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Tuesday Air


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Hi all,

It's 4:00 AM, and I'm here not due to sleeplessness, but rather hunger. I got up and ate a hard boiled egg, and decided to post here before going back to bed!

Last night we enjoyed listening to a Jimmy Buffet band on an outdoor deck at one of our favorite restaurants. Their web site is http://donmiddlebrook.net/home.cfm. We met friends there and had a great time with dinner and drinks.

Prior to that, I went to a funeral home visitation for my step-brother. He was 60 years young. His death was sudden and unexpected. Turns out that he died of COPD. It was so sad to see. He has two children, one 25 years old, and one 19 years old. How tough is that to lose a parent so young to lung disease.

As my family discussed this, it was so awesome to hear one of them discredit his disease as one he "deserved" because he was a smoker. He did smoke. But like lung cancer, it is not always a result of smoking. He did not deserve this disease, and died a sad and young death because of it.

His Father married my Mom in 1992. He was an angel in disguise for us. He cared for her through her lung cancer and other diseases. Even though they were only married for 4 years, we loved this man and cherished the care and love he gave to my Mom.

His son was just like him. A kind, soft spoken man who loved deeply as well. His Dad died a few years ago, but we loved him like he was our own father. He was a great man.

Anyway, today is a day of errands. Randy starts his new job tomorrow! How exciting for him to embark on this new endeavor! How exciting it is for me to have him LEAVE THE HOUSE during the days. LOL

I'm trying to find a new volunteer opportunity in my little small town. My life groups are done for the summer and I need to find a new "cause" to support with my time! I can't wait to see what that looks like.

Wishing you all a good Tuesday!

Judy in MI

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Morning All! No sense in talking about the weather here in KW--it's summer and it's hot. But Stan said the other day that I needed to get back to my 7 am wake-up time and this morning I did. He says I cut into his alone time getting up at 5 and 6.

Last night we enjoyed listening to a Jimmy Buffet band on an outdoor deck at one of our favorite restaurants.

Judy, sounds like you were in KW lol.

So sorry about another family loss. It just keeps piling up doesn't it. The smoking comment is just wrong. Will people never get it.

Today will be a working day but I have a wonderful end-of-week planned. A massage I've been waiting for for months on Thursday. Lunch at a veggie restaurant with Maggie on Friday and the Eatin' Meeting lunch with our investment club on Saturday. Whoopeee. Sounds like I have a life for a change. Goodness knows I'm trying to make one. Love the idea of lunches too. Evenings still are not great times of day for me.

Ann, you like tomato sandwiches made the same way I do. I had a fabulous cuke sandwich one time I was never able to duplicate. Even went on line to find it but it wasn't right. I'll bet it was cream cheese! Thanks, I'll try it.

Muriel, I caught a walleye in PA once but don't remember if we ate it. Might have been a catch/release. Interesting that it's a primo fish in your home area. I just remember it was a gold star catch in PA and I caught it not Stan lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all - another hot day a-cookin out there. For some reason I am just really tired today -- it might be that I have a boat load of work to do and someone took my paddle.

I'm about over all the counseling people that the Department of Social Services keeps sending. Now they are insisting on him seeing someone from Home4Good even though I have him going to meetings twice a week and participating in the other Boys to Men Group. What sucks is that I am the one that feels like a prisoner. Tomorrow morning we have a meeting with the probation officer - and no matter what I have to get permission for him to stay with my mom during the day - or I lose my job and she can have him....hmmm - (stop thinking like that Annnette). I told my mom and that lady they could do their meetings at mom's and they want at least 3 hours a week. I said fine as long as he can go to his AA meetings with his sponsor that is just fine. Cause that appears to be helping the most.

Really and truly I wish I could go back in time and become a lawyer so I could fight some of this nonsense. All paper and no real help. Absolutely amazing. Let's beat the poor kid up about all his problems over and over and never ever mention how well he is doing today, right now in this moment - which is what fighting any addition is all about.

Anyway - I am not addicted to work. But if I don't do any I might be looking for a park bench to sleep on so off I go. I'll check back in soon.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 101.

Good luck with your chemo today, Sara. I had never heard of a taco terrier. I had to google to find out that they are half Chihuahua, half Toy Fox Terrier. When I found photos of some, I was struck with how much they look like my Chihuahua, Pixie. She's not registered; maybe there's some Terrier somewhere in her past. I'd love to see a photo of your puppy.

Good to hear from you, Ann. I never ate tomato sandwiches, but when we visited our rural aunt and uncle who had a large garden, we always carried a salt shaker and just ate fresh tomatoes with salt on them.

