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Roll Call for Caregiver Survivors!

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thank you to all those who have checked in. Hugs prayers and thank yous all around for being here! Even if you read you still do a great service to this site! I am truly sorry for everyons loss and I know almost every one of these! I am pushing 7 years in January!

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Is it too late for me to reply?! I am still here! I check in but not as often as I probably should. I feel that the people here are part of my family and I should definately check in more often with family! We are doing ok...Mom has been gone for nearly 4 years. Is that possible? We are planning our 4th annual family gathering at my dad's home. We get together every year around the time of her passing to just be together and celebrate life. We know that Mom would want us to go on living and I always picture her smiling down on us all, esp. Dad as he gives all the little kiddos a hay ride. Sadly, my mom's brother recently passed away from tragic circumstances so there will be another void that day but we will all be there together so that helps. I certainly treasure my LCSC family and speak of you often to family and friends. The support here is valued so much by so many.

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its never too late! Sorry bout all the sorrow in Life! Debs family lost 2 members since she passed away! I know how ya feel and just was wondering who was still around ! Thanks for posting up on this note!!!

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