actually make her have to take responsibility for her actions.

Bud be careful out there in that heat. My son and granddaughter have a yard service company in southeast Louisiana and I worry about them working in that heat all summer.

I know that I am forgetting several people but my head is pounding and my mind is not working too great. I guess I will get off of here and see if the sofa will be comfortable for the day.Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 75 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 100.

My plans yesterday afternoon took an abrupt left turn about a half hour after I got home from work when my Lake Benbrook expert friend called to see if I wanted to go fishing. It a tough old lake that I'm wanting to learn, so I dropped everything and headed out fishing.

It was a really nice evening on the water. There was a nice wind to help the heat fade in the evening, but not the kind of wind we had all spring. We caught several really nice crappie, and I took a lesson on Benbrook. It seems the crappie there move to the timber in the summer, so that's where we fished.

Sara, I hope they're able to help the nausea and get your pain under control. I remember when Rose lost her hair to chemo. Just after she gave up and had our daughter cut it all off, she asked if I was going to shave my head too. I said no, that cancer had already had its chance to claim my hair (my chemo didn't cause me to lose my hair). I must be getting mean in my old age.

MI Judy, that's great news about the scans. Maybe that will make all the other challenges you're facing right now a little easier to bear.

Good luck with Quick Books, MI Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! I can't believe I've been up since 6 am and am just getting to post on the Air. I'm already exhausted from the morning I've had getting Stan off shopping and out of my hair, shower & hairwash and all the jazz and phone call after phone call.

I did take time to go back and read and learned that Bud started all the shinanigans about handcuffing Marco and Sally in Scotland. Good for you Bud! We could be sure our ladies Annette, Becky and Stephanie would pick up the thread. Oh, and of course Eric. Loved it all!

I'm not nauseous or anything yet but am feeling a little punky by this time of day. Think I may need to eat again. The hospital just called to book my 9-wk follow-up and it was a new system. I don't deal well with change so that was a little stressful. And I still have to see what happens with the 0. The company is scheduled to pick it up but the way the orders from Dr T's office (necessary to get it picked up) has me needing it tonight and we won't be to the Keys until tomorrow. Hope nobody at the pick-up company finds that out. But the Keys company said they still needed to call them and I haven't heard back.

Got an appointment with the new onc in KW and he wants a full history--3 1/2 yrs. I hate to ask Tseng office for that so will go thru my files when I get home. I'll take them to him Monday and see what else he wants. Not much sleep last night lol.

Funny thing happened this morning. I had just gotten out of the shower and was stark naked with the door from the BR open and my RV door was opening. I called to Stan asking if he was back already but no answer. Before I knew it a little grey-haired lady was coming up the steps. I told her she had the wrong RV. She kept saying I sure do but looking back towards me trying to hide and look from a very narrow space. Saw her come out of an RV two trailers down from us later. Her's is black and white and ours is burgandy and beige. Glad they haven't fried that much of my brain yet.

Well Seattle is out anyway, appointments in Orlando 9, 10 and 11. Stan will probably be working so I'll have to fly and stay in a hotel 2 or 3 nights and cab to the hospital 3 days back and forth. It's my new plan to stop having to schedule my appointments around his travel for awhile and spend some time at home. I don't want him to not make this job. It's important for him to be at this one. Oh no, more changes, more stress LOL.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Wrote a long post, and hit the space bar to continue a sentence, and it disappeared. My keyboard is acting weird. The cursor is going to places I didn't ask it to, and it disappears, and I have to purposely place where I wanted, even though I didn't move it. I'm getting on the Windows help site next as this is driving me nuts.

Anyway, not going to write all of that out again.

Judy, so happy about the good news. I would ask the old office to send your files over. It's not your fault that they need to do their job.

Lily, have you considered that you might have allergies? It sounds like it. Mine are really bad this year. Everyone is complaining about how bad they are.

Hi to everyone else! Katie it was good to see you back! I think because you do so much here, we forget that we like to see you post too!

Judy in MI

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Good afternoon everyone, I can't tell you what the weather is like because I stayed in bed today. My stomach was hurting so bad last night - and it was still hurting this morning so I called in sick. When I woke up around 11 I was feeling much much better - relaxed anyway - so I'm thinking it was more stress than anything else.

I was telling Keith about the handcuffing Marco to Sally idea - and he volunteered to check flight prices. How would he get from the airport to Sally we don't want her on the road. Wouldn't it be just funny if they really did just take care of each other and everything went good after that. Maybe Sally will realize that Eric means business as he starts to travel a bit without her and she sees how happy he can be with her all alone in her chair. My heart goes out to Eric - and I am hoping that every stop on his American trip is nothing but grand fun! I may even go to the train station a day early to pick him up cause I'm just so excited!

Lilly - hmmm - all that exercise and then a cold - - - there just might be a connection. I hope that you relax and get better, don't overdo. Summer colds are the hard ones.

I'm off for a while. I think I will take a nap. I have to go to my mom's and feed the cats here in a bit then go and see her - even though I played hookie I have to take her phone to her so she can call us to come and get her Friday. She is set on getting out this weekend even though she had a fall yesterday. She is not even sure what she slipped on and nothing was hurt so she is not changing her mind about coming home. That may be what part of my stress is about.