I've eaten walleye, but it was a long time ago. Lakes in my part of Texas get too warm for them, so we don't have them here. They are a very good eating fish, the other fish besides crappie that many people argue are the best tasting fresh water fish.

Sorry to hear about your step-brother, MI Judy. It's a reminder that COPD is much more common than lung cancer, and is in fact projected to be the fourth largest cause of death by 2030.

Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks

Overcast today and looks like we may get a shower or two.

Sorry to read about your loss Judy MI. During test after my surgery I was diagnosed with COPD. They prescribed inhaler's that I took every day and still got short of breath very easily. Since I got out from behind the desk and moved to the farm, I do alot more physical work and very seldom take the inhaler's. Maybe stress was causing more problem's than the COPD.

Judy KW, good to see that things are returning to normal and your social life is in full swing. LOL

Annette sometimes the rule's, regulation's and paperwork can get more frustrating than the actual problem. Common sense goes right out the window.

Lot's of walleye here in the north with the colder water Bud. They are treated like a delicacy and a 5-6 lb walleye makes a great meal.

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Hi again,

I mis-spoke Judy when I said they "As my family discussed this, it was so awesome to hear one of them discredit his disease as one he "deserved" because he was a smoker". What I meant to say is they said defended him when someone made the comment that he was a smoker. My sister-in-law looked directly at him and said "COPD is not just caused by smoking. It can happen to any of us." I just beamed! What I've learned here is rubbing off on my family!

Judy, I love hearing how your life is beginning to evolve again. You are in your life, doing your best. We see your life at a birds eye view from the boards. And it is evolving in a beautiful way. Makes me smile :-)

I saw the post about the tomatoe sandwiches. I love them too, just the way Ann described. In a couple of months, we will hit our peak tomatoe season, and I can't wait! I eat them like apples too.

Also Judy, this Jimmy Buffet band has competed all over, including KW, and won many contests. The lead singer sounds just like him! I would have thought we were at an outdoor bar in KW except that when the sun dipped below the tree line, it got so cold the owner was handing out blankets. LOL

Annette, wow is all I can say. Get the government involved in rehab and soon all around the person needing it, have to go into rehab to! God bless you. And back at 'cha. If you need to talk, call!

As for walleye? The best fish in the world. Bruce, when we went to Alaska, we gorged ourselves on walleye. Such a sweet, flaky and delicate flavor. Sooooo good in lemon butter and capers.

K, off to run errands!

Judy in MI

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Good afternoon everyone. I'm going to start off talking about the weather and get that over with. It's hotter than hell here now and we've been weeks without rain. The grass at most places is brown...not green. It's cloudy and overcast now, so if any of you feel like doing a good rain dance for us, please have at it!!!

Judy MI...so very sorry to hear about your loss. It's so sad when the kind and gentle people in our lives pass on. My thoughts are with you.

KW Judy...it sounds like you're really back in the swing of things...up early and enjoying the good things in life. The one thing I hate about working is missing the opportunity to have lunch with friends. I get an hour off but that's just not enough time when the girls get together.

Bruce...I'm not a big fan of eating fish but the part of your comment that mentioned cold water brought a nice smile to my face. It's been so hot that a tub of ice water would sound wonderful!!!

Bud...I've eaten tomatoes whole with salt in hand but I have to say I like the taste of the mayo and the fresh bread better. You'll have to try a tomato sandwich and let me know what you think.

Annette...I would love to have studied law but, my son is an attorney so that's close enough.

Hope everyone has a nice evening.


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Ugh, wound up going to the doctor today (I just went to one yesterday!) because I saw this nasty looking rash in the crook of my right arm where I had a couple of blood draws at MDA. With all that's happened lately, I was thinking staff infection mersa, OMG. Want a good laugh. PCP says allergic reaction to the sticky stuff on the bandaid. Remedy, hydrocortisone. LOL LOL

Judy, so glad it wasn't you family and happy your good influence is rubbing off on those around you.

Annette, when I was a kid they always said I should be a lawyer cause I could argue a point so well. Course without any funding for college....

So sorry I forgot to wish you well with your chemo Sara. Will look forward to hearing how it went.

Bud, I like tomatoes plain with salt and pepper. Eating like an apple is great in the field. Usually slice them at home and just add salt and pepper. But that tomato with mayo on old fashions white bread is awesome.

Ann, I'm really feeling for you guys up there. Since we got back, I do think we got a couple of good rains. They were at night too when the sun doesn't come out and burn it right off.

Bruce, I was tested for a host of allergies. The doctor said I was allergic to the planet. But I do think the worst is when I'm in the office handling paper and receipts for a time--the chemicals coming off all the stuff in the office is the worst!

Judy in KW

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