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Sunday's Air


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Here I am again. It's 5:20AM this time! I'm sleeping in, big time today! LOL

The weather has been quite cool. Highs have been in the mid 60's and lows in the 40's. It's quite crazy for this, this time of year.

Today I will go to church at 9:00, and then we have a graduation party for our nephew at 1:00. Nice.

I think these middle of the night musings are just a harbringer of things to come. I remember that the last time I had surgery, and chemo, I slept very irregular hours. It was okay. I slept when I could and was okay when I couldn't.

Seems that I'm starting to go through that again.

I'm okay with that.

I've learned to take life one day at a time, and just be okay with however that looks like.

So wishing you a good Sunday. I'm going to try to go back to

sleep now for a couple of hours. If sleep does not come, I may be back! Just warning you now! LOL

TAke care,

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Judy I was actually up before you at 4:45 but I have to have my cup of tea before I can post. I'm getting plenty of sleep too, going to bed at 8:30 or 9. I really hate getting up in the dark but the evening hours I don't feel so great and just wait til it's time to go to bed. A graduation party with family and/or friends does sound nice. Enjoy

Balance, balance, balance--keep reminding myself to learn my lesson. As soon as I start feeling good again, I go into a version of my old energizer bunny. Think I overdid it yesterday but the happiest thing was working in my orchid room! It's been months. I only lasted 50 minutes but it was really hot. I groomed a half dozen or more plants with lots to go. No time frame, just keep moving through them as I feel like it. Climbing a ladder and reach too. Think I'll get back to exercising.

Going to town today to get some new pillows. Mine is hard as a rock. I get them cheap at Kmart because I can go thru the $5 bin and get them flat but fluffy. Don't like high pillows. They only last a few months then I toss them. That's reommended when you have serious mite allergies and I do. The pillows on my cruise were so great, I took the covers and mite covers off and wrote down the company who makes them--50 feather and 50 down. I used to buy expensive pillows and would again if I could get those. Wouldn't throw them out, just use good mite covers. Can't find the piece of paper I wrote it on LOL.

Have a great day everyone. It's Sunday and my day of rest.

Judy in KW

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Good morning everyone! It's 73 here and suppose to go the the mid 90s. We had a bad thunderstorm last night but we needed the rain so we just have to put up with the thunder and lightening. Not much going on here - we're waiting for the pool liner to come in and then the fun begins! I just hope we don't have any problems installing it. I say "we" but I'm hoping hubby gets enough other help that he won't need me to help! lol

Judy MI - I'm sending hugs and good thoughts your way. Wish I was nearer to you - I really enjoyed our conversations in DC.

Judy KW - I'm so glad you were able to work in your orchid room. Is that good therpy for you? I love flowers but I have a black thumb! I can kill anything if I touch it.

Annette - how did your nephew enjoy his trip yesterday? Did he behave himself? And did you spring your mom from rehab?

Take care all!!


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Good afternoon everyone. Had a good night - didn't have to go anywhere the director of the program that took the kid white water rafting dropped him off about 8 p.m. last night. All things being equal I thought things were going well. Then we went to the grocery store today. We were going to hunt for a couple of pairs of shorts for the kid - but "he had to go to the bathroom right now" - so off he went. Twenty plus minutes later I am already at the end of my standing up without my back hurting time and no kid. So Keith goes and checks the bathroom at the front and back of the store - no kid. I send him two text messages the 2nd indicating that I was calling the police - still no kid. Keith goes to walk around the store and just happened to find him and a little girl sitting on the dog food. (Although I really really wanted to text his girlfriend why I took his phone away - I refrained since the little girl he had his arm draped around is a friend of his girlfriend - so I'm thinking she will find out soon enough.) So even though he lied and is in trouble for that at least it was not drug related - so it may just be something that turns into a family joke eventually. I'll have to tell you the story about my daughter and $7.50 some time. - When everyone is feeling better cause I don't want to cause any damage when everyone is rolling on the floor laughing.

Judy (MI) - As long as you are getting the rest you need then it doesn't matter when you sleep - I think that everyone here understands the mental aerobics that you are playing worrying about what is going to happen - not to mention the other worries you have swimming around up there. Just remember - like you offered me - if you need to talk I will listen.

Judy (KW) - I lived down in the keys for a year so I understand about all the different creatures that love the weather in the keys. I know that I have gotten into the habit of changing the sheets every week and the pillow cases twice a week. I do like sleeping on fresh clean pillows and my nephew is allergic to every grass out there - and yes pets too but a house is just not a home without a cat. Aside from that - I'm glad you got to play in the dirt - that has to be rejuvenating even if it is hot - sweating to the mums can't be all that bad....lol.

Paulette - Keith was telling me his dad had a new liner put in and there was already a whole in it and now they are giving him a hard time about fixing it. So be careful - I was gonna say be careful putting it in then I decided I should say have them be careful as you supervise them putting it in.

I am procrastinating like crazy - I need to get busy writing up my speech for the kids disciplinary review committee meeting on January 20th but I just keep putting it off.

He went to an AA meeting Friday and is going to another one Tuesday - his attitude about that part of everything is really so much better. Now we just need to work on the teenager part of him that thinks he has to lie about every little thing.

I hope Eric is having a good trip this weekend. I'm guessing Bud is out fishing. I hope everyone is out having fun.


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Good afternoon, everyone!

It's 98 degrees outside, and was about the same yesterday afternoon.

I finished up yesterday's ride about 1:15, so didn't spend too many hours riding in the heat of the day. I did indeed go fishing today. I scouted the upper end of Lake Whitney and didn't do very well.

It looks like, with Lake Granbury dead, I just don't have any close to home bridges that will produce crappie in the summer. I really appreciate a shady bridge the day after I've spent all day in the sun riding. I may have to do more short, early in the day crappie trips this summer, to escape the heat.

I don't watch hardly any sports on tv, but the Mavs are playing for the NBA championship tonight, so I think I'll sit down and watch.

Have a great day, all!

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Sunny day, so I washed my car (first time since November I think - and it stays outside all the time.) So, of course, it is clouding over.

Put the tomato plants into their outside pots and took some self seeded starts and put them into a bit of ground. Not a lot of faith that they will yield fruit, but I couldn't destroy them.

That's a full day for me. Hope someone else is making dinner.

Is "moderator" another word for old-timer who likes to talk a lot? We need some non-mods to post here and let us know how your day is going!

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