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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

I did actually write this post for Tuesday’s Air,when will I learn?, after completion I clicked submit and found myself looking at the log in page,I did hesitate before clicking,to consider writing down what I had written,no,we will chance it.Well its all gone,byee.

Well its 1.15am and since I no early rise for work in the morning and not being particularly tired I will do a re-write.

Quiet day Tuesday compared to previous days,Jennifer wishes to borrow my car the first week I am in the USA,so I phoned my insurance company to insure her as a driver for that week.Jennifer commences a teaching job in a private boarding school in the London area,for the remainder of the time I am away.She has full board and lodgings,so salary can be spent on fun things.However later in the day she phones me back to mention her concerns about leaving Sally,given her problem,at the same time I am away,Jennifer has just been offered another teaching job in Glasgow and it is better paid,so she may consider staying here,well back to the insurance company tomorrow and add her as a driver for the additional weeks I am away.

Seems to be some concern I may find America, as JudyKW puts it bland and Annette as boring,after all my adventures in Scotland recently.Well I have to say Eric does not do Bland or Boring,having received from Annette a ton of brochures,also reference to other infro and online,my visit to America is going just filled with fun and excitement,if I don’t enjoy myself it will be entirely my own fault.

Hi Judy KW,having read all your posts about your life in a tropical paradise,travelling about Florida and other States with Stan in your RV,where you spent housework pruning a room filled with orchids,I would hardly call your lifestyle bland.Good to hear of your luncheon dates with friends on Friday and Saturday,you are getting back into the swing of things,have a great time,its overdue.

JudyMI,I am really sorry to hear of the premature passing of your step brother,can you pass on my condolances to the rest of your family.Could you also pass on to Randy my best wishes for his first day in his new job,I hope he finds himself in a new career that meets all his expectations and rewards.Also for you a new volunteer opportunity you can immerse yourself in.Gosh its all change isn’t it?.

Hi Annette,If for whatever reason you decide to leave your present employ,may I suggest a suitable alternative,one in which you are well qualified for-circus performer-juggler-to be precise.Coping with your Mum,work and wayward and still being able to present to the world a touch of humour,leaves me in awe at your patience and resilience,I would have jumped off the roof long before now.Hopefully better times are just around the corner.

Hi Sara,wishing you the best outcome for your chemo today,hoping it all went smoothly.Congratulations on becoming the new owner of a Taco Terrier,thanks to Buds research,I now have an appreciation of his breed,may you enjoy sharing each others company for years to come.Looking forward to meeting you in Seattle.

Hi Bruce,Nice to see you dropping by,hoping the farming is getting along fine,tell your cows and calves I was asking after them.

Well its 2.00pm,time for bed,see you all later in the day.

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Hi Eric,

I wait in anticipation of your travels through the USA. It's not only fun for us, but fun for us to hear about your travels and adventures!!!!

It's 2:40AM here now.

I don't even know why I am posting at this crazy time of night. I started a Care Pages web blog, just for the heck of it. For now, I've made it private, but will soon make it open for others to read. For now, I'm just blogging for my personal experiences with cancer in my family.

Well, for now this is all I have. Will post later.

Much love,

Judy in MI

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Morning all, thank you for the well wishes for treatment yesterday.t went better than Round 1 so I was thankful for that. They cut my Benadryl in half and I was still having a hard time formulating words. They said I must just be extremely sensitive to it considering a lot of the other meds I already take! It is 3:40am here, have been up for about an hour, got to the love those steroids. Unfortunatley, I am already feeling the nausea, was hoping these new meds would keep it at bay a little better than last time, will keep praying on that one!

Eric, I am sure you will find many beautiful things here in America among some of the more mundane spots as well. :D Looking forward to Seattle as well!

Judy in MI, I have a Care Pages that I set up right after diagnosis and really enjoy writing on it. It seems almost therapeutic for me and when I am feeling low, I can go on and read all of the encouraging words from friends, family, and folks that I have never even met. Don't worry, not creepy, they are friends of family or friends-no randoms off the street!

