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Firsts are hard, but seconds...there is hope

Nick C

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Sophia's first dance recital was hard. I teared up because my mom wasn't there.

Well, we had Sophie's second dance recital. I thought of my mom. I wished she was there. I was sad. But not like the first time.

Take heart those who are hurting at times like these or anticipating the hurt. You won't be numb...but the pain may not be as accute either!

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Nick's right.

For me the second "everything" was the worst, because the first year I was in shock - the second year I just felt "more".

By year three, there was a sadness and a loss during those special times...but it wasn't crippling...

Now, I ache for those I have lost at certain times...but life is good and busy again....You never forget, and the loss is always there...but you learn a new normal...and if you're lucky, you honor their lives in someway- so that they are always a part of you.

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The actual pain does seem to numb but the emptiness never seems to go away, regardless of how hard we work to keep our bodies and minds busy. Some days, I feel so empty and hollow and all I can think of is how much I miss him.

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