Anyway I will try and check back in later,


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Thanks everyone for caring. I know that I have serious allergies and the cottonwood trees are throwing off their fuzz. Looks like a snow storm outside my window Still I think that I have come down with a head cold too. I have that cough that tastes like cold, if you know what I mean. Walking could have something to do with it Annette. I go out early in the morning when it is cool. Everyone else says it is cold but I find it warm. Get hot walking with the cold temperatures on my skin.

Not the best day today either. I just found out that Uncle George passed away today. We have all known it was coming but still it is never easy. He was married to my ex husbands aunt. For over 50 years I have thought of him as my uncle. Really a nice man. Even sadder he passed on my daughter's birthday and he is her Godfather. She and her husband and daughter were on their way home from their vacation when she found out. So sad. She says now every year on her birthday she will remember that it is the anniversary of his death.

Well got to run and see about my lunch. I have a small pork roast in the oven and I want to cook some apples to go with it. I hope all goes well for all of you today.

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or a celebration of their lives.. Lilly so sorry you have to get more bad news today ! hang in there and sending prayers for peace and comfort.

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I have a question and I don't know where to ask it. I picked this section and topic thinking it might cover most everything. Maybe I shouldn't be asking but I want to know.

I came to this forum in 2008 and there were a lot more people posting about their lung disease journey. I am especially referring to the NSCLC section. There is only one recent thread in the section with last post June 7th. The one prior post goes back to April 16th. Actually before the April 16th post, that thread went back to January. I even posted in it then. Where are all the posters.

It was a lot more active when I was here before. I must be missing something because I know there seems to be more cancer than ever out there.

I see familiar faces, and that is a really good thing. I was just going to do some reading and no particular questions.

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Hi Mary,

Its a pleasure to meet you,always nice to meet new arrivals and develope new friendships.What ever you have in mind please share,all the buddies here are just like the 3 musketeers,All for one and One for all.We can all benefit from the experiences each individual here has been through,we can only respond when some issue is raised by a postee.I look forward to sharing your future postings.

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snappy, there is a lot of overlap in the forums and some seem to draw a lot more posts than others. The My Story, Introduce Yourself, and Updates forums all have been a lot busier than the NSCLC forum this year.

Lillian, sorry to read of the loss of your Uncle George.

Here's a photo of me with a nice crappie on Lake Benbrook yesterday, to brighten (or make drearier) everyone's day.


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Good Evening Everyone,

What a dismal day weatherwise,it has been raining cats and dogs all day,this isnt June?,my mother always used to say,the weathers never been right since the Russians put Sputnik into the high atmosphere,beginning to think she was right.

Well pretty much of a quiet day,spend 4 hours in the gym,weighed myself 3lbs down-again-hope it stays that way and continues on the downward direction.Wont be back at the gym until Monday now,just finished packing my suitcase for my 4 day visit to the Isle of Arran for the folk festival,never been to the Isle before they tell me its beautiful,hopefully the rain gives me a break to get some good pics done.I wont be posting in again until Sunday at the earliest,sorry,was that cheering I heard?

I have got my hikers and bikers pics into 2 USBs,they only had a small capacity,so after posting I am going to try to put them into here and facebook,not feeling very confident,despite Irene and Pat giving me step by step instructions,theres bound to be something missing I cannot figure out.

Hi Lillian,Thank you for your wise comments,entirely appropriate and true,I have tried now for over 15 years to try and effect some change in Sally's addiction,to no avail,she hasnt moved one inch to help herself.It may well be having experiencing 7 weeks of freedom in the USA,it will give me the impetus to find a new life away from Sally.I think I have done the best I could for her.Goodness knows what will happen to her in my absence?.

Thanks KatieB,for your tireless efforts bringing to us evidence of a powerhouse of activities going on out there towards fighting the scourge of Lung Cancer.It is so reassuring,I am sure to all of us here, survivors and carers,that this fight continues.

Hi Judy,your RV confusion story reminds my of my buddy Allan returning to his parked car having picked up a Chinese carry out meal,climed into the driving seat,to look around and being confronted with a strange family,he did add in recounting this story the car wasnt even close to, or colour of his one.Dont know if I have shared with you the story of Allans Daughter Claire years ago with her friends where they had all been on holiday-well Allan that year,couldnt afford to go anywhere and had stayed at home,he over heard Cliare saying to all her gathered friends-Well we went to America,but it was closed.

Annette,I can arrange to pay for a taxi to pick up wayward at Glasgow Airport to take him directly to Airdrie,its only a 45 mins drive.LOL.

Good night everyone,see you all on Sunday evening,be good,here, Ive done it again,its tomorrow-just gone 1.00am.Byee.

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Hi Bud,

Sorry our posts crossed,so thats what a crappie looks like,we dont get that species here in Scotland,more salmon,trout,pike and perch in freshwater,lochs and rivers.You gotta come over someday,I am sure you would enjoy the fishing.

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Just want to say hi to Snappy and say I also noticed how quiet the NSCLC thread is (since I've become a moderator on it!) I think part of it that it so specific - more medical in nature, and more of that type of discussion tends to occur on CancerGrace?

I'll try to revive it a bit.

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Thank you to those that responded to my post. It was all busier when I was here in 2008.

Sometimes, other than asking a specific question, you just want to search out experiences that others have had. If I posted a question I would like to think there were others here with a similar situation. NSCLC is generally a pretty big topic.

Thanks again and I will just look around.

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