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Monday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am back,came home last night,read a wee bit of facebook and did some short replies,I made an attempt to catch up on the Airs I have missed,well you have all been so busy,so much to read,I will have to return after this post.

Would you believe when I got home yesterday,Sally was still in her chair,orbiting Planet Pluto,at least conscious of my return,but still spaced out,I asked her, did she attend her meeting with Asda on Thursday(I had to leave her money for taxis)yes she said,I went yesterday,(Sat)unable to give me any coherent infro,so I am guessing she spend the money on more drink and didnt go.There was a card behind the front door,left by the postie,a letter addressed to Sally is at the local post office,she has to sign for,probably from Asda-You're fired message?.The fun continues,I really have to find a flat in Glasgow and move on.Wait until I return from my hols in the USA,goodness knows what state the house will be in?.

Well to happier thoughts and reflections,my trip to Arran.Arrived on the car ferry,it was hugh, only been on small ones to Millport before,hotel 5 mins walk away,beautiful,I randomly picked a winner.Spent the first day,travelling around the perimeter of the island,its exactly 57 miles,stopping at various places,to take pics,it really is Scotland in miniture,outstanding scenery,I will post in shortly the pics I have taken.Apparently,visitors who first arrive,continue to visit for the rest of their lives,one guy I spoke to arrived for a holiday in 1964 and never returned home,same with other guests I spoke to in the hotel,they keep coming each year and to this hotel?what strange people?,but the island does have charm and always has something for everyone,I will avoid any further tourist patter,think my pics will speak for themselves.

I shared a breakfast in the hotel Fri morning,with a couple who were on their last day on the isle,and were going home early next morning,guess from where?-Philladelphia,gosh after meeting the Lady from Virginia on the West Highland way recently,it is a small world,anyway the guy is called Donald,retired computer person,we talked and talked,did we hit it off,oops I have forgotten his wifes name,well they were going to get a bus to the waterfall at Whiting Bay,I offered to run them in my car,so started a lovely day in their company,Donald was just full to bursting sharing with me,a thousand things about America,tipping,Obama,Congress,Senate and Taxes,boy are these complicated,you have taxes for everything,think that includes breathing.I just about choked when Donald,living on his works pension only,too young for anything from the state,tells me he pays well over a $1000/month for medical insurance,wow,how do you all afford it?,Donalds son is studying Music for 2 years at Manchester Uni at this moment,and appreciates the UKs free health system that includes his son,should he require to use it.I wasnt really prepared for the 2 miles hike to the head of the waterfalls,what a climb,they had to wait for me a few times,until I caught my breath,I was a wee bit embarressed,but they didnt seem to mind at all,well it was really worth the effort,the falls were beautiful,surrounded in heavy woodland,which I love walking through,Donald tells me they are higher then Niagara falls,though not the same volume of water of course.We take lots of pics,will share with you later.

Shared a pint with another solo traveller in the local hotel,his name is Dave,works for the RSPB(royal society for the protection of birds)we have such a good time,he comes to the folk concerts with me,afternoons -outdoor ones-impromptu performers just turn up at the venue and give their best for free,weather warm and sunny,a perfect day,music just super,mixture of Scottish,Irish and English.Evening venues ,all in the Brodick Town Hall,I ask the ticket collector girl at the door for any taxi numbers for going back to the hotel,see thinks for a minute,I think John can run you in the mini-bus,yes,no problem,see him at the end of the night,the evening bands are great,3 of them,I climb into the mini-bus at the end of the evening,guess what,the bands of the evening also climb in,Dave and I have become groupies,no we dont head back to the hotels but go with the flow,we arrive at this hugh house and climb out the bus and enter the house,everyone finds a seat in the living room,out comes fiddles,northumbrian pipes,guitars,penny whistles and part two of the folk concert begins, what a night,didnt get home until after three.Well remainder of my break keeps the same high for me,I loved every minute,only sorry Sunday reared its ugly head and I have to go home.Dave and I exchange email addresses,maybe meet up again soon.The band I thought was the best are called the Morgan Lee Band,I tried to buy a cd of at the venues,but they are just formed and havent yet got one out,I spoke to them and asked where their next gig is,its in the Bon Accord in Glasgow next Saturday,so I am going,they have a two hour slot,so even more time to listen to them.

Got to go,Irene phoned,Craig and Lornas wedding was brill,Max was a picture in his kilt,wowed everyone there,Mia was as cute too,pics to share when I get them from Irene.

Going out to Irenes B.I.L. Brian, today,missing the gym,he is going to load up my MP3 player with music for my American trip.I will get back later,have a great day,everyone.bye.

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Morning All! Slept in til 5:30 this morning! Have been busy reading my email.

Eric, so glad your holiday went so well. I've been following your social life in Scotland and feel like the US is going to seem very bland. At least as compared to my life lol.

Stephanie, hope you get great tomatoes. We get some good produce in So. FL, especially sweet corn but I'll miss some great tomatoes if I don't go to NJ. Still mulling that while waiting to fall asleep at night.

