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20 ways to celebrate cancer survivorship


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There is never a bad time to celebrate cancer survivorship. In fact, you probably do it every single day when you wake up in the morning and feel thankful for the life you have been given. However, there are some days, such as National Cancer Survivors Day or your “cancerversary” where you can (and should!) really let loose and celebrate being a cancer survivor.

The way you choose to celebrate survivorship is a personal thing, but here are 20 suggestions:

•Plant a tree

•Get your hair done (there may have been a day when you didn’t have any!)

•Throw a party, or get a friend to host one

•Take a hike and stop to smell the surroundings

•Join a group that connects cancer patients. Maybe you can encourage someone who is going through what you have already survived

•Start writing a book or a blog about your experience

•Do something that scares you- sing in public, go on a rollercoaster, step in the mud with no shoes on, pet a tarantula

•Try a new food or activity

•Organize a blood or marrow donor recruitment drive

•Write a thank you to someone who made a difference to you on your journey

•Start a charm bracelet with charms that commemorate your journey

•For the more risky- get a tattoo reminding you of how strong you are

•Go outside and BREATHE the air

•Plan a dream vacation, even if you never take it

•Join a fundraiser like a LUNGevity Breathe Deep Event

•Make 2 lists. The first one will be all the things you regret or feel guilty about in your life. The next list will be all the things you are grateful for in your life. Burn the first one and put the second one under your pillow

•Do a painting or draw an image of your cancer experience

•Spend the day with the person or people you love most

•Do an activity to increase your awareness of your body- take a gentle yoga class or get a massage

•Put on some music and dance- with or without a partner

Most people never get to appreciate life in the same way that a cancer survivor does.

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Don't know how the microwave post fits in here but it presents an interesting question.

Loved the list Katie. I didn't note the day in September that I got the call from a doctor from the hospital in Tavernier. I'd been there with pneumonia and multi-scans didn't show anything. He called to regretfully inform me they found cancer cells in the fluid from my pleural infusion. Consequently, I use my dx at MDA on Oct 7 as my "day." It was the first time I learned it was advanced stage anyway. Now I think I will plan something nice that day.

Judy in KW

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