I quickly glanced through yesterday's air, looked like a busy day and I will have to try to catch up on everything better when the room stops spinning. Just wanted to drop in and say hello as if this is anything like last time it may be a few days before I can return!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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Morning All! Don't have to go anywhere or do anything today but get ready for the cleaning lady. I like to have the house tidy so she spends her time cleaning. Of course, no one cleans like you do. Stan and I removed all the plastic bins from under the KS bed and dusted them and the floor yesterday. I did a number on the headboard, all in the hopes I can get on top of the sinus/allergy headaches.

Sara, I'm someone who has always been prone to nausea and vomiting--can't take any prescrip pain meds and any kind of anesthesia has me chucking all day. For some reason, I've done well with the chemo as far as vomiting goes. But the nausea--I'm sick of them telling me, "well, nausea isn't really considered a problem with...." One time while traveling I was so miserable and my sister who is a school nurse said "candy canes." She uses them very successfully with kids at school. It was August for goodness sake. Turns out those round flat candy cane looking candy you can buy in drug stores, truck stops and convenience stores (read the label and make sure they have real peppermint in them) are the same thing. Pop one, I swear, the effect isn't long lasting but you're going for anything that gives even temporary relief. Others that work for me or are recommended but I haven't tried: Peppermint tea; regular tea and toast, especially toast; crackers, saltines are recommended but I use Nabisco Club; and ginger tablets (I use ginger snaps). None of these is a miracle worker but even some temporary respite from nausea is welcome. Good luck. I know how you feel. It's the worst.

Eric, you are really on countdown too. Oh and I just remembered:

Seems to be some concern I may find America, as JudyKW puts it bland and Annette as boring,
I would never say Annette is boring lol!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 77 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 101. It would be the third day in a row that its' gotten over 100 degrees in the afternoon. Our normal high for mid-June is 90, so we've definitely been hotter than usual lately.

Sara, sorry you're still fighting nausea. I second the ginger. It worked well for me and for my wife, Rose. Sometimes the natural treatments work better. The prochlorperazine they gave me to fight nausea from morphine after my lung surgery made me sicker than the morphine would have. It did the same thing when they gave it to me with my chemo, until I figured out what was making me sick and stopped taking it.

Starting July 1st, I'll start making the maximum 401k contribution from my salary that's allowed by law. With the thought in mind that it's time to start cutting my expenses, I ordered a Roku box last night. Y'all do know what a Roku box is, right?

KW Judy, let me see if I understand this correctly. You need to clean your house so it will be clean when your cleaning lady arrives to clean? What am I missing here?

Have a great day, all!

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Bud, I had to laugh at the cleaning comment. I do the same thing. The point is, we want them cleaning the deep cleaning, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, etc., and not moving our stuff around. So we organize our stuff so the person can good clean. I know it does not make sense to you! LOL

Sara, I'm so sorry about the nausea thing. I second Judy with the peppermint. It always helps me. I took Promethazine HCL, 25 mg and it really did a good job. I was always slightly nauseous, but not bad. In addition, if you are taking pain meds, I found it extremely helpful to eat before taking them. Even if I didn't want to eat, I forced myself. Something bready always helped.

Last thing I wanted to ask Sara, is are they giving you anti-nausea medication in your chemo drip? I had to remind them each time I went in. Seriously. Sometimes they had it, sometimes they didn't. I always asked because I hate feeling nauseous. BTW I found your care page. Hope you don't mind if I become one of your supporters?

Bud, cutting back on expenses huh? Going to be watching a lot of movies with that box?

Well, I woke up and came out to the computer, and noticed something missing. My husband! There was a note on the white board which said "Here's to the next chapter in my work life! I love you."

Judy in MI

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Going to be watching a lot of movies with that box?

Actually, it will be a lot more TV series than movies. The streaming movies that Netflix offers are old and only a tiny subset of what they offer on DVD.