Stan and I have a plan that might allow me to go to Portsmouth with him in August. He's willing to go to the job late and take me to MDA. I could ask Dr T for a script for the Nuelasta and Stan could give me my shot. He used to give me allergy shots and he's a good stick. That would allow us to leave Orlando a day early and he'd still get to Portsmouth for the end of the heat-up and the start-up. We could go to NJ from there and stay as little or long as we want. Would have to factor in an infusion 8/30 if the onc wants me to have one.

Paulette, I know how you feel. Stan is a big time do-it-yourselfer and it took years to trust him at it lol.

Bud, I'm feeling good and am seriously thinking of a short fishing trip. Suggested it to Stan yesterday. His trips are such a big deal with some much gear and stuff, and it really hot here right now. I asked if we couldn't take an easier trip. If we catch something we do, if not, it would be a day on the water. He didn't say much. We'll see next week.

Annette, so glad you had that little break this weekend. It can mean a lot. Hope Mom is doing well at home and you get to get caught up at work before Eric comes.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning - well how good can it really be it is Monday after all.

So exciting to read of your travels Eric - Always on the go - I am afraid Judy is right you may find us dull in comparison. Or perhaps you will show us how to have a bit of fun. I know we have just got to find an easy place to go watch the fireworks on Monday - I'm not much for crowds but there has to be a party somewhere for July 4th.

I did have a good Saturday - my mom may not be totally with it yet - but she went off to the grocery store and drove thru the drive through to pick up her medications.

I wish I could snap my fingers and all of this work would be done - but no such luck. I have a lot of writing to do this week and that doesn't include the notes I have to prepare to defend the kid at his disciplinary review committee on the 20th. I have the words just not so certain I have the heart to really defend the brat. We go visit his probation officer tomorrow so is his urinalysis is clean - that will lean me in his favor. I also intend to say he has got to stay with my mom during the day - I just can't have a teenager at work all day and have them not say anything. Although the only thing they care about is the streaming of movies - use/cost of the internet. I figure I haven't played a facebook game in several weeks he should darn well be able to watch a movie.

Oh well - it's a gloomy Monday here - we are expecting showers - which is okay since I am in the back office and I am supposed to be strapped to the chair working. I think I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) otherwise known as I just don't feel like working today disorder - the only cure is a vacation!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 77 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 103. It's always fun pedaling home in that.

Eric, sounds like you had a nice trip. KW Judy, I hope you get to do some fishing. Catching some fish always seems to be good for whatever ails me.

Stephanie, what kind of tomatoes are you growing? It's our first year with tomatoes so we don't know yet which ones will do best here.

Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Hi everyone!

Well, it's a gorgeous day here! It's about 72, sun shining, nice easy breeze. Perfection!

I got up, headed to the store for some items, 15% off if I use my credit card. Nice. Go the gas station, and get .05 per gallon off if I use my card. Nicer. This store has their own credit card and they incent you to use it. Unfortunately for them, they do not make any morey on me because I don't carry a balance. No interest charges for me! That's where they make their money!

Eric, your excursion sounded like so much fun! Especially the part about the band, mini-van and impromptu party! What a good sport you are. Oh wait! Meeting new people and making new friendships, that part was good too!

We worked on a cement/concrete project yesterday. It was nice and cool out so it was not hard to do. The darn dog will dig his brains out if he hears a critter somewhere. He has dug up one of our gardens every stinking year, because a critter burrows under our cement pad in front of the garage. It was sand underneath it.

Randy mixed the concrete, and I helped him guide it into the form that he made and we cemented the entire thing in so the idiot dog can not dig it out again. Sheesh!

Annette, good luck with all of that stuff with the kid. Not sure I'd be willing to argue his defense either.

Judy, hope you get to make your travels! Glad you got to open the Air today! No middle of the nighter for me which was nice. I slept like a baby. I think it's because HE is going back to work starting this Wednesday.

Judy in MI

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Happy Monday everyone. I have been out of the loop for the past few days for the most part. Had my college roommate in town from Texas this weekend and felt well enough to get to spend some time with her and some other friends. The doctors added a PRN med for my nausea now, seems to help, but I am sleeping and sleeping and sleeping it seems! I go in for my second treatment round of chemo tomorrow so we will really put the PRN to the test this week.

Stephanie, I am trying tomatoes as well, so far nothing, but I am hoping. My mom brought me a strawberry plant as well, I got 2 off of it but now it looks dead, so not sure about that one!

Eric, your trip sounds fantastic, hopefully you will have as much fun here in the states! Judy KW, I think a trip and some fishing sounds great, glad you are feeling up to it! Judy MI, sounds like you have it figured out with the discounts, you get the bargains and no interest to boot! Annette, best of luck for your writing, sounds like something you have to be in just the right mood for...Bud, I would much rather pedal in 77 degrees than 103, yuck!!

We got ourselves a puppy yesterday. Some friends were giving them away. She is a taco terrior and shouldn't get any bigger than about 10-12 lbs, which is perfect for me. She just likes to snuggle and nap for the most part, which again, works perfect for me! She can help keep me company while I am off work right now!

Best get myself in the shower, headed for some more meditation healing this afternoon. Hope everyone has a good day.


