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What kind of med info should you keep?


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What kinds of medical information should patients keep?

It is important for people to keep a copy of their cancer treatment records. Ideally, this should include a comprehensive care summary and follow-up plan from your doctor. Patients may not always see the same doctor for their follow-up care, so having this information available to share with another doctor can be helpful. In particular, it is important to keep the following information:

Results of any diagnostic test.

Specific type of cancer (diagnosis).

Date(s) of cancer diagnosis.

Details of all cancer treatment, including the places and dates where treatment was received (for example, type and dates of all surgeries; names and doses of all drugs; sites and total amounts of radiation therapy).

Contact information for all doctors and other health professionals involved in treatment and follow-up care.

Side effects and complications that occurred during and after treatment.

Supportive care received (for example, pain or nausea medication, emotional support, and nutritional supplements).

Identifying number and title of clinical trial (research study), if the patient participated in a clinical trial.


How do you organize your medical records and do you take them with you when you visit a new doctor? Do you review past medical records yourself before a new test? Please share some tips on what you keep and how you organize your medical info.

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if you keep a CD disk of all info it can be portable and easy to use at most doctors offices as well! Most have a computer in hand when they walk in the room!!

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This is a good one for me! I've had chemo in a half dozen places as I travel. Some new Cancer Centers only require the last visit at MDA, flow chart and chemo orders. Others want a history. I had a nurse groan at that once. Since I'm someone who hates more than anything to bother people, I never want to ask. I spent at least an hour yesterday going thru copies I have of my history thru 7/09 so I'd only have to ask for it from there for this new onc in KW. I never thought about getting it on a disk. I'll see if this guy can handle that.

I was telling a tech in the CT dept that I was going to start putting my meds on sticky notes. I had to write them two or three times during my last visit. She asked if she could use the idea at a meeting where they are asked to come up with ideas to help improve things.

Judy in KW

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