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Eating to Starve a cancer Cell!!!

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I liked that video as well but the wise counsel at Grace has indicated that it is an old idea that is not getting traction. The foundation was created to perpetuate the idea rather than coming out of any serious advances in the practice. Too bad.

"Meanwhile, he runs the Angiogenesis Foundation, so it makes sense that he's conveying an idea that angiogenesis is incredibly important, even if those of us who aren't tied to the concept for a living now realize it's not the key to everything. He started the Angiogenesis Foundation when the concept was full of promise and not yet well tested; even if the concept hasn't realized all of that early promise, he's not going to downplay the role of angiogenesis as the leader of the organization he started to highlight it."

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Thank you for posting. If you have not read it, I would recommend the book, "Anti-Cancer" by Dr. David Servan-Schrieber. He discusses in great length about diet and nutrition in relation to cancer. I have changed my diet significantly since reading his book and I do think it makes a difference on my energy level alone. While I do not expect a cure from eating my fruits and vegetables, it is something that I can control and feel good about.


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