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Taco terrier? Chihuahua and the Toy Fox Terrier cross? Too funny - and should be great company.

Waited too long for tomato starts this year, so we are stuck with 3 early girls, a better boy, a super fantastic, and a la roma. Just what was available. I usually go for more unusual heirloom varieties. Oh, and we have the 4 self started ones, if they do anything. No idea what they might be.

We split our first strawberry yesterday! They are late this year, like everything, but the plants are full of flowers and berries and look healthy.

M cleared a new area by the house - we're thinking just a cover crop this year - fava beans? But maybe get in a couple of rows of shell beans first. Seems like we eat a lot of beans - last night was yellow eye beans with bacon, rice, salad, and freshly made biscuits.

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I also intend to say he has got to stay with my mom during the day - I just can't have a teenager at work all day and have them not say anything.

I don't know why you didn't tell them this sooner. I think it's legitimate. Employers don't have endless patience and it doesn't matter what their reasons are. They get to do what they want. The court should understand you won't do anyone any good if you are unemployed. Good luck with that speech.

Bud, I'll be thinking of you on that hot ride! Don't think the fishing trip is going to happen. Stan's already made an appointment to go to the mainland and get the RV worked on. He'll probably be headed out for a job soon after that. Oh well, sigh.

Sara, in years past I did meditation, visualization, and accupuncture for pain. I even used hypnosis in my counseling practice (I was a certified hypnotherapist) and taught relaxation exercises. You'd think I'd be pulling in those tools since I got dx'd. Problem is, I just can't get motivated to do it. I feel like cancer takes up so much of my life, I'm not willing to dedicate more. I'm always glad, though, to hear other people doing it. I think it has great benefit to health and well-being.

Judy, glad to hear you are sleeping better. Me too! What job will Randy be going to Wednesday? If he has to go to work for someone after having his own business, I'll bet he's pissed about that. I think Stan would have a hard time with it. I don't know, I'd like to think I could handle it just fine if it was really necessary. Cancer teaches you, you do what you have to do, right?

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

PS: Steph got in ahead of me but I've learned how not to lose my post most of the time. Stephanie, you make every meal sound lucious. I'm going to a veggie restaurant with a friend Friday. I was already looking forward to it, now I really really am lol.

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Good morning everyone or should I say good afternoon to most of you. I went off on the bus to get a few things at the store. I was supposed to pick up one of my meds but decided sense I don't need it today they can hold on to it for a while. I just don't feel up to staying out for so long yet.

Beautiful weather but it felt hot to me. I guess I am still pretty weak for staying in so much and not walking. Walked around the property a little this morning then had to do some walking to get from bus to store and then across to catch the bus on it's way back so I didn't have to wait an hour.

Sounds like everyone is keeping busy. Judy MI glad to see that you are in better spirits. Annette glad to that you got a break over the weekend. I hope all goes well at the hearing and you will not have to be so stressed about all of that. Judy KW isn't there a pier or something on the island where you can go sit with a fishing pole? Eric can't wait to see your pictures and Bud you need to be careful out in that heat.

Sara it was so good to see you post and learn that you are feeling some better. I hope that continues even with the chemo.

ts my son in South East Louisiana told me yesterday that he is picking 3 buckets of tomatoes a day. He is putting them up in jars, making tomato juice and making homemade sauce and putting it in jars too. There are still plenty of strawberries in the stores here but most of our local strawberries are finished until the fall berries come in.

Well it is time for lunch and then I have to do some dusting. I think I will use a damp cloth so I don't stir it up. I feel myself needing to sneeze and that starts a coughing fit. Just one little tickle in the throat and look out. I have to get rid of some of this dust even if I only work at it 5 minutes at a time. So I am out of here. Have a great day everyone.

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Hello, everyone. All this talk of home grown tomatoes is making me really hungry for a tomato sandwich on fresh bread with lots of mayo. This was my favorite sandwich when I was growing up and I still love them. The only thing quite as good is a cucumber sandwich with cream cheese. As dry as it's been here, we can't even get grass to grow let alone tomatoes.

It's so good to have time to read everyone's news and catch up. My life has been very busy and is about to get even busier. I am going to be a grandmother for the third time in late October and I can't wait. Son & DIL never want to know the gender until the baby is born, so we have a surprise in store. My son always says that the sex of a baby is one of God's best surprises. They do have names picked out already....Harper Grace for a girl and Reed Christopher for a boy.

In addition, I was elected as District President for our American Legion Auxiliary. This is going to be a very exciting year for me. I'll be installed at our State Convention on June 26th. I am also excited about attending the National Legion Convention in Minneapolis in August. Do we have any members from Minneapolis???

So...hope to chat more tomorrow.


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Yes, Ann, we do have someone from Mpls. Me. It's the most wonderful place in the world - except for the cold in the winter and the heat/humidity in the summer. Let me think about the city a bit and then I'l have some recommendations for you. Where will you be staying? Where is the convention?

Whatever, you MUST have some walleye pike - battered, broiled, however you like fish. It's great and it's not available here. I'm sure Donna G can add some good words about the city too. She does live a little way south of it, tho.


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