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Eric on the Isle of Arran.

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Hi Stephanie,

You are right,seems I have lost my monopoly in being the only male on the charity walk,well the main purpose is to raise money for worthy causes,more guys means more money,the more the merrier.Oh the girls are all pussycats,friendly and fun loving.

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So I saw all these guys in kilts and wearing bike helmets, with bikes. Doesn't that get a little drafty???? :?

The pictures are fantastic Eric. The country side is beyond beautiful! The old castle like buildings unlike anything we have here. So amazing.

Thanks for sharing them!

Judy in MI

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Well JudyMI,

You have your air conditioning in the States,we just found a cheaper version for Scotland,we are canny you know.It is more environmental friendly too,particularly for the girls on windy days.

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Beautiful pictures Eric. Many of the actually remind me of places I have been to in this country. Difference is that here you have to do a lot of traveling to see them. They are not all in one place.

The boats sitting in the mud remind me of some places that I went to in Maine where the have an 18 foot tide range.

Riding bikes in Kilts, um! I bet you have girls lined up along side the road on a windy day :lol:

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