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Where is everyone?


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Mary (snappy) is asking where everyone has gone since 2008. I'd like to add to Katie's explanations that FB has had a big effect on the numbers on our board and I'm sure on many others. There is another sad factor and that is the numbers of survivors lost and caretakers who have moved on as they need to since I joined in 2007. Sometimes I feel weighed down by their numbers.

Although there were complaints in the past about the numbers of posts on the Air, as a moderator there I am so happy that we have been able to keep and grow a group of people who unfortunately have cancer in common but who want to share in each other's lives in a way that supports on a day to day basis. I am also happy that it seems to have taken off on its own now and no longer needs me or anyone else to keep it going. It is truly a family event with new members continuing to join. Everyone is welcome.

Judy in KW

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Wait a minute - - the Air most certainly does need you! I look forward to reading everyone's post. And when it is a quiet day I think that we have become close enough friends that we worry. I know that with the weather turning nice (well it was for a second now it is just overwhelmingly hot) that many members get out and overdo and by they come in to relax and hydrate the sun has worn them out. And the most important thing becomes stretching out after a shower and watching "stupid" television.

Everyone is important on the air - I like everyone to check in - and I really like new members to check in. Like Judy said...."We are family.." if I had an ounce of singing blood you would have heard the tune behind that - if you can sing please sing that part out loud.


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sometimes I am here and sometimes I just read but always looking for questions to answer and good news to read!!! My life is too routine anymore to be writing about so... :D:shock::wink:

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I agree with Annette, Judy. We'd be lost here without you. Like Annette said, I feel like we've become family too. I can't imagine a time when there were too many messages. I say the more the better! Nothing makes me happier than when I come on and see a ton of posts of the Vew New Posts page!

Judy in MI

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I'm down to just annual scans with no disease and no treatment, and I'm really not very good at support, so I end up posting more in Off Topics than anywhere else.

Lung cancer is bound to come up in our conversations there, but it's really nice to not feel like I have to discuss it there. But having it in common does make us kindred spirits there, and I truly enjoy our daily banter.

Between working 45 hours a week and averaging 140 miles a week on the bicycle, I really don't find as much time to spend here as I'd like. But truth be known, even when I'm working fewer hours (which I hope to be doing before long), I'll still probably be better at testing my own limits than helping anyone else out.

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