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Roll Call for Caregiver Survivors!

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How many are still here or are new here?? Oh and that's a polite term for widow or widowers or what else can you call yourself after losing a loved one like a parent!!??

Trying to get an idea of who is keeping low after losing a loved one and who is active and who is still here!

Did not want this one in Grieving so Put it here! Speak up!!

I am curious to see!!

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I was just curious to see how many old friends are still here watching things! Thanks for posting up Lillian and Sis and EVERYONE!!!!!

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Co-survivor and still here occasionally. I like co-survivor much better than widow as well. Of course I went nuts at my daughter's dentist office this week because they only had married, single or divorced to choose from. When I told them I was none of those but a widow they said I should just pick single. "But I'm not single, I'm a WIDOW" I felt really strange fighting to use that term when I hate it so badly but darn it I'm not single. Sorry, I'm going a little nuts with it again :x

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