But you can get pretty much any TV series streamed from Netflix. In the past, they were available the next day after being shown elsewhere. That's changing, as premium networks realize that Netflix is taking cable customers. Starz just added a 90 day delay for Netflix to receive Starz series (Camelot was the first series with the delay), and it seems likely that HBO and the rest will soon follow suit.

But, I'm thinking I can wait an extra 90 days until I watch True Blood, Spartacus, and other premium channel series, when it means I'll be paying Netflix $8 a month rather than paying AT&T $100+ a month.

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Well it's already afternoon and I am just getting here. That's right folks - had a horrible afternoon and somewhat better morning. Nephews probation officer called and said the judge had issued a detention order because of the drinking episode that happened 10 days ago. I could bring him in and go to arraignment this morning or she would take him this morning and we would go to court tomorrow. It killed me and I cried all the way - but i took him in yesterday because it meant less time "in" for him. So we went to court this morning and he was released - thank God. He understood - he hugged me today - he smiled at me - he knew how very much it hurt me yesterday. He is actually at home with my mom and his mentor will pick him up later and take him out to eat and then to an AA meeting. So perhaps in the long run - he will stay the new kid I have been seeing the last 10 days. Turning my "hope" on.

Eric - as you can tell from all the beautiful brochures we don't have the awesome castles and scenery that you have in Scotland - I saw the facebook pictures last night. Wow - just beautiful. I think there are some plantation houses that are the USA equivalents but nothing as historic as a honest to goodness castle. You may have to drag me out but we will find something to do I'm sure. So looking forward to it. (Keith is too.)

While my mom was in the hospital I had her cleaning lady come over and do my bathrooms and dust. Gosh that was hard work - I had so much cleaning to do before she came - I totally understand what Judy means.

Sara - I am so sad that you have to go through all the nausea - hopefully someone here has offered a non-medicinal solution that will work for you. Don't give up something has to help.

Judy (KW) - I want to be boring for a minute - no mom - no nephew - just me and a puzzle, or me and a DVD or me and Facebook. That's really what I want - I want my desire to play Facebook back. Now I'm just too darn tired to do much of anything.

I totally missed the tomato sandwich conversation. I love tomatoes - but never liked just tomato sandwiches. I'm not a big pepper person either but I can sure go for some bread with creme gravy and a tomato on top. Yummm - my grandma used to make hamburger gravy (not as good as the old stovetop roast gravy but Yumm) Bet you can't tell I didn't eat breakfast or lunch today.

Bud - my nephew was showing me the other day a bunch of free movies on my Comcast - and tv series. I am a very bad girl - I got into the habit of going to Best Buy every week and seeing what is on sale. They have oodles and oodles of series and there is no end to what I would be willing to watch. I am on Season Six of NCIS right now. I have to carry around a two page list of all the movies and series I have so I don't buy duplicates. They should have meetings for me like.....Hi my name is Annette and I am a series DVD addict.

I guess I have procrastinated about enough for now - I better accomplish something here at work - oh wait - tree pretty. You may not believe this but yesterday - I walked around the whole building - it must be close to 100 miles. (Well a good 1/2 a mile and for me that was pretty darn close to 100 miles.) Now that is procrastination!

I'll check back in a bit - thanks for listening....reading.....


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Awe Judy, how sweet is that note! Thanks for the backup on the straightening vs cleaning. Most people still don't get it though lol.

Bud, you really have that retirement in you sights, don't you. Wish my husband would consider cutting back expenses for ours--70 and 67 and still in business. Don't know about that box but while he continues to work (so the computer person has to work), I'm not giving up my DVR lol.

OMG Annette, walking a half mile. I hate to tell you, that's not just procrastinating, that's EXERCISING!

Ann, I'm so glad you are getting a soaking. We were just in Orlando and know how dry you guys were.

Sara, hope you are feeling better. And Eric, don't play too hard. You need to save some energy for your trip.

Judy in KW

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