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Duke of Earl - Chapter 53


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Hi my dear friends,

Just got back from Fox Chase. Here's the news. Scans show that liver tumors are stable and show no other sign of disease.

But - the doctor and I both agree that this chemo is just too hard on Earl. He is so fatigued and weak, he could hardly answer my questions on the way home. The onc. did say though, that there is really no evidence that more than 4 carbo/taxol treatments buy you anything.

So we are joining the Iressa club. But, of course, Aetna USA Healthcare is demanding precertification and that just slows down the process. If I have to I will pay for a few days, just to get Earl going.

The doctor also said that the 'shelf is not empty' if the Iressa doesn't or stops working.

A huge part of me wanted the chemo to be shrinking the tumors but a teeny weeny little part of me is glad he is getting a respite from the chemo and may be able to enjoy some living.

But he is a VERY HAPPY man today because his beloved EAGLES won yesterday.

I talked some more to our onc. about this site and how we are beginning to organize for advocacy. He agreed that it is needed and said that it hadn't been before because of the stats. But he said that average life expectancy is no longer true and that with LC patients living so much longer that we may well become the Susan B. Komen of LC.

You are all in my thougths and prayers and we appreciate so much your thoughts and prayers.

Love to you all,

Ginny and the Duke

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Ginny, I to am waiting for Buddy's Iressa to start. The dr's nurse called in the mail order and also faxed in the same. Beings it got two orders it did not fill either showing a big PROBLEM for them. I called them this past Friday nite to ck status beings it did not come Friday and found this out. They had me call the dr to see if it was necessary for Buddy to start it on Sat and if so I was to call around to local pharmacies to see if I could locate any. First I called around and found some in Ohio, just about 15 miles away, then I called the dr. The dr on call called me back immed and said that Tues would be okay to start and that it was not an emerg to get it started by Sat. So am waiting until tomorrow, when the mail phar is to send it overnite tonight. I would have paid for it myself too but he is probably right. I am a little scared to give him the iressa even though I have a great hope built up in my mind on it. I am afraid it will make him sicker and God knows, he can't take anymore. If it shows any signs of that i will take him off of it immediately on my own and call hospice....

It sure sounds good with Earl's scans on his liver. I only wish that was the only place my Buddy had it. Tell Earl he is in my thoughts and prayers everyday...

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Does your Earl have a case worker with Aetna? If so, call the caseworker continuously to get the pre-certification moving. My Aetna caseworker called me my first week home from the hospital regarding all the "crap" that goes on with a cancer diagnosis. I haven't heard from her since the hospital billing was cleared up and the "no go" with MD Anderson....but I haven't needed to talk to her, either.

According to their website (members only: www.aetna.com), Iressa IS something offered through their mail order service for a reduced cost. Get out those matches and start lighting fires under people - it works the best if you know some of 'em by name/extension....

With you pushin' the system and me pulling for you, we balance out the Karma equation therefore being at one with the universe....or some BS like that!

Take care!


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Good luck with the Iressa - I have a feeking it's going to work. Tell Earl that I'm pulling for the Eagles also - even though they are from the wrong end of the state.


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Welp, I've been a Packers fan since Lombardi was a coach and not a name on a trophy ... but at least the Eagles aren't an expansion team! :) (AND have stayed in the same city! :))

Good news for the Duke and here's hoping the Iressa does the trick for the Duke AND for Buddy.


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Ginny Good news about Earl's stable liver tumors. And no other sign of disease that's great. Jim was on Iressa for 3 months. His overall health improved on Iressa. He was out and about more. Even his gray hair started to get dark. Also grew hairs on his belly and chest where none had ever been before. Postive thoughts for Iressa to be the drug that will destroy the cancer and grow a new set of hair all at the same time. Carolyn

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Hello Ginny,

Yea, a break for the Duke and praying for the Iressa to do the magic!!!!


God bless, be well and hang in there!!

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18/03 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

PET taken 1/5 - hot spot in mediastinum May be cancer??

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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